Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Emmy-winning drama series WESTWORLD returns for its ten episode second season same time as the U.S on Monday, April 23 at 9am, with a same day primetime encore at 10pm, exclusively on HBO (Astro Ch 411 / HD 431). New episodes premiere every Monday at the same time. The series will also available on HBO On Demand (via Astro GO).
A dark odyssey the dawn of artificial consciousness and the birth of a new form of life on Earth, the show was created for television by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy, who are also executive producers.
Called "fascinating" and "provocative" by The Atlantic and "television's next big game-changer" by the Los Angeles Times, WESTWORLD debuted on HBO in Oct. 2016 to become the network's most-watched freshmen series ever.
Episode #11 (Season 2, Episode 1): "Journey into Night"
Debut date: Monday, April 23 at 9am & 10pm on HBO
The puppet show is over, and we are coming for you and the rest of your kind. Welcome back to Westworld. Written by Lisa Joy & Roberto Patino; directed by Richard J. Lewis.

Episode #12 (Season 2, Episode 2): "Reunion"
Debut date: Monday, April 30 at 9am & 10pm on HBO
Why don't we start at the beginning?
Written by Carly Wray & Jonathan Nolan: directed by Vincenzo Natali.

Episode #13 (Season 2, Episode 3): "Virtù e Fortuna"
Debut date: Monday, May 7 at 9am & 10pm on HBO
There is beauty in who we are. Shouldn't we, too, try to survive?
Written by Roberto Patino & Ron Fitzgerald; directed by Richard J. Lewis.

Episode #14 (Season 2, Episode 4): "The Riddle of the Sphinx"
Debut date: Monday, May 14 at 9am & 10pm on HBO
Is this now? If you're looking forward, you're looking in the wrong direction.
Written by Gina Atwater & Jonathan, directed by Lisa Joy.

Episode #15 (Season 2, Episode 5): "Akane No Mai"
Debut date: Monday, May 21 at 9am & 10pm on HBO
Welcome to Shogun World
Written by Dan Dietz; directed by Craig Zobel.

The first season of WESTWORLD received 22 Enemy nominations last year, winning five, including: Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media within a Scripted Program; Outstanding Hairstyling for a Single-Camera Series; Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic); Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour); and Outstanding Special Visual Effects. Director Jonathan Nolan received a DGA nomination for the season finale, and both Nolan and Joy received a WGA nomination for season one.
The show was also nominated in the categories of: Outstanding Drama Series; Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Evan Rachel Wood); Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Anthony Hopkins); Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Thandie Newton); Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Jeffrey Wright); Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Jonathan Nolan); and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy).
WESTWORLD was created for television by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy, who are executive producers with J.J. Abrams, Richard J.Lewis, Roberto Patino, Athena Wickham and Ben Stephenson. Production companies, Killer Films and Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television; based on the film written by Michael Crichton.



Wednesday, 25 April 2018

People who loves to eat is always the best people, hahaha. I like foodie as I found this little hidden-gem shop located in SS2. I discover a Japanese-styled Chinese cuisine - SoloMen Cafe was developed with the influence of Chinese living in Japan. With the hard work and creativity of both Japanese and Chinese chefs, plenty of unique and outstanding delicacies were developed. 
To all Malaysian who loves eating Japanese foods, SoloMen Cafe is your best choice in this friendly neighbourhood. SoloMen Cafe's motto is to provide a comfortable place to chill and eat as SoloMen are the combination of word ‘SOLO’ & ‘MEN’ which means freelancers and customers who are ramen lovers. *I knew you are 😉*
A pleasant opportunity to try this amazing dishes that I tempted - RAMEN, the fine and subtle Japanese noodle, is one of them and has become the traditional icon dish for Japanese ever since. Other unique delicacies such as Gyoza, Tori Karaage, Katsudon, Gyudon and etc are also well known worldwide. Served impressively on table and the foods are smell AWESOMEEEE!!! *jaws drop*
Today, at SOLOMEN CAFÉ I would like to introduce their best Japanese-styled Chinese cuisine made from the finest 20 years old secret recipe. Quality and freshness are the motto.
The ramen, sauces, broth, fillings and gyoza skin are fully handmade from fresh ingredients. SOLOMEN CAFÉ serves freshly handmade ramen that comes in varieties of soup base which flavoured with vegetables and pork bones cooked at light simmer over long period of time. SOLOMEN CAFÉ also serves top quality of coffee and varieties of beverages.

GYOZA - RM 11.90
Pan fried dumpling
This gyoza totally amazed me. Great filling, well cooked pan fried crispy from the outside and juiciness from the inside. Prefect match dipped with their homemade sauce, on your first bite and melted inside my mouth. Delicious!!! * Highly recommended* 


H O M E M A D E   R A M E N
Topped with fried leek & shredded char siew in homemade shoyu soup
Topped with char siew, vegetables and boiled egg in homemade pork bone soup.

Both bowl of ramen taste great and could be taste in different of style. To me, I love Tonkotsu Ramen as my taste bud is a bit strong. The pork bone soup is way too delicious.

Rice topped with sliced pork in special homemade sweet sauce

Hokkaido Buta Don, well-marinated juicy and tender pork belly coated with homemade sweet sauce and placed over a bowl of hot steamed rice with miso soup.
KATSU DON - RM 22.90
Rice topped with deep fried pork chop coated with breadcrumb, egg & onion in homemade sauce
KATSU DON, a popular Japanese food with juicy deep fried pork cutlet, sweet onion simmered with runny eggs in their homemade savory soy dashi broth and placed over a bowl of hot steamed rice with miso soup.
These two bowls of donburi are my favourite dishes too as I am a rice lover. Haha! If you are a pork lover. Highly recommended these two dishes, I confirm it will win your heart and fill your happiness in your tummy. "TRUE FLAVORS OF JAPAN"

A  L A  C A R T E
Deep fried boneless chicken in Japanese style
Usually if you visit some other Japanese restaurant, they served karaage chicken in small cube. But, in SoloMen Cafe they're served in big pieces of crunchy fried Karaage chicken. This SIGNATURE Tori Karaage, Deep-Fried Homemade Marinated Boneless Chicken(Drumsticks) in Japanese Style will surprised you. Remember to check out how they made chicken crispy, tender yet juicy! BEST!!!

Best recommended for this refreshing drink that I've never taste before. MUST TRY!!! 

Other than tea, you can also order a cup of coffee to enjoy with your ramen.

SoloMen Cafe
No 16, Jalan SS2/24, 
Petaling Jaya, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Opening hours
12noon - 10pm (Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday)
12noon - 12am (Friday & Saturday)
Closed on every Monday 


Sunday, 15 April 2018

A house is not a home without a sofa. A sofa create comfort and allow family and friends to socialise, unwind and spend time together. With that saying, a new sofa is an investment. A good investment provide a good return.
What do you know about OSIM? 
Established in 1992, OSIM (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a leading healthy lifestyle products company which continues to gain greater market share and strengthen their leadership status year-on-year. With over 47 outlets nationwide and still expanding, OSIM Malaysia focuses on inspiring individuals to take control of their well-being and work towards feeling great and looking good.
Thank you OSIM Malaysia, I get a chance to experience the new massage chair. I wonder what make my back feel relax when sitting on it. Say goodbye to conventional sofa chairs and welcome the new OSIM’s latest revolution effort - uDiva 2 Smart Sofa.
Revolution of Smart Sofa 
Innovation has always been at the heart of OSIM. With consumers growing concerns about multi-purposes and design, OSIM has developed OSIM uDiva 2 Smart Sofa. 
By combining state-of-the-art-design and top notch massage technologies, the newly released uDiva 2 is a smart sofa that helps users to relax, take them to the greatest states of relaxation as well as recovering from the toll of every day stress. 
The technologically and brilliantly designed OSIM uDiva 2 Smart Sofa comes in a sophisticated package that fits perfectly in any desired space. This sleek-looking smart sofa is not just aesthetically pleasing it also fully retractable to offer more living space when not in use, saving more than 34% of living space.
Another breakthrough of uDiva 2 Smart Sofa is that its backrest and footrest can be used independently. Combined with its patent pending ‘Hybrid Power-ball Massage Ball Technology’ and patented ‘Hyper-power Foot Massage Technology’, this smart sofa promise to bring maximum lifestyle enjoyment to consumers. 
Unlike any conventional sofa, the uDiva 2 Smart Sofa features 8 versatile transformations with something to suit every need and moods. The uDiva 2 Smart Sofa will give user a triple benefits of sofa, massage chair and lounger — all into one nifty package.

i. Sofa: The uDiva 2 Smart Sofa can be comfortable as a sofa, allow users to retreat for some quality ‘me’ time.

ii. Sofa with ottoman: Pamper yourself at home as you engage in your favourite beauty routine.

iii. Leg massage: Provide a complete reflexology session involving calves, ankles and feet that will melt away soreness and pain.

i. Back massage: Dispel back aches with a blissful back massage while you catch up on your social media platforms.

ii. Back massage with ottoman: Complete with an ottoman, the uDiva 2 Smart Sofa can help to soothe and reduce back pain as well as promoting a better posture.

iii. Upright full massage: Get your muscles massaged to reach maximum relaxing moments while you immerse in your favourite drama.

iv. Lounger: A lounger you can lay down comfortably on while you read a book or apply facial mask.

v. Reclined full massage: Drift off to serenity with specially designed massage programmes that soothe you from head-to-toe.

Tried the new OSIM uDiva 2 Smart Sofa for the first time indeed it makes a good impression. The newly massage technologies that installed in the Smart Sofa indeed increase the level of comfortability and heighten the massage performance. It's difficult to describe the satisfaction in words as everyone have different expectation in massaging, so I think it's better that you test it yourself at your nearest OSIM outlets.  
The uDiva 2 Smart Sofa is now available at all OSIM outlets in Malaysia, with retail price @ RM8,988. In conjunction with the new launching, you can now purchase the smart sofa with launching price @ RM7,388, with up to 24 months instalment (only RM308 per month). This promo only valid till 15th April 2018!


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Hey, head over here to read my new review about natural ingredients body care product. 
Had you all heard 'Bare 4 Bare' this brand?
Bare for Bare was founded in Singapore by a team of enthusiastic experienced R&D and marketing team on the idea of providing a personalized, luxurious home spa body and hair care experience for all, not just women but also men. 
Bare for Bare body care and hair care range is made from carefully selected natural botanical essential oil gathered from the best sources throughout the world and its paraben free! Thank you Bare for Bare, your product making my skin feel refreshing, smooth and healthy. The scent of smell is incredible as I'd set it as my first priority for my body care products usage at home.
Bare for Bare Sea Salt - Removes Dead Skin Cells Body Scrub
The natural constituent of essential oils and Sea Salts combined, makes Bare for Bare Sea Salt Body Scrub suitable for all skin types. Detoxifying effects of the salts exfoliate the stubborn layers of dead skin, while moisturising properties of the aromatic essential oils gently hydrate skin and leave it delicately scented.
1. Spread a thin layer of Bare for Bare Sea Salt Body Scrub over damp/dry cleansed skin, particularly on the roughest areas (elbow, feet, knees). 
2. Massage gently in circular motion. Rinse off under warm shower or immerse in bath water. 
3. Towel dry. 

It is recommended to use two times or more a week.
For best result, apply generous amount of body lotion on your skin after exfoliation
Bare for Bare Rosemary Body Lotion & Body Wash
My Experience with Bare for Bare of the Sea Salt Body Scrub
The scrub comes in a huge tub (350g) and the packaging is not make of glass, it is well pack in a plastic tub and also can be recycle use to. I really do not mind the tub packaging as I am not travelling with such a big tub. LOL!
The texture of the scrub is like having raw salt granules infused with essential oil scent. I cannot get away with this amazing scent that relax my tension. *Breathe* Ahhhh...
It is very difficult to spread a lot of the product especially on dry skin. On wet skin the scrub spreads smoothly. It has these uneven granules which effectively scrubs the skin and slowly melts after massaging for a while.
After washing off, the scrub help to removes my dead skin cells and leaves my skin ultra smooth and supple. For normal body-skin type, I really love how it hydrates the skin. The best part is the fragrance which is so spa-like that you really feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I was pleasantly surprised that the fragrance stays on for more than 10 hours at a stretch which is unimaginably wonderful. If you like to pamper yourself and enjoy body scrubs, this is something you should not miss!
For more information, please visit their links as below;
Website: Bare for Bare 
Facebook: bare4bare 
Instagram: @bareforbare

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