Sunday, 18 March 2018

Hada Labo in collaboration with Taiwanese skincare guru Liu Yen has once again hosted its beauty talk show in Malaysia; this time featuring local celebrities namely Jojo Goh, Emily Chan, Carol Ong and Jeffrey Cheng.
Held live for the first time in Malaysia, this unique beauty talk show was entertaining yet educational with interactive discussion on stage. Liu Yen who led the discussion, unlocked the secret to the celebrities’ glowing youthful skin which is hydration. That was the one thing the celebrities had in common in their skincare routine and daily maintenance. It is evident that beauty begins skin deep and the first step to achieving flawless, glowing and youthful-looking skin is by keeping the skin hydrated.
While it is commonly agreed that looking after the skin helps improve one’s overall complexion, many seem to have overlooked the importance of incorporating proper hydration as part of their skincare routine. When the skin is left exposed to UV, dry weather or even the air conditioning without proper hydration, the skin starts to feel dry and tight. By placing emphasis on hydration and using the right hydrating product, not only does the skin appear supple and radiant, skin problems would also be reduced.
During the discussion, all four celebrities acknowledged the importance of proper hydration to their skin and regardless of skin type, Hada Labo has made it possible for all to obtain hydrated skin with its 8 variants of lotion, each addressing different skin types and skin concerns namely Hydrating and Hydrating (Light), Premium Hydrating, Whitening and Whitening (Rich), Lifting, Firming, Mild Peeling (For Exfoliation) and Blemish Oil Control.
A newscaster by profession, Carol shared that the hectic and busy schedules often got her working tirelessly until the wee hours; and this causes her skin to develop visible fine lines around the eye area. While hydration is imperative to prevent aging, it is also crucial to use products that are suitable to the skin type. The Hada Labo Lifting Firming lotion serves as an ideal anti-aging skincare product, as it does not only help to improve and prevent visible fine lines, the lotion also strengthens skin elasticity.

Emily, on the other hand noted that her skin is susceptible to breakouts from her hectic lifestyle. Concealing pimple marks can be challenging especially when she has to appear on TV. Instead of slathering on different concealers, it is more important to restore the skin back to its healthy condition. The Blemish Oil Control Hydrating Lotion is the perfect solution for her as the product is formulated to condition the skin’s oil production, fight blemishes and calm irritated skin while ensuring that skin remains fresh and hydrated all-day long.

Being an actress who constantly travels abroad, Jojo disclosed that her skin feels unusually dry especially upon travelling, which could be due to the environmental change. Nevertheless, with proper hydration coupled with the right hydrating product, the skin feels hydrated and supple for longer hours without the need to layer an application of face mist. Hada Labo’s Hydrating Lotion is ideal as it serves as a hydrating agent to lock-in moisture for a significantly soft, smooth and supple skin.

Nodding in agreement with the trio, Jeffrey however, noted that many individuals, especially among men, tend to forgo the fundamental steps of hydration in their skincare routine and opt for mask application right away. A person’s skincare routine should always include basic hydration steps – which are cleansing and hydrating; and Hada Labo’s hydrating lotion (light version) is ideal for men as it comes with light texture that absorbs quickly into skin.

“Eight out of nine Malaysians have claimed that they do incorporate hydration as part of their skincare routine; nevertheless, it is important to ensure that we use the right products and include hydration care into our skincare regime. This is because our body is made up of 70% of water and skin cells on the face, like any other cells in the body are made largely of water. Therefore, it needs ample hydration to perform at its optimum,” remarked Liu Yen.
The beauty talk show received overwhelming response where it saw participation of many Hada Labo consumers listening attentively to the experiences and tips shared by Liu Yen and the celebrities.
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In conjunction of celebrating HerbaLine's new opening 3 in 1 concept wellness centre located at Sri Hartamas and Herbaline established 17 years ago operating as a facial spa brand. A new chapter has begin as Herbaline embraces new market expectations by diversifying its beauty business into food & hospitality arenas with focus on integrated wellness business.
The expansion of the company’s portfolio is inspired by emerging consumer trends for integration of various services which not only beauty, but pampers and rejuvenating the face, body and total well-being.
Thanks to Mr. C.K Low, the Managing Director of Herbaline Group, allowing us to experience at the new HerbaLine Outlet at Sri Hartamas last week. In the past few years, some of the HerbaLine outlets have already adopted a two-in-one concept that include facial spa and cafe in one location. In 2017, HerbaLine has also introduced a 3 in1 concept with a guesthouse at its Pandan Indah outlet in line with its newly-coined tagline “Eat Well, Look Well, Live Well”
This year, HerbaLine charts another milestone with the launch of its new 3 in 1 outlet at Hartamas, in collaboration with Malaysia’s reputable wellness centre – Healthland – in a bid to bring an enhanced beauty wellness experience to Malaysians.

Let me brief thru here what I experienced myself in the new 3 in 1 wellness concept.

HerbaLine Facial Spa
Staying true to its “no sign course policy, consumers’ minds are immediately put to ease when visiting the facial spa which offers various cleansing, moisturizing and lifting facials or Body Massage Treatments.
The best thing is, you also get complimentary value-added services such as 
➤ Detox Lemongrass Drinks
➤ Sea Salt Foot Bath
➤ Fish Spa Therapy
Take 3 deep breaths of the warm lemongrass whiff to freshen and calm your mind.
A quick shoulder, neck and hand massage to relax my muscles. 
The welcoming guest service already made me satisfied. So happy to be here.

Healthland Family Wellness Centre
HealthLand Wellness Center. A place where you can immerse yourself in relaxation, delighting your senses through body, mind & soul. With a premium wellspring of knowledge on wellness, Healthland promotes a holistic lifestyle with health program and activities. All of their therapists are professionally trained by the acclaimed Wellness Academy which is certified by the Ministry of Labour (Thailand).
Healthland pride themselves being Malaysia’s only wellness center that offers holistic wellness solutions to the mass middle class whilst maintaining its appeal to the affluent.
Beside foot massage, I can enjoy the pampering session while watching movie. 

Mama Kim Sauna Mee Café
HerbaLine in-house cafe offers a comprehensive menu with a philosophy of “Where Healthy Is Yummy”. The healthy recipes with the concept of 80% vegetable and 20% meat in a single dish makes Mama Kim a stand-out for the neighbourhood/community who desires healthy, authentic yummy dishes.
The principles of Mama Kim’s dishes include: 
• 5 major colours 
• Fresh ingredients 
• No MSG 
• No white flour 
• No sugar, less salt, less deep fried. 
• Balanced nutrients 
• 80% vegetables / 20% meat average
OMG~ this healthy meal  is way too delicious. Love the bowl of signature salad - taste fresh and delightful, lighten up my first appetiser dish. Whereby, this signature dish - Sauna Mee totally amazed me (MUST TRY). Their broth so light and refreshing, its taste truly amazing. However, you must CAUTION their hot boiling sauna bowl, it burns your tongue if you eat too fast. Careful ya...
Last but no least, a group photo with all the bloggers. It was a great night to enjoy HerbaLine 3 in 1 beauty & wellness services together at the same time. Happy to meet all of you.
HerbaLine, Healthland and Mama Kim Caf
3-in-1 Integrated Beauty and Wellness Centre 
18 and 20, Jalan 31/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 

HerbaLine Facial Spa 
Contact: +603-2303 9831 / 012-7028677 
Business Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pm 
Saturday: 10.30am - 5.30pm 
Sunday: Closed 

Healthland Wellness Centre 

Contact: +603-2856 7877 
Business Hours: 11am - 11pm daily 

Mama Kim Sauna Mee Cafe 
Contact: +603-2858 4173 / 012-6779895 
Business Hours: 8am - 10pm daily


Saturday, 10 March 2018

Looking for a mix between lip care and lip colour? Introducing Mentholatum’s NEW Lip Crayon Lip Balm that serves not only as a lip enhancer, but also nourishes lips with bountiful moisture! Whether it’s for an everyday look or for a special occasion, the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is just the right pick for you; all you need is only an easy glide to instantly transform lips into a glowing healthy, pink and moisturised looking lips
Function simultaneously as a lip crayon and lip balm, the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is formulated not only to add a subtle pop of colours to the lips, but its moisturising properties also ensure that lips remain moisturised throughout the day. Contrary to any other ordinary lip crayons, this Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is ultra-moisturizing as it is infused with moisturising ingredients that include the Argon Oil and Meadowform Seed Oil to help hydrate, nourish and protect lips, leaving lips smooth and hydrated even after long hours of application.
Designed to enhance your overall makeup look, the latest Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm comes in four different gorgeous pink shades to suit different skin tones. With just a simple glide, this super nourishing lip crayon instantly gives you a truly beautiful, sheer and soft lip colour.
Below are some application tips to achieve your desired lip colour effect:- 
• One Glide – Sheer Soft Colour 
• Two Glides – Vibrant Tinted Colour 
• Three Glides – Intense Bright Vivid Colour 
To obtain a fuller and more plumped-up look, be sure to glide on extra layers at the bottom centre of the lips.
Define, enhance and beautify your overall makeup look with the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm! The Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is fragrance free and is retailed at RM 19.90 (3g). It will be made available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets starting January 2018.

Great looking lips requires care and nourishment and it’s effortless when you have the right product! Mentholatum has just the lipbalm for your every need whether it’s for dry and chapped lips, dull, sensitive or any less than perfect lip conditions. This latest edition, does not only deeply moisturises the lips but it also helps maintain soft lips.
Lano Soft – the latest Mentholatum lipbalm edition offers consumers a unique experience with its new formulation that uses Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin and Essence Extract that is purified using Japan’s cutting-edge purification technology.
Lanolin is a popular moisturising agent in skincare, haircare and especially in lipbalm products. It naturally derives from sheep wool which is highly emollient and functions as an effective moisturiser. The waxy texture allows easy application with just a glide and upon application, the Lanolin seals-in moisture naturally thereby preventing it from drying out. It also absorbs moisture from the air, thus moisturising the lips while rejuvenating it.
With Lano Soft, you can enjoy the following:

Moisturising – Apart from Lanolin, it also contains superior natural moisturising ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract that deeply moisturise lips and improve the appearance of fine lines.

High Protection – No matter what the weather condition is, your lips are protected with Lano Soft. Lanolin contains cholesterol which is especially important for the skin’s barrier function. It forms a protective barrier on the lips to nourish and protect it from the dry, cold and harsh weather conditions.

Gentle and Soft – Not only does Lano Soft feels gentle and soft on your skin, it also helps your lips stay soft and moisturised. It is free from artificial fragrance and colourant and also mild with low irritation.
Fast Facts About Lanolin 
Lanolin also known as wool fat or wool wax is a secretion from the sebaceous of glands sheep. A typical high purity grade Lanolin is composed of a predominantly long chain of waxy esters (approximately 97% by weight) with the remaining mixtures being Lanolin Alcohols, Lanolin Acids and Lanolin Hydrocarbons. 
Before extracting the Lanolin, Sheepshearers would usually wash the wool after it is sheared from the sheep and then extract the Lanolin. So, there is no animal cruelty associated with harvesting of the Lanolin. 
The use of Lanolin in cosmetics and skincare has a history longer than almost any other ingredient.
The Lano Soft Lipbalm is priced at RM19.50 and is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets.