Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hello people, I’m back with my second post. Hope you guys like my previous post. 

I would like to send my love to all the Mothers around the world and my dearest mum wishing them Happy Mother’s day. Mum is our best friend who always care about you and next to you all the time.

Today, I would like to recommend one of the so called Hipster cafe, Jose & Deli. Here I had one of my best lunch set. Jose & Deli located at Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, Ipoh. For those who are familiar with Ipoh, you may find Jose & Deli if you know where is French Hotel. You can easily find a parking behind the hotel although it located in the heart of Ipoh. To go to the cafe, just have to walk into French Hotel, there is receptionist on the left and a stairs on the right side. Take the stair to the 1st floor. Jose & deli is just on the right side of the first floor.
Eventually, I purchased Jose & Deli's lunch set from Groupon deal. It’s only RM28.00 and I could get a set meal as below but drinks are not included.

Each person gets
·       Main course, served with soup or salad (RM29.90 value) (choose 1)
     Smoked duck aglio olio
      Teriyaki chicken
      Spicy herb marinated lamb
·       Starter (RM10 value) (choose 1)
      French onion soup
      Green salad
·       Dessert (RM12 value)
      Cake of the day
6% GST (RM3.10 value)

Some introduction of the cafe:-

Jose & Deli

Located on the first level of French Hotel, an Ipoh landmark since the 70s, customers lounge within rustic interiors furnished with modern and vintage décor of glass bottle chandeliers, stout horse figurines, and boldly-placed zebras. Diners can make use of available Wi-Fi to check on virtual farms while awaiting servings of high tea sets, Western cuisine, Italian dishes, and fusion offerings. Knick-knacks and novelty items like aroma candles, salted fish acar, ornaments, and cacti are displayed throughout the café and can be purchased as mementos. Jose & Deli does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.

Please have a view of  my few food's photos for my mother's day celebration. Actually, we had a french onion soup but we are too hungry and we ate it without snapping a picture. Forgive me my careless. Hahahaha!!! :P
The deals still valid in Groupon, faster go and grab it before is too late! I can guarantee Jose & Deli will provide you an excellent meal, great service, nice environment, and worthy deal. Thumbs up!!! Spend a small amount to make your loves one to be proud. Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for reviewing my post.


Address            : French Hotel
                          60-62, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar
                          30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone         : 05-241 3712
Opening hours  : Monday – Sunday (7 days) 12noon – 9pm
P/S  : please use waze/google map if you do not know the location, it will guide you.
Or you may contact Jose & Deli for direction.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hello boys and girls, this is my first post. Hope you guys who like it.

Allowed me to introduce one of my experience in this beauty lifestyle.
My 1st experience at Tirta spa, located at Seri Pacific hotel Kuala Lumpur. It is at
4th floor directly from their underground carpark as you will see big signs showing how to get to Tirta spa.

I purchased Tirta spa package in Groupon. The normal price for the spa package is RM 404.00 and the Groupon deal is only RM95.00. The spa package included…
2-hour aromatherapy spa with massage
·       10-min aromatherapy foot soak, scrub, and massage (RM30 value)
·       20-min aromatherapy flower bath (RM60 value)
·       30-min body scrub or exfoliation (RM128 value)
·       60-min full body aromatherapy massage (RM186 value)

I am very lucky to find this very valuable spa package. Herewith a few photos I taken in Tirta Spa. (forgive me that I didn't take a lot of photos because I cant stop enjoying my spa and I even forgot to selfie) :P

Tirta spa started 3 years ago at Seri pacific hotel. The staffs are polite, friendly and superb in servicing. They serve me a cup of ginger tea and a cold towel at the lobby before I enter the spa room.

After that, a lady guides me to the room. The room is huge and decent, and the environment is awesome. I felt like a VIP having vacation in Bali. Then I was asked to change to the spa’s bathrobe.

While waiting for masseur, I was asked to soak my feet. After 10min, the masseur came and scrubs my foot. The scrubbing helps to remove dead skin. Cool right?

After the scrubbing, I lye on the bed and start my full body aromatherapy massage for 60mins. The masseur is very skillful, I felt no pain and loves it very much. She also applied eye masks for me. The eye masks smell like mint but is not wet and cool. It makes me felt relaxing.

60min later, I started my 30min body scrub. Is a bit cold because I have to undress while doing scrubbing, but the scrubbing makes me feel like my skin smooth and white like a baby :)

Lastly, the masseur prepares warm water for to shower. Before the shower I spend my time in the Jacuzzi with shower foam. According to package I bought it was suppose to be flower bath but end up as foam bath. Anyway is still good.

That's all my experience at Tirta Spa. If you ask me how much will I rate Tirta Spa? I would say 8/10. Great right?  And I definitely will come again. Thanks for reading my first post. Love you guys.