Saturday, 16 September 2017

Say hello to Waso, the latest skincare range offered by Japanese beauty brand Shiseido. WASO is inspired by the philosophy of Washoku, the tradition of Japanese food which respects and celebrates the uniqueness and natural flavour of each ingredient.
According to sources from the Shiseido Group, Waso is a brand aimed at empowering all people and making them feel great. There aim is to treat a range of skincare concerns from visible pores to dryness and oil.
First, I would like to say Thank You to Elecher Lee for the invitation that allow me to join Shishedo's event. It was a great experience and i enjoyed meeting all the great people at Shishedo WASO Garden Rave Party. I am a happy girl :D
Jenn and me
Group photo with bloggers

              WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream
The 24-hour moisturizing effect improves roughness caused by dryness
  •  A clear cream that provides dewy rich moisture for soft skin. 
  • Contains whole carrot cells to improve dryness and visible pores of unstable skin. 
  • Paraben & Mineral Oil Free
Clear Mega-hydrating Cream - Carrot for nourishment — and that´s not the whole story
A pure, clear cream that plumps, softens and hydrates from the get-go. Serious nourishment under or over makeup.
The bouncy gel holding moisture turns into lotion on the skin.
  • An alcohol-free gel lotion that infuses the skin with rich moisture for plumped, dewy skin. 
  • Containing white jelly mushroom, the gel turns to lotion on the skin, delivering moisture into the deeper layers.
  • Paraben, Alcohol & Mineral Oil Free
Fresh Jelly Lotion - White jelly mushrooms for hydration — you dew you
A shot of dewy hydration from the white jelly mushrooms. Transforming from gel to lotion, instantly refreshing and restoring.

The honey-like thick gel contains moisturizing ingredients to protect the skin's moisture.
  •  A 2-in-1 cleanser that effectively removes makeup and impurities while protecting the skin’s moisture. 
  • The thick gel contains honey and royal jelly and foams without water and does not leave the skin feeling tight and dry after cleansing. 
  • Paraben, Alcohol & Oil Free.
Quick Gentle Cleanser - Honey for purification — it´s perfectly simple 
This cleanser foams without water to break down dirt, excess oil and excuses to sleep in makeup. The honey and royal jelly formula rinses off leaving skin soft, not stripped.

Blend into the skin with richness, leaving a moist feel and a luminous finish.
  • A multi-functional daytime moisturizer that contains whole botanical cells to infuse the skin with moisture while creating a beautiful, healthy look. 
  • When blended into the skin, the color of the moisturizer changes. The skin is also protected against stressors such as pollutants and UV rays.
Color-smart Day Moisturizer SPF 30 - Carrots are cause for celebration, too.
Brightening moisture for combination skin with a tint that changes color to enhance skin tone. Healthy looking glow or foundation kick-start.
“WASO has not only been created with expertise and innovation, but with care at its heart to nurture the skin’s natural powers to bring out their beautiful, authentic self,” says Shiseido. “WASO is a brand designed specifically for a new generation who are not listening to what society says it means to be beautiful. It represents a democratic approach to beauty –everyone is beautiful regardless of nationality, sexuality, age or status, with no preconceived notions of what beauty should be.”
Overall, I am excited to have the chance to try Shiseido's WASO new products.The formulas is made of nature ingredient. It is refreshing, hydrating and moisturizing for all different kind of skin. The products are soft in gel type and the scents is pleasant too. Those who are interested of purchasing Shiseido WASO, you can find it at your nearest Shiseido's outlet or Hermo's online store.
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Friday, 15 September 2017

Bored of eating the same food? Then Ong Lai is the perfect place for you! Ong Lai restaurant is a fast casual restaurant specializing in porky local cuisine ranging from Malacca Pork Satay, Pork Curry, Pork Chop Bun, Pork Intestine Porridge, Pork Ribs Prawn Mee, Braised Pork Rice and so much more! 
At Ong Lai, they've stirred up more than 80 deliciously porky meals to indulge you and there will never be a dull moment here, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner or even supper! 
Ong Lai means fortune come, luck come or every good things come in cantonese. So be sure to drop by, "Ong" comes to those who eat!
But first, thanks to the user-friendly apps - Kiple for inviting me to Ong Lai Restaurant. Do you know what is Kiple apps? Basically, Kiple is makes the most of your income with solid rebates and deals that you care about. They innovate to improve your end-to-end shop, dine and pay experience. 
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Alright back to more Ong. Ong Lai has a very unique, tradition interior design with beautiful ambiance and colorful decoration. A group photo in Ong Lai Restaurant @ USJ DaMen and they served us their best recommended dishes. Okay, lets check out Ong Lai's menu.

Malacca Pork Satay
Price: RM 8.88

Steamed Minced Pork with Century Egg, Salted Egg with Rice
Price: RM 9.88

Pork Intestines Porridge
Price: RM 10.88

Pork Stomach, Ginger & White Peppercorn Soup
Price: RM 8.88

Arrowroot & Black Eyed Bean Pork Ribs Soup
Price: RM 7.88

Ginseng Root Black Chicken Soup
Price: RM 7.88

Hainanese Pork Chop Rice
Price: RM 9.88

Roasted Crispy Pork Belly Curry Mee & Bee Hoon
Price: RM 10.88

Signature Beverage
1. Three Layer Honeydew Tea - RM 6.88
2. Yam Milk Tea - RM 5.88
3. Mango Lychee Julep - RM 6.88
4. Cham on the Rock - RM 6.88

Overall, foods are great and thanks to Kiple as I get to enjoy a wonderful meal using their app. Pork and Ong all the wayyyy...
Ong Lai 
LG-16, Lower Ground Floor, 
DA MEN Mall, USJ 1, 
47600 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia 

Contact: 03-8081 7288
Facebook: Ong Lai Malaysia

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Does your kids love to eat sweet snack? Sweet stuff create happiness, hence why kids love sweet stuff. Having too much sweet snack may affect their health and create obesity. But stopping kids having sweet stuff is like robbing their happiness. Now you can satisfy your children's candy craving while have to enjoy the pleasure of sweet, and not to worry of their health. Let me introduce Ostricare to you. Ostricare candy is not only providing the pleasure of sweet, it also providing the health promoting nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamins and Probiotics.
“Ostricare” is the collaborative effort of French nutritional experts Lactalis Group and renowned European dairy product manufacturers Nutribio group. Resulting quality Ostricare products include hydrolyzed protein formula, acidified formula, and infant/children cow and goat milk powder that are suitable for Taiwan’s babies and their nutritional needs, offering parents the best selections for the complete nutritional care of their babies.
Ostricare Nutrition Milk Dairy launched at Malaysia in 2015.  Ostricare come with integrated tastes, each pack weighing 24 grams, with 30 cattle milk tablets.
Do you know that Ostricare candy consists of 5 flavors in 4 different packs? Umm-hmm... Lets check it out!
Ostricare Mixed
1. Ostricare Mixed 30 Pieces (Original+Yogurt+Strawberry+Blueberry+Chocolate Flavour)
    • Original & yogurt flavour 
    • Certified halal 
    • Made from both cow & goat's milk powder 
    • Contains probiotics for a healthy gut 
    • Filled with vitamins and calcium 
    • Resealable pack to ensure maximum freshness

Ostricare Berry 
2. Ostricare Berry 30 Pieces (Strawberry + Blueberry Flavour)    
    • Strawberry & Blueberry flavour 
    • Certified halal 
    • Made from both cow & goat's milk powder 
    • Contains probiotics for a healthy gut 
    • Filled with vitamins and calcium 
    • Resealable pack to ensure maximum freshness

Ostricare White
3. Ostricare White 30 Pieces (Original +Yogurt Flavour)   
   • Original & yogurt flavour 
   • Certified halal 
   • Made from both cow & goat's milk powder 
   • Contains probiotics for a healthy gut 
   • Filled with vitamins and calcium 
   • Resealable pack to ensure maximum freshness

Ostricare Chocolate
  4. Ostricare Chocolate 30 Pieces (Chocolate Flavour)
   • Chocolate flavour 
   • Certified halal 
   • Made from both cow & goat's milk powder 
   • Contains probiotics for a healthy gut 
   • Filled with vitamins and calcium 
   • Resealable pack to ensure maximum freshness

Ostricare Milk Candy is suitable for children and adults too. It has a touch of milk flavour because it is made of milk powder processed into a cute dairy cow shape to attract children's attention. 
Proper nutrition is vitally important for the development of children’s minds and bodies. If you are concerned with feeding your kids the best nutrition possible, then consider introducing them to Ostricare.
Where to purchase Ostricare Milk Candy? Link provided as below;
Ostricare website: Baby Dash || BabyLand || Shopee Malaysia

Pharmaceutical: Caring Pharmacy  
Ostricare Malaysia: Instagram || Facebook