Sunday 25 September 2016

Weekend should be a leisure day and the happiest things to do on this day is to relax. Life is not about work, we need to balance it for example having a great meal. I came across this cute cozy Japanese restaurant from social media, it is a interesting place and tempting decoration, having a meal here is like dining in Japan. No joke, is true!!! This cafe named NIPPORI and is located at Empire Damansara.

Nippori provide Japanese home-cooking style meal. All every single meal are carefully cook cut and placed. The side dishes are very attractive and nicely decorated, there have - fruits (different kind of fruits), salad (sesame dressing), tiny fried potato, miso soup and pickles. All main course come with this complete side dishes. ENJOY!!! 

  Highly recommend dishes 
Natto Donburi RM25
(steamed rice serve with natto and raw egg and spring onion)

*If you are Natto's lover, you must try this because it is very hard to find a restaurant that serve a FULL BOWL of natto with rice in Klang Valley.*

Tofu with Minced chicken Donburi RM25
(Steamed rice serve with sweet sauce chicken and raw egg/cherry tomato/spring onion) - Highly recommended 

Nippori Udon with Deep Fried Chicken and rice
(Udon with raw egg/spring onion/seaweed, fried chicken with a steamed rice) - This meal can serve 2pax if you are a small eater.

Deep Fried Fish with Homemade Tartar sauce RM35
(Steamed rice serve with fried fish with tartar sauce 
on top)

Grilled Chicken with Nippori signature Homemade sauce RM35
(Steamed rice serve with Grilled chicken)
Tentatively, my friends and I enjoyed Nippori's homecook dishes. It taste so good and they provide an amazing experience like you are having your meal in Japan. Wow...its so great! 

Last but no least, wanna try some sweet dessert? Well, we saw someone order the dessert so we would like to try too. We order Chocolate Macha dessert - it taste so fresh and chill your mouth. This is the best dessert while chit chat-ing with friends. 
Chocolate Macha dessert

Overall were great, glad my friends and me were more than satisfied with Nippori Japanese cuisine. YOU MUST TRY THIS!!! GoGoGo~~~~~

Nippori Japanese Cafe
(Beside Haruju Cube Dessert Cafe)

Address: F-02 (102), Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana 47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-7733 8592
Opening hours: 12pm-2.30pm / 6pm-10pm
(Tuesday to Sunday - closed on every Monday)

Instagram: Nippori's Instagram