Tuesday 12 May 2020

Just when you think the boba craze has fizzled out in Malaysia, a new interpretation of the beloved beverage bubbles to the surface, as Malaysia’s popular ice cream brand, Wall’s introduces its latest creation in collaboration with bubble milk tea chain, Tealive - Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream.
Affectionately referred to as #WallsBobalicious, the Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream is the latest way for boba lovers to enjoy their favourite drink in the form of ice cream, anytime, anywhere! With 100% rich milk tea flavors and real chewy pearls in every bite, #WallsBobalicious aims to deliver a new sensorial experience to a familiar Malaysian staple at an affordable price.
The product also represents a series of firsts, with this being the first collaboration between Wall’s and Tealive, as well as being the first to bring Malaysians a new way of boba enjoyment in the form of an ice cream stick. This collaboration is sure to bring delight and become a much-needed mood-booster for Malaysians in the era of #DudukRumah, where we can all #BobaJeLAH when in need of a refreshing sweet treat, anytime, anywhere!
So what are you waiting for? The Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream is now available for pre-order exclusively online from 28 to 30 April 2020 via Tealive: 
https://tealivehq.beepit.com/ordering/ (KL, Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Damansara, PJ, Subang, Shah Alam) 
https://tealivehq2.beepit.com/ordering/ (Klang, Cheras, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya & the rest of Klang Valley)
#WallsBobalicious will soon be available nationwide at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores as well as selected Tealive stores in the form of single regular sticks at suggested retail price of RM2.20 - RM2.70 each. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting deals on Wall’s website (www.walls.com.my) or follow Wall’s Malaysia on Facebook (www.facebook.com/wallsmalaysia/).


The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) has pledged almost RM1 million from its own coffers, to help provide for their patients' subsistence during this economically challenging period. 
The leading non-profit organization has been providing subsidised dialysis treatments in Malaysia for over 30 years. Now NKF is taking another huge step − going above its call of duty for kidney health − by providing a major one-off financial assistance to its patients for their daily living needs.
"The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the cost of living and it has not spared anyone, including our dialysis patients who are generally from the lower income group. At NKF, the welfare of patients − physically and psychologically − is of paramount importance. As part of our commitment to holistic care, we are providing this financial assistance to give our patients a lifeline throughout this pandemic and movement control order (MCO) for food and other daily necessities." said Dato' Dr Zaki Morad Mohamad Zaher, Chairman of NKF Malaysia. 

The foundation’s 27 dialysis centres nationwide currently have 1712 patients and the financial assistance with an allocation of RM600 for each eligible patient will be channelled in 2 payments of RM300 in May and June 2020.

Kidney patients on dialysis are dependent on a four-hour treatment, hooked to a dialysis machine, three times a week for the rest of their lives. Often, patients are initially traumatized when they find out that they have end-stage kidney failure, and that to survive, they need continuous dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant. Understandably, many have difficulty leading normal lives or finding regular employment. So, it is crucial they have access to affordable dialysis treatment in a caring environment.

"Amid such tough circumstances, dialysis patients can certainly do with more tender loving care and hope. At NKF, we are serious in assisting our patients in this time of need and we will ensure that the PRESS RELEASE financial assistance totalling almost RM1 million will be distributed prudently in aid of their welfare." Zaki added on this good news.

Members of the public who are interested in contributing towards the organisation's efforts for dialysis patients can find out more through NKF’s website at http://www.nkf.org.my or call 016-230 1072.


Searching for the best Raya deals in town? Raya Bersama Shopee has it all. Happening now till 26 May 2020, the campaign offers great deals on daily necessities, home appliances, baju Raya and many more to get you Raya-ready. It is even better because you get to do your Raya preparations from the comfort of your own home:
● Stretch your Ringgit with daily essentials from as low as just RM10 and free shipping with a minimum spend of RM19; 
● Enjoy more savings with discounts up to 80%, RM1 deals on favourite items and lowered free shipping with minimum spend of RM10 from 12AM to 2AM during the Pesta Jualan Raya on 14 and 15 May;
● Miss going to Ramadan bazaars? Check out Selangor E-Bazar Raya and get your Raya delicacies and snacks, among many other things. You may not be able to catch a whiff of red chicken wings or lamb murtabak, but this e-bazaar is worth the visit. 
● Get your chicken, beef, vegetables and fruits like cabbages, mangoes, melons, and chillies, and fresh frozen seafood like Kembong, Tongkol, and Selar from Shopee’s fresh and frozen food segment without leaving home. 
● Shopee Celebrity Squad welcomes its newest member Neelofa! Visit her store Naelofar for the Raya 2020 Collection or if you are running out of ideas on what to wear this Raya, check out Style by Shopee for the latest trends.
● Raya preparations can sometimes get too overwhelming. Want a central location to look for it all? Check out Shopee’s latest feature, Salam by Shopee which has the latest collection of items across categories such as prayer items, wudhu-friendly cosmetics and Muslim fashion at Koleksi Terkini; Raya delicacies and dishes as well as the ingredients at Resipi Raya; Halal-certified brands and items only at Pilihan Halal; a solat reminder at Azan and of course great vouchers at Baucar Terhad to offer greater value.
With Raya celebrations being a little different this year, Shopee is bringing entertainment and the joy of Hari Raya to you at home so you can enjoy it together with the family: 
● Shopee Live: Catch exciting content by celebrities and experts, specially curated for users such as food shows, daily workout sessions, and product reviews as well as other Muslim-related content including Quran-reading classes. 
● Shopee Games: Memorise dance moves in Joget Shopee; catch kuih-muih in Shopee Tangkap, plant a tree in Shopee Garden, and play crowd-favourites Goyang Shopee, Shopee Throw, Lucky Raya and One or Not to win Shopee coins, vouchers and even 43” televisions. 
● Duit Raya: While it may be difficult to give Duit Raya to loved ones this time around, Shopee has created a fun, safe and easy way for users to give e-Duit Raya via its ShopeePay e-wallet.
Although it may not be possible to do Raya visiting this time round, put a smile on the faces of your family members or friends by sending them Raya gifts. Signature Market’s Tradisi Muhibbah Eid Collection contains wholesome products such as Mariami dates and Healthy Nut that would make perfect gifts; available at exclusive prices on Shopee from 14 to 18 May. 
Get yourself protected with an insurance plan by Great Eastern Takaful on Shopee. HospeeFamily is a 3-month protection plan that provides hospitalisation benefits due to illness or injury and lump sum Accidental Death Benefit while traveling in private or public conveyance. The benefit is also extended to up to 2 additional immediate family members.
Raya Bersama Shopee is anchored by Malaysian’s favourite brands - Nestle, Nestle Nutrition, P&G, Unilever, Enfagrow, Friso Gold, Pediasure, Vinda, L’Oreal, Wipro Unza, Mentholatum, Beiersdorf, Elianware, Mr DIY, Photobook Malaysia, Arctic Hunter, realme, Black Shark, Skechers, Bagstation, Voir, Carlo Rino, and Lim Tayar.


Sunday 3 May 2020

UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer, will launch the With Pokémon UT and monpoké UT lines in May. UTs (UNIQLO T-shirt) offer an array of authentic pop culture and art graphics from around the world to allow the wearer to express their individuality. This is the first collaboration between UT and monpoké, Pokémon’s official baby brand. The With Pokémon UT items for adults and kids feature motifs of particularly popular characters, while the monpoké UT items for babies feature softly colored designs, allowing entire families to coordinate their looks.
With Pokémon UT
The collection presents Pokémon’s key philosophies - adventure, discovery, and friendship - which have made Pokémon a beloved presence among people of all ages the world over.
Launch date: 
May 2020

MEN’s T-shirts 5 designs RM59.90
WOMEN’s T-shirts 4 designs RM59.90
KIDS’ T-shirts 4 designs RM39.90
KIDS’ Steteco 3 designs RM29.90

Availability: UNIQLO stores nationwide and online store

monpoké UT
monpoké is Pokémon’s official baby brand for a new generation of moms and dads. Behind the designs is the hope that babies can gain lots of first experiences and grow up healthy and happy.
Launch date: 
May 2020

BABY’s T-shirts 4 designs RM39.90
Availability: UNIQLO stores nationwide and online store

Men’s Pokémon UT lineup highlights


The men's UT features a simple line drawing of a male Pikachu silhouette, with a touch of color. There is also kids’ version allowing for coordinated looks.
The item showcases 25 of the first 151 Pokémon from Red and Green (released in Japan in 1996), including Pikachu, Eevee, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. The motif on the back is a reverse shadow of the design on the front.

Women’s Pokémon UT lineup highlights


The women's item presents a line drawing of a female Pikachu silhouette with, if you look closely, a heart-shaped tail.
The ever-popular Eevee looks chic in natural colors. Women can coordinate their look with kids wearing the same design.

Kids’ Pokémon UT lineup highlights


The kids’ item depicts wolf-like Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta from the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games.
The unisex Steteco loungewear includes some designs featuring Pikachu and the iconic Poké Ball, as well as legendary Pokémon characters Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo.

©2020 Pokémon.
©1995-2019 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ®, and character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

monpoké UT Lineup
he range is the first collaboration between UT and the monpoké brand. The softly colored designs featuring Pikachu, Dedenne, Smeargle, Mime Jr., and Ludicolo are sure to delight.


©2020 Pokémon.
©1995-2019 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ®, and character names are trademarks of Nintendo.


Saturday 2 May 2020

The holy month of Ramadan is here, marking a month of fasting, prayers and reflection for our Muslim friends. Before performing prayers, Muslims must go through the ritual of ablution or wudhu (the process of washing before prayers). For women, it could be challenging finding halal- certified beauty products to suit their skin. 
Korean beauty brand Mamonde has taken into account its different customers’ needs and has gone the extra mile to come up with products that use ingredients without any alcohol or animal substances. 
This Ramadhan, Mamonde recommends its Ceramide and Rose Water ranges that are compliant with the faith. The products from these ranges are certified halal and wudhu-friendly, which means they can be freely used without having to be removed before prayers. They also contain moisturising properties that are ideal for the skin especially during the fasting month when water consumption is restricted.
Moisture Ceramide Range 
For the Ceramide range, Mamonde focuses on the Hibiscus Flower as its research has uncovered the flower’s moisturising properties that can offer hydration benefits to the skin. The popular Ceramide range is formulated with moisturising Hibiscus extract along with ceramide, its key ingredient. 

The ideal combination of the Hibiscus extract and Ceramide helps to strengthen the skin’s outer barrier by keeping moisture close to the skin. This range is especially suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Upon application, skin instantly feels fresh and moisturised without having any sticky residue. 

The products under the Ceramide range that have been given halal certification are Ceramide Skin Softener, Ceramide Emulsion, Ceramide Light Cream and The Ceramide Intense Cream.

Ceramide Skin Softener (200 ml, RM70) 
This intensive moisturising toner helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier that has been damaged by external environment factors and provides a boost of hydration to the skin without leaving any sticky residue. It also contains the moisturising agent Betaine extracted from beet to further moisturise the skin. Suitable for those experiencing flaky/sensitive/rough skin. 

Ceramide Emulsion (150 ml, RM80) 
Helps in strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and provides moisture to the skin. Its lightweight creamy texture is absorbed quickly into the skin. 

Ceramide Light Cream (50 ml, RM131) 
This has double the moisturising ingredient made up of mainly hibiscus extract to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving the skin feeling moisturised and looking healthy. A lighter alternative for those with combination skin.

Ceramide Intense Cream (50 ml, RM131) 
Works like the Light Cream to provide a boost of moisture to the skin. Ceramide is quickly absorbed and the double content of moisturising ingredients extracted from the Hibiscus helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier to create a moist and healthy-looking skin. Suitable for those with flaky, sensitive and rough skin.

Rose Water Range 
Mamonde’s Rose Water Range uses 100% Organic Damask Rose as its main ingredient for its Rose Water range. Picked by trained experts when the morning dew is at its peak, the Damask Rose is highly-prized for its top quality. Rose extracts from the Mamonde Rose Water Range is grown in the Rose Valley in Turia village, Bulgaria. 

Some of the key benefits of this range include instant soothing and moisturising while the lovely scent helps to soothe the senses. 

Products in the Rose Water range included in the halal list are the Rose Water Toner, Rose Water Gel Cream and the Rose Water Soothing Gel.
Rose Water Toner (250 ml, RM85) 
Infused with 90.97% rose water, Mamonde Rose Water Toner helps provide excellent soothing and moisturizing care for the skin. When applied, it absorbs into the skin and immediately softens rough, flaky skin to reveal a clear and vibrant complexion. 

Rose Water Toner Pad (40 sheets, RM70) 
This is a rosy pad soaked in Rose Water Toner that can be used as a toner or a sheet mask. Functions are similar of the Rose Water Toner, it provides excellent soothing and moisturizing care for the skin. The Rose Water Toner Pad is ultra-lightweight and mesh. Upon application, the rose pad fits closely to the skin to remove dead skin cells and aid in delivering the rose water deeper into the skin. 

Rose Water Gel Cream (80 ml, RM99) 
A refreshing moisturizing cream effective for soothing and intensive skin moisturizing care. The Rose Water Gel Cream is light-weight and has a non-sticky texture. When applied, it forms a moisture barrier on the skin and keeps the skin hydrated for an extended time. To achieve optimum result, use the Rose Water Toner/Rose Water Toner Pad followed by the Rose Water Gel Cream for a double-layered moisturising effect that will result in a smooth and dewy skin inside out. 

Rose Water Soothing Gel (300 ml, RM55) 
The Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel is a multi-purpose soothing gel infused with 90.81% of rose water that penetrates quickly onto skin and provides the skin with rich moisture. It comes with rose fragrance and a cooling formula to help soothe dry and tired skin on the face, hair and body. The Rose Water Soothing Gel can be used as: -
• A cold pack or an overnight mask pack 
• A rose-scented hair essence on hair roughened by hot shower or UV rays 
• A fragrant and cooling body lotion in the summer 

Both the Moisture Ceramide and Rose Water range of products are available at Watsons stores nationwide.

Libresse® launches the “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign to offer knowledge and facts about V-Zone health so that more women are informed and empowered about their own bodies, and able to take ownership of an important aspect of their own health.

A recent survey conducted by Libresse® revealed that V-Zone knowledge is low among Malaysian women, with 69 percent who have mistakenly identified a diagram of a woman’s reproductive system.  In addition, 63 per cent of respondents have not seen and know what a vulva was. The survey also found that almost four out of ten women feel uncomfortable using the word ‘vagina’ in conversations, perpetuating the cultural taboos surrounding V-Zone conversations.

These results point to a significant gap in knowledge, which may prevent women from taking the appropriate action when faced with common problems like infections or lead to a delay in identifying symptoms of serious health conditions.

To help increase awareness of V-Zone knowledge, Libresse® teams up with Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Patricia Lim Su-Lyn to provide credible information about V-Zone health in a fun and interesting way, lending her medical experience and insights on V-Zone health through the campaign’s ongoing digital and educational initiatives.

To engage with more women and break the ice surrounding V-Zone awareness, the “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign introduces ‘The V Game’. This first-ever, interactive boardgame will be given away via social media, schools and in-store. Set to trigger V-Zone conversations among women of all ages, participants will role-play in everyday situations that women face, from dealing with their monthly period to talking about V-Zone health. The game guides players and provides solutions that resolve these situations, while offering facts on how women can care for and love themselves, including appropriate care for the delicate V-Zone. 

In line with this effort to reach as many women as possible, Dr Lim is supportive of the campaign’s effort to educate women so they can be informed and proactive about their V-Zone health. 

“Knowledge is power, and women need to be taught from an early age to take charge of their V-Zone health – nobody else can do this for them. This includes taking note of their monthly period cycle and any irregularities, conducting vaginal self-examinations and seeing a gynae annually for check-ups,” explained Dr Lim. “If it’s part of your own body, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about checking it yourself and have gynaecologists look at your V-Zone. You should know what it looks like when it’s healthy, and notice when something is wrong. It’s also not enough that most women only see a gynaecologist when they get pregnant or have an infection. Health screenings like Pap smears are important to detect possible health problems early.”

For more information about the Libresse® “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign and activities, please visit www.libresse.com.my or follow Libresse® on social media at www.facebook.com/LibresseMalaysia or IG (@Libresse_My).