Wednesday, 21 August 2019

A name synonymous with food seasoning, Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad has come up with a NEW all-in-one seasoning, “Rasa Sifu” to make home-cooked food taste just like in restaurants! 
With “Rasa Sifu”, the first of its kind in the market, now everyone can achieve that unique ‘wok taste’ in their cooking. Translated as ‘breath of the wok’, ‘wok taste’ describes that unique complex flavour imparted when you stir-fry dishes under intense heat, which you normally cannot achieve at home.

Amid much clanging of utensils, chefs in restaurants are often seen showing off their skills, tossing ingredients about and constantly stir-frying. Sometimes, the food catches fire and just as suddenly, the flame dies out. All these contribute to the fragrant aroma wafting through the air, and the scent reaches you even before the food arrives on your table.
Thanks to “Rasa Sifu”, however, you don’t have to go through all that trouble as you can now prepare restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own kitchen. Cooking is made so much easier and faster with “Rasa Sifu” all-in-one seasoning that comes in powder form. The ‘oyster sweetness’ is among the unique flavour of this powdered seasoning. It contains just the right proportion of basic seasoning, oyster flavoured sauce, well-sautéd garlic and onion, and other special ingredients to enhance your cooking with that special wok-taste and oyster sweetness.
“Rasa Sifu” also makes frying vegetables more delicious than before so your Children will now enjoy eating them more which increases the intake of greens resulting in a more balanced diet. Going out to eat would be a thing of the past as you can now easily whip up delicious, appetising meals that are consistently tasty. Eating at home more often is not only healthier as you know exactly what goes into the food, it also promotes family bonding. Thanks to your new secret ingredient, you will impress family and friends with your dishes, and what's more, you get to save money! 

“Rasa Sifu” offers a whole new taste experience, so make sure you pick up a packet today! Sold at supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores, “Rasa Sifu” is available in 20g, 100g and 300g packs.

About Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad 
Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad (AMB) started its business operations in 1961, as one of the very first Japanese companies in Malaysia. It is part of the Ajinomoto Group, a global manufacturer of high-quality food and seasoning, starting with Umami Seasoning “AJI-NO-MOTO” which was first discovered and produced more than 100 years ago in Japan. Today, AMB has a range of products under the brand names of “AJI-NO-MOTO”, “Rasa Sifu”, “TUMIX”, “SERI-AJI”, “AJI-SHIO”, “PAL SWEET”, “AJI-NO-MOTO® PLUS”, and “AJI-MIX”. 
AMB has since grown into a dynamic and responsible food and seasoning manufacturer, that is trusted by Malaysians for decades. For more information about AMB, visit

Have you noticed the white caps on your favourite Pepsi brand beverages? If not, it’s time to pay closer attention. Etika Sdn Bhd (“Etika”), one of the most prominent Halal beverage companies in Malaysia, has launched a nationwide “Botol-Botol Menang Sejuta” contest. Starting from 1 st August to 30 th September 2019, three contestants would stand a chance to walk away with RM1 million cash each as the grand prize winner! The total cash prize giveaways total up to RM3 million cash – and all you have to do, is to look under your white bottle cap.
In collaboration with Boost App, the leading digital e-wallet in Malaysia, Etika aims to continue rewarding their consumers with more generous incentives for every purchase. As part of this campaign, the famous beverage brands under Etika will be repackaged with a white bottle cap. These specially-packaged participating bottles will be widely available across all stores until end of the campaign.

“It is important that we, as a brand, continue to engage with our fans through meaningful customer-brand relation strategies such as a rewarding contest. With “Botol-Botol Menang Sejuta” contest, we hope to thank our long-standing fans for their continuous love and support over time and form more lasting relationships with our consumers. Partnering with Boost gives us the opportunity to tap into current industrial trend of cashless payment while recognising the change in consumer spending behaviour,” said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alternate Business at Etika Sdn Bhd.

Discover more rewards under your favourite bottle cap 
The contest runs from 1 st August to 30 th September 2019 across all stores nationwide. All participants have to do is to buy any of their favourite Etika beverages ranging from Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, MUG, Revive Isotonic, Tropicana Twister, Lipton, Calpis or Kickapoo with a white bottle cap during the promotion period.

Firstly, participants would have to look under the white bottle cap for a unique code. If there is a code, key in the Boost Redemption Codes in your Boost account. The Boost reward embedded in the code will immediately be credited into your account. Each person/account is able to redeem up to a maximum of twenty (20) credit rewards throughout the contest period. The more codes you redeemed, the higher your chance of being eligible to be one of the 3 winners to bag RM1 million cash prize! Don’t forget to retain the original white bottle cap with printed unique code as proof of purchase.

To heighten the excitement, Etika will also be running another two rewarding contests in August and September 2019 to thrill the loyal consumers!
Win RM1,000 everyday with Etika! 
From 1 st to 31 st August 2019, there will be “Menang Seribu Sehari” contest ongoing at selected gas and convenience stores. One winner will be walking away with RM1,000 cash prize every day for 31 days straight! To participate, participants just need to buy any 2 beverages from participating brands in a single receipt and submit their entries and receipt details to the number provided via WhatsApp, together with their full names and IC number, and retain the original receipt as proof of purchase.

Win a bike with your favourite beverage! 
Etika will be collaborating with 99 Speedmart to run “Se-Motor Sehari” contest. 30 lucky consumers stand a chance to win a brand-new Modenas MR2 every day from 1 st to 30 th September 2019. To participate in this contest, simply purchase any Etika beverages at 99 Speedmart in a single receipt, answer a simple question and send the answer to the number provided via WhatsApp, together with your personal details and a clear photo of the receipt as proof of purchase, and retain the original receipt as proof of purchase.
So, what are you waiting for? With numerous attractive prizes up for grabs, participate now! 
For more information about the contests, kindly visit

Cocktail lovers rejoice as Ozone Bar Manager Oscar Mena debuts his Five Elements Cocktail Menu. In addition to the time-honored cocktails already on offer at Ozone, these newly launched concoctions are going to elevate your cocktail experience to new heights at the world’s highest bar.
“I have always been fascinated by how each element has its own place in this world, while interacting and complementing each other,” said Oscar, the Mexican-born mixology maestro. His five new creations are named after the five most essential elements of life – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Each of them resembles the essence, color or even flavor of its represented element.
Water, for example, is decorated with pearl-like yogurt bubbles in an oyster shell. Guests are not only reminded of the ocean visually by its eye-catching blue hue, but also by its savory hint of umami bitters. Coconut water is added to this vodka and sake-based cocktail to strike a balance.
Made with a base of Alipus Mezcal that’s aged in wooden barrels for a month before being served, Wood promises to impress with its smoky overtones. Stirred with dashes of chocolate bitters and Fernet Hunter, a bitter liqueur with aromas of lavender and citrus, this powerful cocktail of amazing complexity is Oscar’s personal favorite.
Reminiscing the earthy scent of the forest after the rain in Oscar’s childhood memories, Earth is another must-try item on the menu. Shiitake mushroom-infused rum creates the essence of Earth, while non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip Garden, and pandan syrup give floral notes to Oscar’s very own garden housed in a ceramic mug.
Beautifully presented in a metallic vessel, gin-based Metal demonstrates a harmonic symphony of flavors comprising the citrus notes from fizzy kombucha and lemon juice, and the delightful sweetness of Italicus and umeshu. Featuring carrot, blood orange and the pleasant fragrance of St~Germain Elderflower, whisky-based Fire, spiced up with Thai chili tincture, tastes and looks as hot as its name suggests.
“If you taste the cocktails in the order of Water, Metal, Fire, Wood and Earth, you are going to have a taste of how these five distinct cocktails strike a perfect flavor balance,” Oscar suggested.
A savory start with Water or refreshing kick-off with Metal helps get the palate ready for the powerful Wood and fierce Fire, while Earth wraps up the flavorful journey like desserts do.
Besides this newly launched menu, guests may also choose from the comprehensive traditional cocktail menu at Ozone. For more details about the Five Elements Cocktail Menu, please refer to the Appendix.
Ozone Five Elements Cocktail Menu 
Venue: Ozone, Level 118, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong 
Date: From now onwards 
Price: From HK$148 to HK$198 per cocktail 

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge. 

For reservations, please contact Restaurant Reservations at (852) 2263 2270 or via email at

After 22 years of successful operations as Utara Coffee House, the familiar restaurant in Petaling Jaya has since undergone a major makeover that would see the restaurant being rebranded as just ‘UTARA’. Its fresh new look was revealed to guests and media during it’s grand re-opening party on Monday, 5 th August 2019. Utara at Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya opened to a lively packed crowd of approximately 200 guests who took the opportunity to feast on Utara’s signature dishes served in buffet style throughout the evening.
General Manager, Hoon Tai Chee said “We understand that the hospitality industry is an exciting and highly competitive business and growth is rapid. It is vital that we maintain a competitive edge. To keep you interested, and to constantly offer new experiences, a complete massive re-do of Utara was inevitable. REFRESHED AND RENEWED, today, we are pleased to introduce an ICON REBORN”
With walls knocked down to open up and increase the space, the new Utara enjoys rays of natural sunlight coming in from its full-height windows, making it look wider and spacious thus offering a more comfortable dining environment. The stylish new interior design of Utara features concrete and wood as the consistent color and material. Rose gold/brass and marble counters were added as highlights to brighten up the cool and warm colors. The openness of Utara now facilitates more visibility, mobility and communication between staff and diners.
The renovation project led by Elizabeth Yap of interior design firm StudioN3m boasts two new additions to the restaurant, an open kitchen at the back of the restaurant and an open café-bar at the front. With the open kitchen, diners become spectators as they can see their food being prepared thus allowing for a greater sense of occasion while the open café-bar was built to serve between the restaurant and the lobby lounge. As such, service staff are able to communicate with and attend to guests in 2 different areas with ease, without compromising on service standards.
Elizabeth Yap said, “For businesses, it's difficult to constantly renovate. With this in mind, I designed the new Utara to be timeless; something that doesn't go out of style within a few years. I needed something elegant to befit a hotel and it needed to be simple to maintain. The solution was a framework of soft neutral furnishings with high quality materials and lighting that are accented by various basic elements such as paintings, ornaments and textile finishes that could be updated as necessary. This way, hotel guests can experience something new every few years, while still maintaining the familiarity of their favourite restaurant. It is best to have something basic to start with and add on after, like a blank canvas. As a designer, it's important for me to consider more than my client's current requirements - I need to also consider my client's future concerns.”
While Utara may have undergone a complete makeover, the restaurant still retains its signature flavours and will continue so as an ode to their loyal diners. Utara’s exceptional local cuisine such as the Nasi Lemak Utara, Roti Durian, Kari Kepala Ikan, Daging Masak Assam Pedas, Siput Sedut Masak Cili Padi and Ketam Masak Berlada to name a few are what sets Utara apart from competitors in the area.
As part of their new menu, Utara has since added on several Vegan dishes to satisfy all Vegan diners. In addition, a special Vegan Set Menu is available for order too but a 3 days advance reservation is required. The Lunch, High-Tea and Dinner buffets will also feature a special Vegan’s Corner. 

For more information on reservation, please visit or to make reservations by calling +603 7954 6888 (ext. 4557 Utara Coffee House) for any booking enquiries.

Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, 
Section 52, Darul Ehsan, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, 

Contact: +603-7954 6888Open daily from 6.30am to 12am

Email: f&


Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Coffee-lovers and members of the public who are passionate about their cuppa can now learn how to extract the best brews out of their coffee beans from Malaysia’s very own national and international coffee champions – Regine Wai and Jason Loo. The public will be able to get up close and personal with the two world coffee champions on Thursday 25 July 2019 and Saturday 27 July 2019 at the Roastedly® booth at Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019.
A respectable cup of coffee at the break of dawn will set the right mood for the whole day for many coffee drinkers. While there are those who depend on their regular barista to brew them their daily cup of coffee, others will find joy in brewing their own cuppa.
At the Roastedly® booth, both Regine and Jason will share valuable tips and pointers on how to attain the best brew out of any coffee bean – from how to store coffee beans correctly, choosing the best filters to give the best flavours, the various methods of extraction, and many more learning points.
Wai holds an impressive record in her list of achievements for Malaysia on the world stage in prestigious coffee competitions: 
• 2015 Malaysia Brewers Cup Champion 
• 2016 Malaysia Siphonist Champion 
• 2016 World Siphonist Championship – 1st Runner-up 
• 2017 World Siphonist Championship – 2nd Runner-up 
• 2018 Malaysia Brewers Cup Champion 
• 2018 World Brewers Cup Championship – 1st Runner-up
Loo also lists a remarkable list of accolades for Malaysia in the international and regional coffee championships: 
• 2013 Malaysia Barista Champion 
• 2013 Fushan Cup International Barista Championship 
• 2014 Indonesia Coffee Fest Barista Champion 
• 2014 FHA Barista Championship (Singapore) 
• 2015 World Barista Championship (Seattle) 
• 2015 Malaysia Barista Championship Champion 
• 2017 Malaysia Barista Championship Champion
The Malaysian world champions will appear on 25 and 27 July at the Roastedly® booth. Yip Leong Sum, President, Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA), Host of Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019; will also be present.
Mighty delicious offers on great coffee by Roastedly® 
Amid the buzz of activities lined-up up at Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019, fans and connoisseurs of premium and specialty grade coffee who appreciate convenience and are constantly on- the-go will not be disappointed.
Five exclusive coffees from Malaysia’s top roasters will be packaged and presented at the festival as a special edition, while stocks last. Presented by Roastedly® , the coffee brand which delivers good quality coffee from around the world to its customers with no compromise on quality, price and convenience; the specially curated package will comprise the following five distinctively delicious coffees from the following countries and top local coffee roasters:
1. Ethiopia BOJI Kelloo Semi-Shade #18 – roasted by Beans Depot 
2. Rwanda Huye Mountain, SOVU – roasted by Beans Depot 
3. Malaysia Sabarica – roasted by Lighthouse Coffee Roaster 
4. Indonesia, West Java, Mt Tilu – roasted by Toothless Coffee 
5. Colombia, Juan Heraldo Farjado – roasted by Tongue Mission Coffee Roasters
For the ultimate convenience of coffee-drinkers who are always on-the-go, Roastedly® will bundle a premium disposable drip bag with each sachet. All one need is a cup and hot water to satisfy that coffee craving, and savour remarkably good coffee from different sources around the world in a single buy.
Visitors at Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019 will be able to enjoy the packaged brews at an unbeatable price of RM40 (one pack) and RM70 (two packs).