Tuesday 30 October 2018

A strong day needs a strong start. As milk is one of the most natural nutritious beverages. Dutch Lady PureFarm milk a delicious and nutritious choice for Malaysian families at breakfast to rev up their mornings and to take on the day.
Amid the morning rush of getting to work, breakfast is often neglected. But it is also the most important meal of the day. After a night of sleep, our bodies will need to replenish its nutrient reserves – as it would have been 8 to 12 hours since we last ate. This is why a nutritious breakfast is crucial to start the day. It helps kick start our bodies and boost our energy levels to help us perform our everyday tasks and activities.
Thanks to Dutch Lady for sending me a big box of milk along with mee goreng mamak to my door step, as my heart warming breakfast
I am here to encourage Malaysian families to load up on milk before work or school. But we don’t always need to have a full meal for breakfast to jumpstart our day. In fact, a simple glass of milk can quickly fill our bodies up with the nutrients we need, and it makes it so convenient for us in the mornings when we have so little time to prepare breakfast.

Do you want to know how I started my #strongstart breakfast challenge for 5 days straight? Okay, shall we? Let me tell you my #strongstart breakfast challenge start from Day 1 to Day 5.

DutchLady #strongstart Breakfast's 5 days challenge
Day 1 - Mee Goreng Mamak pair with a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk
Day 2 - Banana Chocolate Waffle with Peanut Butter & Honey Syrup pair with a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk 

Day 3 - Cereal & Fruits pair with a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk

Day 4 - Croissants Stuffed with Creamy Scrambled Eggs pair with a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk
Day 5 - Bread topped with Fruits pair with a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk
Getting all the required nutrients in one meal is difficult. But by drinking milk, it helps to fulfil all the nutrients that our body needs. Most people are aware that milk is rich with calcium, but milk actually provides other essential nutrients that the body cannot generate on its own, such as protein. Moreover, a glass of milk during breakfast helps prepare our body to absorb more goodness from meals for the rest of the day.
As Malaysia’s No.1 milk, drinking a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk will provide our bodies the essential nutrients it needs, such as: 
Protein helps build and repair the tissues in our body so that it will be in good condition
Calcium is the key to the growth and development of strong bones and teeth for children, and helps adults maintain healthy bone mass to ensure an active lifestyle
Vitamin A allows our eyes to function properly and help us stay focused and alert, both at school and at work
Vitamin B2 supports the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins
Vitamin D aids the absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus.

So start your day strong with a nutritious glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk. To get you and myself motivated by pairing your most creative breakfast with Dutch Lady PureFarm milk, Dutch Lady Malaysia will be running #dutchladybreakfastchallenge – an online breakfast contest from 8th October to 11th November 2018. Join now and stand a chance of winning exciting prizes worth more than RM 35,000!
For more information, please visit Dutch Lady Malaysia links below;
Facebook: www.facebook.com/spread.the.goodness.of.milk 
Website: www.dutchlady.com.my


Sunday 28 October 2018

For those of you, like me, who are working around PJ area and always on the lookout for the newest food joint to try. I'm glad that everyone's favourite popular milk tea drinks is still alive in Malaysia. I am a bubble tea lover whereby there is a interesting new spots to shout out. Yup, its CHATTO. Have you all heard of this brand before? The first outlet just landed not long ago in Bandar Sunway, PJ. 
CHATTO - Handcrafted Tea Bar is a Japanese concept Tea Bar established in Malaysia. As tea beverages are getting more popular in Malaysia, CHATTO started its 1st branch in Johor Bahru and offers variety selection of handcrafted teas. Endless Enjoyment with CHATTO Beverages. At CHATTO, you could enjoy the premium tea base which directly import from Shizuoka Japan, Taiwan and China. 
They pick the finest tea from the finest tea leaves to ensure the taste of their beverage is always good. On top of that, there is no additional sweetener in the tea to make sure customer can enjoy their beverages with a more healthy way.
As you can see CHATTO's interior is fill with a lot of green plants, it give you a relaxing and comfortable environment in the cafe. Besides that, it is also good for taking photos and catch up with friends too. I love this place very much! 
Yay or nay? 😄
Introduce you the top 5 highest demand CHATTO's signature beverages (also one of my most favourite drinks here)
Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong RM 8.90
Cheese Kee Mun Tea RM 9.90
Matcha Pearl Latte RM 9.90
Brown Sugar Pearl Latte RM 9.90
White Pearl Milk Hojicha RM 8.90
Other than that, CHATTO also offer some snack for sharing or if you're super hungry. I absolutely love the 'CHATTO Croissant Taiyaki', it is crispy crunchy like croissant and flavourful from the inside. Highly recommend!
CHATTO Croissant Taiyaki RM 6.50
*Chicken Ham & Cheese
*Otak Otak

*Chocolate Custard
*Cheese Tuna
This is how they make the CHATTO Croissant Taiyaki.
approximately waiting time about 5-8 minutes  
CHATTO Croissant Taiyaki Otak-Otak
Overall, I am impressed with how they handcrafted their menu to keep things simple yet interesting and unique at the same time. I’ll definitely be back for their bubble tea and the yummy Croissant Taiyaki! Oh yea, below is the full menu of all the variety type of beverages and light foods, feel free to check out!
CHATTO's menu
For more information, please visit CHATTO's links as below;
Website: https://www.chatto.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chattosunway/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chatto_tea/

Chatto - Handcrafted Tea Bar Sunway

73, Jalan PJS 11/9, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 

Following a 10-week global search, the joint ambassador for AirAsia and Sony was revealed at a star-studded media event and announced to be 29 year old Aisha Nazar from Kuala Lumpur. Her visual stories stood out amongst over 700 submissions from around the world and won the hearts of the professional judges, clinching her the one-year joint ambassadorship prize with the two leading travel and technology brands. 
AirAsia X Group Head of Commercial Barry Klipp said, “It is almost 11 years now since we started flying long haul, low cost, enabling consumers to travel further, for less. It is heartwarming to see so many visually compelling travel stories from our guests shared through this inaugural joint ambassador search with Sony. These inspiring stories are a great example of what drives us at AirAsia to continue to expand our long-haul network and make more destinations accessible to all as we continue to live up to our promise of now everyone can fly extra long. I take the opportunity to thank Sony for their support and enthusiasm in this partnership and I congratulate all of our winners including our appointed joint ambassador, who now has the opportunity of a lifetime ahead of her.” 
Sony Malaysia Managing Director Satoru Arai said, "We can see that the passion for photography and travel has advanced tremendously, as it is now possible for everyone to produce high quality photos with amazing aesthetics to tell inspiring travel stories with the latest visual technology, much like all the submissions we have received from this joint ambassador search. Our hope is to keep this passion for photography alive so that more people can share the beauty of this world through their camera lens when they travel.” 
To further inspire travelling, AirAsia will be running a special two-week promotion to ALL destinations with fares on sale discounted by up to 70%. Guests can book online at airasia.com from now until 28 October for immediate travel or until 30 June 2019. 

The newly appointed joint ambassador for AirAsia and Sony, Aisha Nazar, will soon travel to Tokyo on AirAsia’s award winning Premium Flatbed for an exclusive tour at Sony’s technology lab to experience their future technologies and inventions which are yet to be publicly released. Besides this money-can’t-buy experience, she will also undergo a full year apprenticeship with Sony and take home the latest full frame mirrorless camera Sony Alpha A7 III K as well as Sony h.ear on 2 wireless headphone, both valued at over RM10,000. 
As an extension to #ThroughTheLens campaign, this joint ambassador search with Sony has received more than 700 photo submissions from all over the world featuring AirAsia destinations which can be viewed at throughthelens.airasia.com. Nine other shortlisted finalists will also receive special prizes which include AirAsia X flights and a Sony RX100V camera valued at RM4,299 each. 

Renowned Malaysian artistes Elfira Loy, Alvin Chong, Izara Aishah, Zahirah MacWilson and Che Puan Juliana Evans were also announced as the faces of AirAsia’s #ThroughTheLens campaign inspiring travel videos which will see them flying to popular AirAsia destinations such as Xi’an, Tokyo, Amritsar, Taipei and Seoul. Fans can look out for these videos on airasia.com/throughthelens from today onwards.

Keep up-to-date with AirAsia's latest promotions and activities via Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsia) and Twitter (twitter.com/AirAsia).


Tuesday 16 October 2018

We know glowing, radiant skin is the result of a good skincare routine, and one of the first steps you should take in your routine is addressing how to even out your skin tone. Ever wonder why Japanese women never seem to age? All this thanks to their premium skincare products produced with the secret from ancient Japanese fermentation methods that is passed down from generation to generation. With such powerful knowledge, SEKA, a new beauty brand that is manufactured in Japan, decided to share the key for a smooth and youthful complexion through their latest SEKA Whitening+ skin care line.
SEKA products are designed to capitalize on the power of fermentation for the beauty and the health. It was invented from a combination of Mt. Fuji’ s spring water and Lactobacillus fermented liquid that designed to deliver the original power of food and microorganisms to your skin.
Founded in 2016, SEKA officially launched in 2018. Japanese beauty brand, prides itself as a believer of the traditional concept of fermentation to achieve skin rejuvenation. With the tagline ‘Beyond Beauty’, SEKA aims to produce quality skin care products for its customers by paying utmost attention to product development and manufacturing.
a gentle, everyday cleanser that removes dead skin, dirt, oil, and other impurities from deep within without leaving your skin feeling dry and tight.
SEKA is mindful that scent plays an important role in improving mental and emotional wellness. Geranium is added in SEKA’s products as a prime fragrance for geranium is known to relieve stress, reduce depression, and uplifts mood. Besides being a great ingredient to keep the mind and body balance, Geranium is also a popular ingredient used to help regulate skin’s sebum production as well as to maintain a clear, smooth skin.
Feeling refresh after using SEKA Whitening+ Cleanser, it is a gel type liquid and suitable for all skin type. I love the scent of the smell and it deeply cleanse my face. Use it for day and night and it improves your skin - Spots (Skin Blemish), Wrinkles SmoothnessDryness and Dullness. So, please do not hesitate to try it on your skin and please do not underestimate this premium skincare product because it has the secret of ancient.
Good news to share to my readers/followers, you can get 20% discount for all SEKA products with this special promo code "KOLREFER20", the code will be valid from now until 31 October 2018!

SEKA is available for purchase from the official SEKA’s website
For more information and enquiries, please visit