Friday 30 November 2018

A big surprise when I've received a bunch of Himalaya Salt Candy. Thank you Big Foot Malaysia, is great to always stay hydrated with Himalaya Salt Sports Candy wherever and whenever I want. The founder of the Big Foot Candy, Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd has officially launched it's Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, primary targeting the sporty and outdoorsy.
Made with the natural Himalayan Salt, this new sports candy comes in really handy should your body need some extra sodium after an intense workout. It’s refreshing minty flavour is also ideal for anyone who needs a minty fresh breath after lunch or before a meeting or something refreshing on hot day. The extra cool sensation of the hard candy also soothes the throat at the same time.
The Founder and Managing Director Kenny Low of Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd said the inspiration behind this sports candy came about during a hiking trip with his friends when he suffered bad cramps due to excessive sweating which causes a decrease in the concentration of sodium in the bloodstream. This was when Kenny wished he had that candy creation (with sodium content) handy. 
Established by Kenny Low in 2001 as a sugar confectionery manufacturer, Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd branched out in 2009 by undertaking Doraemon candy licensing which allowed for further product innovation. We continue to strive for excellence and are constantly adopting and incorporating the best practices from the industry into the production and management process to ensure the delivery of high-quality products.
The key ingredient of the sports candy which is the natural Himalayan Salt, is believed to possess many health benefits. It contains over 80 natural traces of minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium which are all found naturally in the body. Besides promoting the absorption of mineral and nutrients into the bloodstream, the Himalayan Salt is known for helping maintain hydration in the body. Kenny believes that the health benefits of the Himalayan Salt when combined with pure Lemon juice which is rich in vitamin C as well as the soothing benefits of mint would result in a concoction that greatly benefits the body especially after a strenuous sporting activity.

“The Himalaya Salt Sports Candy comes in a convenient packaging on the go. It must be emphasised that the sports candy is not a health supplement but rather a handy ‘pick me up’ when you need some extra healthy natural salt and glucose after a good workout,” said Kenny.
Alongside the launch of the Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, was the unveiling of the sports candy’s ambassador. Goh Liu Ying, who is the 2016 Olympics Badminton Mixed Doubles Silver Medallist was appointed the ambassador for the sports candy as she is an ideal role model for aspiring young sportsmen and sportswomen. She is also a fan of the candy and takes it whenever she is out training and have it with her during tournaments.
Not a fan of hard candies? The company also launched the Himalaya Pastilles Peppermint. The delightfully chewy, bite-sized pastilles that come in a convenient resealable packet that soothe the throat and freshen your breath with its strong cool mint flavour.  
Both the Himalaya Salt Sports Candy (15g) and Himalaya Pastilles Peppermint (25g) are certified Halal and can be found in leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide. 

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Monday 26 November 2018

You may have heard of “detoxing your body.” But have you tried it for yourself? Detox diets get rid of toxins in the body and develop the habits that will keep you on track for a healthier life. As you may know, the body has its own natural detox methods. The liver, sweat, and urine are all ways your body rids itself of toxins. However, sometimes these vital organs work too hard and need a break. A detox diet is a great way to take the pressure off your organs, so you can keep them strong for the future.
Lennox Inner D'tox Enzyme Essence are produce with 'On The Go' detoxifying formula that rich in fiber that help the gastrointestinal tract and speed up the body's metabolism. Lennox Inner D'tox Enzyme Essence contains plenty of collagen that restore and brighten up your skin. 
Today I am going to share with you a new innovative detox formula by LENNOX. Lennox Inner D'tox Enzyme Essence offer 4 different flavours with 4 different benefits, get one that suits you:
Diet Enzyme RM 32.80
🔸 Contains fibre for better bowel movement 
🔸 126 types of mixed fruits and vegetables extracts 
🔸 Consume for good metabolism and immune system
Antioxidants & Probiotics RM38.80
🔸 Contains probiotics that aids digestion 
🔸 3 types of naturally sourced Probiotics Strains + 1 Prebiotics 
🔸 5 Probio Billion CFU
Waterful Skin RM38.80
🔸 High potency rice ceramide
🔸 Plumps your skin and holds its moisture 
Collagen RM38.80
🔸 Made from Aqueous Marine Collagen 
🔸 Enchances skin radiance 
🔸 Contains 3000mg of Aqueous Marine Collagen 
When you felt that your body’s collagen production declines as you age, and that adequate collagen is needed for strong bones, joints, and skin. So, I chose a supplement that suits me - Lennox Inner D’tox Enzyme - Collagen.
Lennox Collagen contain 14 sachets of 5g and is easy to carry. Just tear open the essence with extracted enzyme and pour directly into the mouth. Your saliva will melt the essence automatically without consuming water. Don't worry, the taste is fruity and vege. It has 126 types mixed fruits & vegetables extracts live culture enzyme.
The best time to take is before meal every day. If you eat it with an empty stomach, you can let the enzyme wrap the food and then easily excrete it! The most important thing is to drink eight glasses of water a day, which can enhance the function of digestion and enzymes. Two packs a day is enough to give you immediate effects!

Lennox's Inner D'tox Enzyme is so effective, everyone can't get enough of them! Try Lennox ENZYMES that can outfight and outrun the toxins in your body!
Lennox Inner D’tox Enzyme Essence provides comprehensive care for your digestive system and keeps your intestines healthy. Always remember that enzymes does play an important role in our bodies, regardless of age. Always remember to supply the body with enzymes to ensure that your skin, hair, and health are always at its best! Get this awesome detox enzyme now, it is available in Watsons outlets or purchase online at So hurry up while stock last.

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Thursday 22 November 2018

"Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits." - Baron Justus Von Liebig, Geman chemist.
I am glad to be invited to ‘A Sweet Saturday With Your Loved Ones’ chocolate-DIY workshop by Harriston Chocolate during last month October. They are one of the biggest chocolatiers in Malaysia who has served more than 8 million customers from over 80 countries around the world with their ever-expanding list of 150 chocolate variants. 
As the first in Southeast Asia to launch the newly-discovered ruby chocolate, which was recently dubbed as the fourth type of chocolate after dark, milk and white, I am one of the lucky person to be able to craft and taste the wonderfully chocolaty dessert made with these newfound chocolate gems!
Is show time to with my loved ones to have a chocolate DIY experience like never before. So if you want to join us and craft a sweet Saturday like us with all the chocolate, bring your friends and family head to their workshop for this exclusive session!
Well prepared tools in the workshop
This workshop is so good and I have so much fun! I did learnt a lot and how patiently i am decorating an Orang-Utan & others chocolate so perfectly.
DIY Chocolate Workshop 
Fees: RM35 per pax (inclusive of materials, Harriston DIY chocolate kit, apron and certificate) 
Duration: 1 Hour (4 processes) 
Location: Harriston Signature Workshop 
Time: 9.30am to 6pm daily
Suitable for adults and children above 3 years old
Last but not least, I received a certificate from Harriston Signature Factory after completing my DIY chocolate workshop. Well done to myself. Thanks to Harriston Chocolate for the great workshop!
Harriston currently selling their mouth-watering products and chocolate-filled experiential workshops at Harriston Signature, their flagship store in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras and Georgetown, Penang. Meanwhile, Harriston Boutique, an abbreviated version of the flagship stores, is located at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands; MaTIC, Ampang and Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang. 

For more information, please visit their social pages below;

Harriston Signature
10 & 12, Jalan 13/91, 
Jalan Cheras, 
Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 
56100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: +603 9281 5122 / +603 9282 512

Business Hours: 9am-6pm daily for all outlets 
(except for Harriston Boutique, Jalan Ampang: 9am-8pm daily)


Wednesday 21 November 2018

I remembered the first time I came across Naughty Nuri was back in 2015 at Sri Hartamas. I was thrilled when having my meal at Naughty Nuri and now I am their biggest fans of their pork ribs! Probably it is the BEST ribs in the world! Way to goooo...!!!
On 9th Nov, I've been invited to witness the Ribs Master Challenge which the final showdown took place at Naughty Nuri's Atria Mall with the Top 8 Finalist as they went head-to-head to win the grand prize. The challenge is simple, just finish the ribs as fast as you can. I was so excited and nervous during that moment and thinking of who will break the quickest time records as the winner to become the first Ribs Master. 
Nevertheless, Naughty Nuri's has found their first Ribs Master! Congratulations Troy Thistleton, he clocked 2min37sec to become the first ribs master. Once again, congratulation and you won FREE ribs for one year! For those who missed out the participation this year, don't worry ok just sit back and relax to stay tuned for next year challenge! You got this!
Known for its mouthwatering Balinese style pork ribs, Naughty Nuri's is here with a brand new menu. Guest will discover the true flavours of what Naughty Nuri's restaurant has to offer and will be pleasantly surprised at the portion and pricing as well - another reason why Naughty Nuri's become so popular ever since they opened in Malaysia back in 2014.

And, here comes Naughty Nuri's with a brand new menu intro! 
The refreshing menu embraces the all-new scrumptious Naughty Nuri's Signature Flaming Iberico Ribs (RM 49). Dipped in their homemade sauce and flamed to perfection, you'll be find the meat to be incredibly juicy and tender.
There is other new items available in Naughty Nuri's new menu, check below;
Sizzling Iberico Belly (RM 28)
Grilled Iberico Skewers (S: RM 20, L: RM 30)
Iberico Burger (RM 32)
Signature Balinese ‘Sop Tulang’ (RM 24.80)
Indonesian Style Mee Goreng Basah (RM 25)
Among the other differences guest will find servings of two different portions, SMALL & LARGE on selected items in their menu. Naughty Nuri’s has always been known for its huge serving portion meant for sharing in a large group. But now there is an option of portion selection, which encourages individual diners to come and enjoy their meal at the restaurant.
And if you are thinking of celebrating your birthday somewhere special, Naughty Nuri’s is definitely the hallmark place to celebrate. They are now offering a custom birthday package for 5 pax (RM250), 10 pax (RM500), 15 pax (RM750), 20 pax (RM1000). To top it all off it comes with a huge 3 feet cake and a vibrant birthday dance to make it more memorable day for you and your loved ones.
Follow Naughty Nuri’s on their social media pages. You don’t want to miss out on something special.

Naughty Nuri’s Desa Sri Hartamas 
Address: 2, Ground Floor, Jalan 24/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Phone: 016-556 4611
Facebook  ||  Instagram

Naughty Nuri’s SS15 Courtyard 
Address: G-08, Ground Floor, SS15 Courtyard, 
Jalan SS15/4E, 
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. 
Phone: 012-666 4108
Facebook  ||  Instagram

Naughty Nuri’s Life Centre 
Address: Lot G-05, Ground Floor, Life Centre, 
20, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur. 
Phone: 019-300 7221
Facebook  ||  Instagram

Naughty Nuri’s Atria 
Address: G25, Atria Shopping Gallery, 
Jalan SS 22/23, 
Damansara Jaya, 
Petaling Jaya. 
Phone: 012-446 6679
Facebook  ||  Instagram