Sunday, 25 February 2018

Happy Chinese New Year people... I had a great Chinese New Year week. Being rest for a week to celebrate my festive with my family and friends and finally resume to work and blogging now. What a bless!
During this CNY period beside receiving Ang Pao, what's even more surprising is receiving beauty care product by b.liv at my doorstep. We 'b.liv' that skincare should be fun! Now I can enjoy using b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask to infuse nourishment to my skin, leaving brighter, smoother surface and boost radiance on my skin. It also elevates the skin's oxygen level which can stimulate collagen growth!
Pronounced as “believe”, b.liv was established in 2009 and derived from a cosmaceutical brand. b.liv was created to cater to a strong demand for an easy-to-use and affordable personal skin care regimen. b.liv seeks to inspire and gives confidence to the youths of today in making a difference. 
b.liv is the leading brand in pores management solution. Proper pores management is the first step to flawless looking skin. They are dedicated to bring pores management to be the primary focus for a healthy looking you.
It's time to fizz up your skincare routine! Hence the creation of O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating mask. This multifunctional purifying mask combines oxygen bubble and rice powder to brighten and enliven complexion. Oxygen plays a vital role in cell regeneration but as we age and with urban pollutants around us, oxygen in our skin depletes. This results in dull and less resilient skin. O2 Bubbly Bright helps diffuse oxygen into the skin which aids in the production of collagen, bringing back radiance and freshness. It is said that oxygen also enhances the absorption and effectiveness of your other skincare products.
Okay, let see how it works on my skin. 
O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask (50g) - RM 99.00
This oxygenating mask is enriched with 3 key ingredients consisting of O2 bubble, rice powder and red soft beads. The red soft beads melt upon massage, releasing vitamin E oil, an antioxidant that can rejuvenate your skin. Skin feels smoothers and moisturised. 
How to use:
1.) Apply a small amount thin layer onto face *Bubbles will start forming* 
2.) Leave on for 10-15 minutes 
3.) Gently massage for deeper cleansing 
4.) Rinse with lukewarm water and proceed with remaining skin care steps. 
*Recommended for 1-2 times usage per week.
Overall, I absolutely love this mask! I enjoyed this product and is fun to use. It actually does amazing things to your skin which is actually visibly noticeable when you look into the mirror. It is effective as a cleansing product too. It’s certainly raised my interest in other b.liv products, and I think I’m going to put them under my radar. Do not hesitate try b.liv products, because they are all money-back-guaranteed!
Where To Buy?
b.liv products are available at all Sa Sa outlets in Malaysia or online through

For in-store purchase, you can return the product within 14 days with receipt and left over portion for 100% cash refund or exchange for another product with same or lower value.
For online purchase, you can exchange within 30days from the date of purchase.
For more information, please visit b.liv social links as below;
Facebook: blivmalaysia
Instagram: @bliv


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Life in the city is so wonderful with everything is convenience at your fingertips, but not so much when it come to your skin. Every day, the five main aggressors in an urban environment -  heat, humidity, pollution, cold and wind - may deliver relentless attacks on your complexion, which can lead to a damaged skin barrier.
Thank you Neutrogena Malaysia for inviting me to your new launch Hydro Boost's event.
This is indeed worrying, because your skin barrier is the first line of skin's defence. Made up of the outermost layers of your skin, this barrier prevents external aggressors from entering, and at the same time, stops excessive moisture from escaping.  When your skin barrier is healthy, it regulates the balance of water and salt retention, keeping your skin optimally hydrated. However, the damage caused to the skin barrier by these urban aggressors may hinder its ability to retain and regulate moisture, leaving skin weak, dull and dry.
Neutrogena introduce a two-step routine that will take your complexion from drab to fab. Say hello to the brand new addition of the Hydro Boost family: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum! Coupled with the brand's best selling Hydro Boost Water Gel, when apply together, they help replenish and repair the skin barrier, while boosting your skin's moisture level up to 137%.
What sets Neutrogena Hydro Boost apart is its Moisture Sensor Complex technology, a two-pronged approach that works intelligently to.......
Replenish - Moisture Sensor Complex replenishes skin hydration after sensing a dry cellular structure that has been broken down by external aggressors.

Repair - Moisture Sensor Complex repairs these dry cellular structures, helping dull and damaged skin become more radiant and toned.

Group photo with beauty bloggers
(L-R): Bella Leong, Me, Ivy Gan, Betty Liew & Jia Shin
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum (30ml, RM 75.90)
Freshly activated ingredients with every pump! Anti-oxidant capsules, suspended in a lightweight yet intensely hydrating gel serum, keep the purity of the active ingredients intact.

The serum contains a new-and-improved Moisture Sensor Complex, replenishing Moisture Sensor Complex, replenishing moisture whenever and wherever your skin needs it most, while repairing and rebuilding the skin barrier to lock in moisture. The capsules, power-charged with potent anti-oxidants, fortify the skin barrier and protect against recurring dryness.

How to use:
Press pump to combine the serum with freshly activated anti-oxidant capsules. Smooth a pearl-sized amount evenly over face and neck in gentle, massaging strokes.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel (50g, RM 63.70)
Give skin 48 hours** of non-stop hydration with this gel moisturiser, which also helps repair skin barrier damage caused by pollution. The unique Moisture Sensor Complex detects dry areas, automatically replenishing moisture to skin wherever needed. Restore your skin to its optimal state for a complexion that glows from within.

How to use: After applying serum, massage a pea-sized amount of Water Gel onto face and neck until fully absorbed. 

With Neutrogena Hydro Boost, let's experience the extra moisture boost today and stay protected from the 5 main external urban aggressions!
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum, together with the new-look hydro boost skincare range, is available at all leading pharmacies nationwide from January 2018 onwards. 
For more information, follow Neutrogena Malaysia on below;
Facebook: Neutrogena Malaysia  ||  Instagram: @neutrogenamy


Monday, 12 February 2018

Many of us love cheese, there is a lot of way you can cook great food with cheese. You can also elevate the taste of a food with cheese. Cheese is like a food enhancer, it beautify a food, it bring the recipe to another whole new level. Cheese~ What is the best pair with cheese? I would say PIZZA~
After a successful first PizzArt campaign by Anchor Food Professionals, now Anchor Food Professionals is rolling out their 2nd PizzArt Campaign. A brief introduction of PizzArt by Anchor Food Professionals, a leading food services segment under the global brand Fonterra. This festive season, Anchor Food Professionals is celebrating with a lot of cheesiness by elevating the pleasures of pizza to a whole new level.

The campaign takes the enjoyment of pizza a notch up by infusing global food trends into local favourites. This round, Anchor Food Professionals is working with 18 outlets in Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia. The inventive pizzas under PizzArt were conceptualized and created by Anchor Food Professionals' Hot Cooking Chefs. These pizzas can only be made by kitchen crew with advanced culinary skills, and in restaurants with pizza oven. Let's cut short the introduction, as we are traveling to two collaborating restaurants in Klang Valley and let me show you the innovative & of course delicious pizza.
First stop at 185 Pizza restaurant in IOI Mall, Puchong, introducing a spin of Chicago's authentic Deep Cheese Pizza and a hearty Cheese Pretzza as well as delicately shaped Pizza Rolls. With the festivities around the corner, what is the better way to celebrate than with pizzas. And these one-of-a-kind pizzas will certainly bring great memories when shared with the ones you love.

The pizzas were created using only the finest ingredients such as Anchor Mozzarella cheese, Anchor Shredded Parmesan cheese, Anchor Butter, Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Creams and Anchor Cream Cheese, which all imported from New Zealand. The right stringiness of cheese lends texture, experience and the creaminess you crave in a pizza.
Cheese Pretzza
Pizza Roll in 3 flavours:
Otak-otak, Chicken and Butter Prawns.
Next, introducing The Butcher's Table, an elite meat restaurant that has just reopened at PJ SS2 a few months ago. A meat dishes restaurant by the original butcher Mr. He Lao and the family business together, where they serve pork dishes such as the pork feet and hand-made sausages. 
And the main creative Pizza - introducing the ultimate meat-endowed-cheese-oozing PizzBurger, an all-meat-based UltiMeat Pizza
UltiMeat Pizza
This masterpiece ambitiously features a pizza base made entirely out of ground meat deep fried to crispy perfection before being baked with with Anchor mixed cheeses on top, hot inside and stringy outside. Great for sharing with loved ones. 
The likely Malaysian favourite, PizzBurger features a succulent grilled minced meat patty stuffed with Anchor Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, Anchor Colby and Cheddar Cheese and baked in light crust with Anchor Butter.
For more information, don't forget to visit Anchor’s Facebook Page.

Creative Pizza by Anchor Food Professionals Anjia Specialty Dairy Partners Anchor Food Professionals AFP PizzaArt 2018 has been running since 2008 in Malaysia. Friends are welcome to check out the following activities and get involved with the store. Secretary of the creative pizza bar.

The artisan pizzas are available throughout Malaysia at the following outlets from December 2017 till early June 2018: 
Kuala Lumpur: Havana (Changkat Bukit Bintang) 
Selangor: Pizza 185 (Puchong), The Butcher's Table (PJ), U Pizzeria (Subang) and Pizza House (Bandar Utama) 
Perak: Mustard Sandwich House and Food & Desire (Ipoh) 
Penang: US Pizza (Bayan Lepas and Georgetown) 
Melaka: Temasek Hotel Cafe (Portuguese Settlement Hotel in Ujong Pasir) and Hungry Bear (Bukit Beruang) 
Johor: Finale Kitchen Bar (Segamat) 
Sabah: The Chubs Grill and Mad Ben Café (Kota Kinabalu) 
Sarawak: Chillax Café & Bistro (Miri), Osome Wood Fired Pizza (Kuching) and Bistecca & Bistro (Sibu)


Thursday, 8 February 2018

More exciting things is coming when approaching the big festive celebration in town. Our Chinese New Year celebration is just one more week away, let's count down together and ONG ahh... HUAT ahh... Fatt ahh...
Thinking of where to reunion with your family and friends? Whereby, last minute decision will lead to fully booked restaurant or if you prefer staying in the house instead of going out to the crowded restaurant? Why not a ‘TAKE-AWAY’ CNY dish. Bring home and celebrate CNY eve reunion dinner or gathering with your family and friends. Great idea! Only available at Restoran Three Brother 三兄弟.

YeeShang 七彩魚生 RM 48 (Half portion) & RM58 (One portion)

Abalone Dry Seafood Soup 精裝鮑魚海味燉雞湯 RM 688 

Golden Treasure Pot 金裝聚寶盆 RM 588 

Spanish Iberico Platter 西班牙黑毛豬三拼 RM 380 

Chef Special Steam Rice 臘味扣香飯 RM 8/pcs
Overall, foods serving are good and delicious. I enjoy having my meals at Three Brothers Restaurant. If you miss out my previous blog post about three brothers, check out my blog here for dine in section. 

Above are dishes for take-away, all are packed in aluminium foil and plastic container as convenient for you to bring it back home enjoy the foods with your family and friends.

Special package for this two take-away items;
Abalone Dry Seafood Soup 精裝鮑魚海味燉雞湯 - come with a ceramic bowl for take-away
Golden Treasure Pot 金裝聚寶盆 - come with claypot bowl & CNY gift bag for take-away

And lastly, if you book for take-away in advance, you will entitled to a FREE YeeShang 七彩魚生 by purchasing the two special package. (Abalone Dry Seafood Soup 精裝鮑魚海味燉雞湯 / Golden Treasure Pot 金裝聚寶盆)

Take Away's menu
So, hurry up drop your order at Three Brothers Restaurant.
Wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fatt Choi.

Three Brothers 三兄弟 Restaurant 
23 Jalan Bulan U5/Ca, 
Bandar Pinggiran Subang, 
Seksyen U5, 
40150 Shah Alam, 

Contact: 012-315 2053 / 012-315 2953
Facebook: restoranthreebrothers

Opening hour 
Monday - Saturday: 10:00AM - 3:00PM, 5:00PM - 10:00PM 
Sunday: 4:00PM - 10:00PM