Thursday, 24 January 2019

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang (MOP KLIA), Japan’s branded factory outlet shopping mall is adorned with spring themed floral décors featuring traditional and modern elements for the Chinese New Year season. Shoppers are invited to soak up the festive atmosphere and swing into the Spring Sale here at MOP KLIA with amazing deals and rewards happening now until 19th of February 2019.
Decorated with prominent pink cherry blossoms alongside other luminous ornaments, MOP KLIA is transformed into a magnificent floral sanctuary that is sure to mesmerise and enliven the mood of shoppers while they shop for the New Year.

Complementing the vibrant displays are a series of interesting activities lined-up for its patrons. Participate in the “Catch and Win” contest from 19th January until 10th February 2019 and stand a chance to win over 10,000 attractive prizes which include the Vespa (Grand Prize), iphone XR, ipad, Smart & Android FHD DTV, Gintell Massage Chair, Camera and MOP KLIA Shopping vouchers. Participation requires a minimum spend of RM300 in a maximum of two receipts. Eligible customers are required to catch a ‘floating paper’ in the box within the time given, after which they can redeem their instant prize as stated in the paper.
Up to 19th February 2019, customers who spend a minimum of RM100 in a single receipt are entitled to redeem MOP KLIA’s Limited-Edition Red Packet available at the Information counter located at Sunshine Square. There will be an Hourly Special starting 1st February 2019 until 8th February 2019 where customers can redeem coupons to enjoy a cup of coffee, ice cream as well as a 2-hour free parking from participating outlets such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Fan Japan and Baskin Robbins with a minimum spending of RM100 and above in a single receipt at any of MOP KLIA outlets.

To accentuate the festive mood, the outlet mall will be hosting a few cultural performances that include the Traditional and Acrobatics Lion Dance and God of Prosperity, Dragon Dance and the 8 Prosperity Drum on the weekends - 19th and 20th January, 26th and 27th January, 2nd and 3 rd February 2019 as well as on the first and second day of Chinese New Year, which fall on the 5th and 6th February 2019.
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, MOP KLIA is also offering a special mug printing and photo booth service on the 9th and 10th February 2019 for its first 300 customers who spend a minimum of RM300 in a maximum of two receipts. Additionally, the first 100 customers who spend the similar amount are also entitled to redeem an exclusive Rose bouquet on the 14th February 2019 at the information counter by presenting the receipts.

With discounts offering up to 90% this festive season, shoppers can treat themselves to a shopping spree from a variety of branded lifestyle stores ranging from fashion and beauty, household to food items. “MOP KLIA offers exciting deals on an array of local and international splendours, it is an ideal place for shoppers to shop for items in preparation for the Chinese New Year season. With 200 stores to shop from, MOP KLIA is a definite place to be for your shopping needs this festive season,” said Mr TJ Cheah, Deputy Managing Director, MFMA Development.
MOP KLIA is strategically located, just 8 minutes away from KLIA and approximately 45 minutes from KL City Centre. The outlet mall is easily accessible through the various highways namely ELITE, LDP, KESAS, MAJU and NKVE. Getting to MOP KLIA is also convenient via the KLIA Ekspres which departs from KL Sentral every 20 minutes to KLIA and klia2 and thereafter visitors can take the dedicated free shuttle bus that is offered to and fro KLIA and klia2.
For more information on upcoming offers, promotions and happenings at MOP KLIA, please visit MOP KLIA links here.


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Kudos! You made a bucket list (years ago) and have not been able to ticked off anything yet?
The concept of the bucket list often include places one wants to visit, experiences one wants to undergo and accomplishments one wants to master. A bucket list is a list of everything that you want to be, do, have, and experience in life. Compiling a bucket list is both an exercise in wishful self-improvement—learning to speak French, training to run a marathon, etc. However, with this time and age, we understand that most of us are not able to accomplish what we want to.
This New Year, we would like to offer our assistance and enable you to kick off 10 things off on a bucket list!
Now, before we begin, we would like you to get a paper or you may open your “notepad” on your mobile phone (an environmental friendly way) and write down the below “Top 10 Bucket List That is Easily Accomplished at Sunway Lagoon”.
1. Seeing the world upside down with Pirate’s Revenge 
2. Scuba Dive in the city 
3. Conquer your fear of height at Pedestrian Suspension Bridge 
4. Take the ultimate leap of faith with Bungy Jump 
5. Get slimed at SpongeBob Splash Adventure 
6. Up close & personal with the blue-eyed White Tigers
7. Catch the 8ft "Waves of Fun" 
8. Challenge yourself to a vertical intense free fall water ride at Monsoon 360 
9. Have a spine-chilling experience where the evil resides at Zombie Acapolypse 
10. Take extreme to a whole new level and get shot upwards on the G-Force X
Checked off these and you are off for a great start of the year! Happy 2019!

For more information, please contact Sunway Lagoon at 603 5639 0000 and visit their website link below;

Hotter than ever, TABASCO® Sauce has ‘fired-up’ the taste buds of many for 150 years now. In 1868, Edmund McIlhenny created a spicy sauce from the simplest of ingredients, heirloom tabasco peppers, salt and vinegar, to enliven the flavours in foods for family and friends. The creation of this simple sauce on a small stretch of land known as Avery Island, would unwittingly change the way the world eats forever.

The iconic red-capped bottle with the diamond label is enjoyed by TABASCO® Sauce lovers in more than 196 countries and territories and labelled in 22 languages and dialects.
The whole world is joining in to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this iconic sauce. In New Orleans, the McIlhenny Company organised a comedic burlesque dating to the late 19th century that hasn’t been performed in its entirety in more than a century. All over the world, fans were invited to events big and small, where they got a chance to taste the exciting and unexpected ways the world’s top chefs and creative cooks use TABASCO® Sauce.
Mohan Alagappar, General Manager of GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd, exclusive distributor for TABASCO ® Sauce said, “The 150th anniversary of this tabasco sauce is so exciting, that it’s infectious. People from all over the world have come together to rejoice in the success of their favourite sauce. The careful craftsmanship and versatility of TABASCO® Sauce has made it a friend of chefs, home cooks, bartenders and food lovers.”
“Malaysians in particular have been adding TABASCO® Sauce to everyday favourites such as Pizza or Spaghetti to give it that extra ‘oomph’. This instantly recognizable pepper sauce is just as at home in open air restaurants and the finest dining establishments as it is in the home pantries, kitchen table tops and even the handbags of food lovers all over the world. It is exciting to imagine where TABASCO® Sauce will go and how it will be used over the next 150 years,” added Mohan.
Due to its popularity, the sauce has more than 10 varieties from mild to extra hot, and from sweet to smoky, to satisfy the taste buds of its consumers.

To learn more about the 150th anniversary of TABASCO® Sauce, visit or follow the conversation on social media with #TABASCO150.

TABASCO® Sauce can be purchased at a majority of Malaysian food retail outlets and all TABASCO ® products distributed to Malaysia are certified halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

TABASCO ® Sauce is distributed exclusively in Malaysia by GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd. GBA currently manages many leading brands as a result of collaborations with business partners from around the world with many brand leaders in specific categories.

Multi-vitamins are known to be essential in maintaining good health of the body, but they are also as important in maintaining the health of our skin. With Mamonde’s new Vital Vitamin skincare line formulated with a 7-vitamin complex, you can now recharge your dull and tired skin! Both the Vital Vitamin Essence and Vital Vitamin Cream is made to help revitalize and provide moisture to the skin so that it glows from deep within.
One of the key ingredients used in the formulation of the Vital Vitamin line includes the Bitter Orange flower that is extracted on the day that they are picked to prevent changes in fragrance and colour. Unlike the sweet orange flowers which are more widely used, the Bitter Orange flowers are known to be more effective because of their shorter blooming period. These flowers are handpicked petal by petal and only 1kg of essential oil is obtained from 1000kg of petals. Other than providing moisturizing and antioxidizing benefits to the skin, these flowers also gives nice deep fragrance.
The rest of the ingredients under this skincare line are made up of six different vitamins, all working together to bring tired skin back to life. These vitamins include Vitamin B3 to help brighten the skin, Vitamin B5 to strengthen the skin’s barrier, Vitamin F that provides a smoothening effect for smoother and finer looking skin, Vitamin E to maintain skin elasticity and the very well-known Vitamin C that helps to clear the skin, leaving it looking fresh and pure. An extra special vitamin that is also part of this 7-vitamin complex is Vitamin P that helps to further boost absorption of Vitamin C into the skin. Listed below are the two products under the Mamonde Vital Vitamin line:
1. Vital Vitamin Essence, 100ml (RM135)
The essence under the Vital Vitamin line contains antioxidizing vitamins C, E and F that are encapsulated into petal-shaped capsules which burst onto skin as it touches the skin’s surface to give it vitality and help it maintain looking energized. The remaining B3, B5 and P vitamins are incorporated into the essence itself. A water essence texture also ensures that the product spreads lightly over the skin’s surface and is fully absorbed without leaving a sticky sensation and ensuring the formation of a moisturized and smooth skin barrier!

There are several ways to fully utilize the Vital Vitamin Essence: 
• Applying the essence as part of your daily skincare routine. 
• Soaking some sheet masks or cotton pads with the essence and leave them on your face for about 10 minutes. More effective if used cold. (especially when skin needs reenergizing) 
• Soak a cotton pad with Vital Vitamin Essence and swipe across the face from inside to outside and absorb. (For when skin texture feels rough)
2. Vital Vitamin Cream, 50ml (RM135)
Made of the same ingredients as its essence counterpart, the Vital Vitamin cream comes in a water gel formula that quickly absorbs into the skin to brighten and replenish lost moisture. The yellow colour of the cream resembles vitamins and are made out of natural pigments that are completely safe to use. It also contains hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan that work together to form a smooth moisturizing barrier – giving the skin a non-sticky moist finish with a healthy glow.

The Mamonde Vital Vitamin Essence and Cream can be purchased through the Mamonde Beauty Counters at Aeon 1 Utama, PJ, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, KL, Parkson Suria KLCC, KL, Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, Aeon Tebrau City, JB, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang and Sephora stores located at Mid Valley Megamall, KL, 1 Utama, PJ, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Komtar, Johor Bahru, IMAGO Shopping Mall, KK and Nu Sentral, KL. It is also available on and

Facebook: @Mamondemy 
Instagram: @MamondeMalaysia 


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Let the 2019 Chinese New Year feast begin! It would be an understatement to say that time flies but we would be welcoming the Chinese New Year next month. As the biggest day of the year for all Chinese, some would choose to celebrate the occasion by having a good meal with the family during this festive occasion. I am fortunate to have the chance to take the first glimpse of Armada Hotel's Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner. I can promise the feast will impress the folks.
Chef Chew and his team at Utara Coffee House, has prepared a variety of Chinese New Year offerings perfect to welcome the new Year of the Boar!

From 1st January till 4th February 2019, Armada Hotel's buffet line will be featuring a wide variety of ‘good luck’ dishes for your Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner such as Chinese Fried Chap Chye with Mushrooms, Yong Chow Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf, Pak Far Chicken, Deep Fried Garoupa Thai Style, Stir-Fried Kam Heong Lala, and Wok-fried Tiger Prawns with Buttered Coconut Almond Flakes to name a few. The Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner is priced at RM90+ per adult, RM72+ for senior citizens and RM45+ per child.
In addition, kick off a prosperous new year by raising your chopsticks and Loh Hei to boost good luck and prosperity with exciting Yee Sang Selections, such as; Fruitti Veggie Yee Sang (vegetarian) at RM78+ per portion and King Salmon Yee Sang at RM88+ per portion.
Another indulgence that should not be missed is the braised Treasure Pot of goodness that is also known as 'Poon Choy'. Deep in flavor and fragrance, the Treasure Pot is available to order in two sizes. Medium at RM338+ and Large at RM388+.

Both Yee Sang and Treasure Pot are available to order from 1st January to 19th February 2019.
For guests who wish to indulge in exclusive set menus, Chef Chew and his team has whipped up a few Prosperity Set Menus (minimum table of 10 pax) ideal for family, friends or business.

Health, Wealth, and Luck awaits you when you dine with:
The Everlasting Future Set Menu priced at RM1188+
The Bountiful Treasure Set Menu priced at RM1288+ 
The Prosperity Of Luck Set Menu is priced at RM1388+ 
The Prosperity Of Fusion Set Menu is priced at RM1508+

The above Private Banquet CNY Set Dinner Menus are available to order from 1st January to 19th February 2019. 
For more information on reservation, please visit or reach them by calling +603 7954 6888 (ext. 4557 Utara Coffee House) for any booking enquiries.

Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya

Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, 
Section 52, Darul Ehsan, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: +603-7954 6888 



Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The year of 2018 flies. I can’t believe it’s a new year now and welcome to 2019 with new resolution. Rewind back to last year December that I have attended Althea's Christmas Pink Party, thank you mamasan (Tammy Lim) and the team who invited me to the butterfly parrr-ty! I am already desire to recap my memory on Christmas Party, it seem like was just happened yesterday tho. Hahaha!!! Super-duper thanks to all the Althea's team who organised such a wonderful party and leave a great memories on 2018. Love y'all!!!!
Did you see this? Oh my myyy... I look excellent tho!!! Holding an Althea balloon and sat beside a pink cutey bear~
What's next for more Pink Team Christmas Party? The Butterfly Project Malaysia's party was held on 8th December 2018 at ChubbeeCloud Uptown Damansara Jaya.
This was my first time visited ChubbeeCloud cafe and I found a lot of insta-worthy spot  here. Love the environment too as every corner is just instagrammable! The food at ChubeeCloud was interestingly special too, something I have never tried before. The boba toast and the kimchi with chicken toast were delicious and I would definitely go back! For those who love kimchi with chicken toast it is definitely something special to you, come and try it yourself and I highly recommend it!
ChubbeeCloud's boba toast and kimchi with chicken toast
I was in love with Magical Mericon Milkshake at ChubeeCloud. One of the star beverage for the visitor here. Not too sweet, delicious & just nice. It harsh to drink the cute décor on it like cereals and marshmallows. Awww~ my poor little babies..
'Hot Mallow Bath in Charcoal Chocolate'
ChubbeeCloud is a First Personalized Gift Experience Store cum Café located at Damansara Uptown in Selangor, offering a variety of gourmet snacks & handcrafted beverages in addition to their range of Customizable Gifts experience. They sell edible and safe to eat marshamallows with your face/quotes etc printed on it (look at my marshamallow printed face on below photo) so interesting!!!!
Embark on your magical gifting experience with ChubbeeCloud and would make perfect personalized gifts for any occasions! To know more about gift ideas, please visit their links down here.
Chubbee Sdn Bhd (1220576-W)

Phone: 03-7733 7708 
Operation Hours: 
Tuesday - Thursday: 12 pm - 10.30 pm 
Friday - Sunday: 12 pm - 11.30 pm
(Monday CLOSED)

Website  ||  Instagram  ||  Facebook

Ta-daaa~ who doesn't like sweet tools. See all these photos are so tempting now. Why I like dessert table so much because a lot of cute desserts & there are many choices. This super duper cute & awesome Dessert Table by Ask Joey.
I like the dessert table decoration, the concept is really touched by the theme. Dessert are stunning and appealing to appetite like mini cakes, cupcakes brownie popsicles, macarons, tart and more.
Having your upcoming party, go Ask Joey organise yours and specialise for all your life celebrations party. Check out their links below;

When comes to photobooth, I'll never ever missed out taking photos with friends. TagBooth is providing a professional photo booth and photography services for Wedding, Corporate Events, Party and etc! TagBooth also offer Photobooth rental services that is flexible, versatile enough to suit different needs. We had loads of fun taking pics and decorating. To save most of precious memories together, let TagBooth to handle it for you! Find out more by checking out their links below;

Contact: 017-623 3653 
Website  ||  Facebook  ||  Instagram

Being together with Althea for many years and I have seen their growing since I first met with them. Congratulations Althea has expanded its wings with more product range. The Althea product was mostly on skincare and now they are into makeup. Can't wait for the latest product from Althea again!
Surprise with big surprise by Althea's Christmas gift. How much they want to pamper us with loads of love to all these products. I'm spoiled! Many thanks to Althea Korea for this sponsored products to all butterflies. Check out for Althea website -
Introducing the newly makeup product by Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer, they come in 4 shades to choose from;-
#01 Vanilla (Pink beige #21), 
#02 Ginger (Warm ivory #21), 
#03 Honey (Warm peach #23-#25),
#04 Mocha (Deeper yellow #30)
Its ingredients contain Aquaxyl to keep skin smooth and moist. You can use this formula for highlighting and contouring.
Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer is available now with BUY 1 FREE 1, check out for more link here -

Break record - played three times but did not have the luck to grab the ball
Fortunately, I had enough of fun with this Claw machine.
Last but not least, thank you Althea Korea x The Butterfly Project team for making this wonderful memorable Althea Christmas Pink Party at ChubbeeCloud Uptown. The party was great and well organized. I am very proud to be part of the Butterfly community since 2015. Truly sincere grateful. Thank you so much. *Blush*