Saturday, 10 November 2018

Most Malaysian love Indomie, or I assume all Malaysian love Indomie. Indomie is my life savior. Why would say that? Remember during my school days, when I am hunger to death (exaggerating) after studying till late night. Indomie was my first choice when I am looking for supper. 
When I first started work, my salary was so little and barely enough for me to survive every month. Indomie is my first choice when come every end of the month before payday. Thank god, the toughest time has pass. But a lot of time I will still crave for Indomie. Is easy to cook, is quick and it taste good. How about you? How do you cook Indomie?
Do you know there is more than just 1 way to eat Indomie? Head to Indobowl, an Indonesian inspired kopitiam that started back in September 2017. The idea of the restaurant came along when the founder realized that no restaurants in this region grasp an Indonesian street food concept. At Indobowl, customers can gather with friends and family and relish in good food with affordable prices. Indobowl's signature dish and specialization is the one and only Indomie, where customers can find renditions of the noodles served in different flavours and textures.
Indomie Mumbo Jumbo
Giant portion of Indomie, serve with chicken madura, lamb rack, rib eye and chicken satay.

IndoMie Mambo Jumbo Seafood Soto

Apart of Indomie, Indobowl also offer a wide range Nasi Goreng and Nasi Ayam. Check out the Nasi Goreng below.
Nasi Goreng Ayam Bakar Madura

Nasi Goreng Ayam Balado

Nasi Goreng Seafood

Soda Gembira & Giant Es Cendol

Too bad my tummy is too small to fill in all the great food, there are more than what I showed. Check out their menu below, you will be spoil with choices.
Last but not least, the mouth watering coming soon dessert. 

Overall, the foods that served are delicious and sambal were really good. To me it is kinda of a premium indomie concept compare to mamak stall. Their spices are making me blast out from my mouth cause I'm cannot stand spicy at all. Hahaha... if you can, go try it how much spicy tolerance you can go so far.
For more information, please visit their social links as below;

Indobowl Cafe, Sungai Besi
72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7,
Lake Fields, Sungai Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-5426869
Operating hour: Mon–Sun 11am–11pm

Second outlet: 
66, Jalan SS 15/4C, 
SS15,47500 Subang Jaya.


Monday, 5 November 2018

Maintaining healthy and beautiful tresses starts with a reliable shampoo and conditioner. I used to shampoo my hair to keep it clean everyday and use conditioner for that soft touch and lustrous shine on my hair too. But have you try a hair mask before? Skipping this vital once-a-week step could be the reason your hair hasn’t reached its full potential.
Last week I had the opportunity to attend LAB11's Full Lift Shampoo & Mask series launch at Eco Sky Business Lounge. Brand LAB11 is a creation of team GlobalStory that has been one of the hair and beauty industry market leader with 18 years experience through 11 HairStory saloon branches, 1 HairStory academy, 2 SugarNails saloons and 2 FaceStory outlets.
LAB11's vision is to help and allow people to build confidence and to look good. LAB11 provides a range of good quality shampoo and hair soft mask for anti-frizz, oil control, hair regrowth, heat protection, strengthening and fullness for daily use.
Full lift Shampoo and Soft Mask is the first product launched under LAB11 that featured no artificial colouring, 100% natural extracts and pure essential oils, fragrance free as well as chemical free ingredients. 
"The team's continuous research and development of the product since year 2016 had formulated Full Lift shampoo and soft masks with synergies of natural extracts, essential oils and 11 types of amino acids" said Group CEO and Founder of Global Story, Derick Ooi.
Whether you are a brand loyalist and have been using the same hair products for years or someone who likes to try new products, you can find LAB11's Full Lift products is what you're looking for. Find the right shampoos and conditioners for your hair type and needs to discover the beautiful tresses you already have.
Weight: 300ML
Dimension: 5.5cm(D) x 20.8cm(H)

1.) Make your hair fuller and smoother
2.) Strengthens hair structure and reduce hair loss
3.) Refreshing oil control, derived from natural plant essential oils
Weight: 250ML
Dimension: 5cm(D) x 19.2cm(H)

1.) Strengthens and nourishes hair follicles
2.) Increases compatibility causing less breakage
3.) Deeply conditions and moisturizes the hair
** O V E R V I E W ** 
I have fine, shoulder-length hair that feeling limp, oily, or gross. I’m glad I did tried using LAB 11 Full Lift Shampoo & Soft Mask. This product is wonderful and the scent of mandarin orange smell is so refreshing. I super love it! It took about a week to see the results, but my hair now look softer, shinier, and it has more strength. I would highly recommend!
For more information, please visit LAB 11 links as below;