Wednesday 26 September 2018

HELP!!! Arghhh... my skin condition is getting bad nowadays! Pimples, and enlarge acnes are popping out! *sob* Who would have imagined that after such a long time, I have to deal with acne again!! When I came across NUViT’s product, I decided that give it a try since there’s nothing to lose. I am glad that I did it! The product with its potent disinfectant formulation is absolutely perfect for to get rid of my acne and blemishes problem.
NUViT, an integration of ‘NEW’ and ‘VITALITY’, accentuates the importance of the needs and necessities of bare skin, refining the core of beauty, enhancing the most genuine and natural appeal from beneath. 
NUViT utilizes the most credible technology and studies to bring you highly effective formulations combined with organic or plant based extracts and high bioavailability nutrients to propel cosmetical care towards a new era.
The Anti-Acne Series offers 3 simple steps to achieve acne control effect namely 'Spot, Entire, and Enhance'. Using the most effective & safest concentrated formulation with the combination of science and natural plants extracts that is alcohol-free and non-allergenic. By the way, are you aware the product is made in Taiwan?
Targeting oily skin that is prone to develop acne, scars and comedones, the exclusive ingredient NUViT's AC-Pure™ helps to improve keratinocytes metabolism, regulates sebum production, antibacterial, soothes inflammation and shrinks pores to provide a total care to combat acne problems.
The perfect cure for my stubborn acne, I found the right anti-acne solutions in 3 simple steps.
1. Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate 
2. Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid 
3. Acne Purifying Gel
Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate RM 47.90 
Step #1 - Spot : Long Acting Anti-Acne Agent
  • Remove Whiteheads and Blackheads, Purifies and Reduce Pore Size with Antibacterial and Oil-Control properties.
How to use:
After cleansing, apply the product onto palm or a cotton pad, massage gently onto face and neck. Shake before each use to activate and maximize the effect of the ingredients. Use it daily, in the morning and evening.

Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid RM 36.90
Step #2 - Entire : Oil-Control Essential 
  • Oil-Control, Moisturizes, Soothes and Repairs Skin. Regulates Oil-water Balancing, Antibacterial and Reduces Pore Size
How to use:
After cleansing, apply a proper amount on the entire face and massage gently onto face and neck. Use it daily, in the morning and night.

Acne Purifying Gel RM 32.90
Step #3 - Enhance : Acne-Free Booster
  • Instant Action On Acne, Heals Acne Wound, Anti-inflammatory, Reduces Redness and Removes Scar
How to use:
With fingertips, apply a proper amount of filler to affected areas.

You can visibly see the before and after result here. The 3 simple steps of anti-acne series range works great on my skin especially for emergency breakout and it heals wound, reduces scar, soothes and repairs my skin within 24 hours. It works effectively on my acne skin condition and within a week my acne breakout have reduced. This is all thanks to NUViT Anti-Acne Series
For more information, please visit NUViT page links as below;
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Product Info Line: 1800-88-3679 
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Hey, how's everything my readers? Lately I found a special lipgloss that can make your lips become plumper, healthier and sexier without any plastic surgery or needle injection on lip - Its called LipAddict. Interesting? Lets check it outtt~
What is LipAddict? LipAddict isn't just a'lip gloss' but is a Non-Injectable Anti-aging Lip Treatment , it contains a proprietary nano peptide complex that boosts collagen and elastin production, resulting in less visible fine lines and wrinkles. Besides that, it also come with 4 key benefits

  • Anti-aging
  • Instant Healing
  • Instant Hydration
  • Instant Enhancement 

First of all, it was a cheerful 'PINK' tea party/gathering by The Butterfly Project to discover this multi-purpose lip treatment that imported all the way from USA.
Lipaddict established in 1999, by Iskin New York which has been dedicated to bring effective, working skin care solutions to the market.
Want to know how to transform your lips from 0 to 100 with real quick effect? A non-injectable anti-aging lip treatment that instantly moisturizes, heals and enhances your pout! LipAddict can be reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates, instant plumps, and improves definition of the lip contour. It’s also claims that it is safe for pregnant women to use, lightweight, non-greasy texture and also pleasant flavour.
It contains many ingredients which benefits your lips such as: peptides, dehydrated marine collagen, vitamin C, E and K, plant and berry super extracts, castor oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, and hyaluronic acid.
Lips are left fuller, smoother, softer and more youthful looking! Unlike other glosses, LipAddict’s lightweight molecular formula guarantees that your lips won’t be left with sticky sensation! It comes in 12 gorgeous shades so you can match the treatment to your mood!
💖 201 Sweet Nothings
💖 202 Coralista 
💖 203 Mon Cherie
💖 205 Sexy Seductress
💖 206 Pink Princess
💖 207 Innocence
💖 208 Razzle Dazzle
💖 209 Candy Swirl
💖 210 Glamour
💖 211 Air Kiss
💖 212 Pink Sugar
💖 213 Jewel
Other than that, a live demonstration session of applying day & night swatches by makeup artist. Conclusion, it is a good study about LipAddict where you can mix and match LipAddict swatches to create your own color. 
Look at my before and after swatches result here. I really love the lightweight & texture, and it is non-greasy too. I also like the cool minty sensation scent and smell. Learning from the makeup artist, so I tried mixing swatches to blend it on my lips. Do I look sexy enough?
The packaging is in silver and glossy cap with transparent tube, simple but outstanding. Want to get one for yourself. Check out Iskin Lipaddict products at available beauty saloons in the list below.
Last but not least, never forget to take a group photo with Butterfly Project Malaysia. Nevertheless, thank you ISKIN NEW YORK MALAYSIA and The Butterfly Project for a massive pink pink pink tea party at Happ Cafe.

For more information about LipaAddict, do check their page links as below;

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Wednesday 19 September 2018

Despite its simple use, toilet paper options are seemingly endless. First you need to decide what ply you want, if you want a scented roll, a quilted roll or one with prints on it? Which toilet paper brand would you choose?
Do you know Kleenex? Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues? Kleenex is always my first choice on household care for my family hygiene. I personally chose Kleenex and I’ve been using Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue since many years ago. I've tried a few different brand before I decided that Kleenex will be my only choice
Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues are soft like cushion, super soft, I've to say it twice because it’s really soft! Unlike other brands, the rough surface texture will leave rashes on your skin after using it a few times. That's how my family and me chose Kleenex Ultra Soft as our health guardian.
Beside the Cushiony Softness, I like the scent of the bath tissues too. Trust me, I smell every piece before using it. Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues comes in 3-ply thick sheet made from 100% high quality virgin fiber. Developed with an advanced technology, each sheet is specially crafted with CleanWeave design to remove dirt thoroughly while charcoal extract absorbs odor.
You can get so much more now with CleanWeave to absorb dirt. Cushiony softness – among the softest tissues ever and odor absorbing capability so good that it keeps one smelling fresh and feeling good. Kleenex Ultra Soft is what your happy family needs for a better hygiene.
Kleenex are available at all the major stores nationwide.
To find out more about Kleenex, please visit their page links as below;
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Sunday 16 September 2018

Throughout our lives, we’ve have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that not eating it can even make you put on weight. People always giving excuses of "I am in a rush to work, i don't have time to make my breakfast." "I don’t have an appetite in the morning." or "I don’t want to feel sluggish or cramp up during my morning workout." But do you know that New Anlene UHT milk will solve all ur EXCUSES/PROBLEM of not having breakfast? The new Anlene Milk come in 180ml convenient pack with 50% more nutrient*. It comes with collagen, protein, high calcium and care for your bones, joints and muscles. And also available in 2 tasty flavours - chocolate & plain.
I came across with Anlene recently. An rowing truck that offering RM1 Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast Pack. The rowing truck were located at one of the listed LRT stations from 27th till 31st August 2018. The RM1 breakfast pack contains 1 Anlene UHT milk and a 7Days Croissant, a healthy combo that sufficient to start your day.  
The new Anlene UHT milk aim to encourage everyone to Stay Active, Stay Agile. The idea of having rowing truck moving around is great. Beside offering RM1 breakfast pack, it also remind people the importance of having breakfast and not to forget a healthy breakfast. The new anlene UHT milk beside provides high calcium that take care of your bones, and also come with collagen and protein that protect your joints and muscles. Milk & Croissant are a perfect combo, having the sufficient nutrients to start your day.
Malaysia's dancing queen Stacy Anam was also at one of the rowing truck event at Bukit Bintang. Stacy Anam is also a Anlene UHT milk consumer and also the ambassador for Anlene or a great example to Malaysian. A mother of 2 but still active and agile in the choreography industry. Her secret? I believe it must be Anlene UHT Milk, she deserve the title of "RATU POP" or  Malaysia's Dancing Queen.
The Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast Pack rowing truck will rolling across nationwide, you can check out their latest schedule from the website here. Catch them, experience the moment, and remember your breakfast. Stop giving excuses of skipping breakfast. If i can do it, so do you. Stay Active, Stay Agile.
For more updates, do follow Anlene on their official FB page at