Friday, 31 August 2018

It was a blast at the Ginn International August Showcase that began with a high level exposition of its brand business direction by our emcee of the day, Isabelle Lee, introduce the various brands and business partners fully endorsed by Ms Ginnie Lam (Founding President of Ginn International), Mr Nicolas Pang (Ginn Artistry President), and Mr Derrick Yong (Operations Director).
Composed of 3 fashion red-carpeted Runway Shows in a single Showcase, Guests were feted to its very own Ginn Artistry Fashion Show with Designer Evening Gowns by Glitter Venus & Ginn International sponsored Jewellery. 
This runway performance was helmed by 12 of the most prominent Malaysian Beauty Queens and local top Models whose Talents also earned them their appointment as Star Brand Influencers at this very Showcase itself.

This was quickly followed by the first Star Brand Awards International presentation in KL, Malaysia by its President, Professor John Hee Chul Jung from Korea, who expounded on what trending in the next wave of the Korean entertainment scene and beauty industry landscape, that will soon see a convergence of Asian Models, Entertainment Artists, Education institutions Pageant Promotion Platforms.
It gave our prominent Guests much food for thought as the Program continued with a Presentation of the Star Brand Influencers Awarded Contracts to the very same 12 Ginn Artistry (Malaysia) Models who graced the MIJF Runway with their amazing Opening Show.
The action picked up with the appearance of the Top 6 Graduating Stewardesses & Steward from the Cabin Crew Academy KL (Subang Skypark) who elevated the MIJF red carpet runway with a Special Academy Uniform Parade (against the backdrop of the highly popular Triumph in the Skies' drama theme song. 
This was followed by a brisk session by the Managing Director of CCA KL himself, Capt. Amin Said. The highlight of the CCA KL segment was the Official Appointment of Ginnie Lam as the International Ambassador of Cabin Crew Academy KL, to promote and to carry the cause of elevating the aviation hospitality industry into an even nobler and socially equitable profession.
Then it was time for the prime highlight of the Showcase, which came in the form of the Korean Senior Models' Association's Traditional Hanbok Elegance Showcase with 10 top senior Korean Models showcasing the finest designs, from über traditional pieces to contemporary chic everyday pieces.
This was brought to another level of grace and sophistication with the Finale Hanbok Showcase by Ginnie Lam herself, appearing in a specially designed fusion statement piece. This avant-garde blend of traditional and contemporary themes were created by the attending Korean Celebrity Tailors.
The atmosphere among the crowd was filled with anticipation as he spoke on the motive and purpose by which he arrived upon our shores carrying the torch of true Korean arts & culture, and with that the Chairman gifted the Showcase with its grand-feather-in-the-cap via the Official Appointment of Ms Ginnie Lam as the International Ambassador of the Senior Models' Association of Korea.
Last but not least, thanks to Joanne and Ginn International for the invite. It was a great fun and great show during the showcase. And, I did managed to open my eyes to enjoy Korean's arts & culture in Hanbok Showcase. 
A photo with Ms. Ginnie Lam
Featured Partners & Platforms: 
Star Brand Awards International (SBA International) 
Cabin Crew Academy KL (CCA KL) 
JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award (JCIM SDA) 
International Aromatherapy Association (IAAA) 
Ginn Artistry (Talent Platform under Ginn International) 
MadMavericks (Strategy & Media Partner)

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Do you know St. Ives? I guess you may see the name before but do you know how to pronounce St. Ives? Click here to know how to pronounce.😁 St. Ives was founded in1980, it is widely-acclaimed and the number one scrub brand in the USA, with big market share across regions worldwide.
St. Ives believes the most powerful ingredients can't be created in lab. In formulating the products, St. Ives uses the most effective and fresh ingredients sourced from nature - with no unnecessary chemicals.
St. Ives offers to meet the needs of target consumers who are feminine and grounded optimists and who enjoy nature as as its natural products. Inspired by nature, the formulas are made with 100% natural exfoliants, moisturisers and extracts for healthy-looking, radiant skin. St. Ives is committed to bringing an enjoyable skincare experience, with formulas that smell great, feels nice on the skin, and leaves a fresh feeling. St. Ives is Fresh. Better. Naturally.
Have you try St. Ives Face scrubs before? St. Ives face scrubs keep your skin feeling alive, fresh and glowing! #TurnUptheGlow with the new face scrubs from St.Ives, America's #1 scrub brand. Made with 100% natural exfoliant, St Ives face scrubs bring the abundance and joyful energy of nature into skincare to let your skin alive, fresh and glowing!
St. Ives are made from the best ingredients from Mother Earth and lets nature work at your fingertips with every scrub. St. Ives has spend more than 60 years exploring and formulating products that are made from nature. Walnut shell powder is the gentle-yet-effective natural ingredient behind St.Ives face scrubs. Our walnuts are grown in California. Once harvested, they are washed, dried and cracked before going through a gentle process to separate the walnut from the shell. Next, we mill the shells gently into a fine powder to create a soft scrub.
Here's some good news to the individuals who are conscious about the environment and looking for green beauty products. St. Ives scrubs are eco-friendly and micro beads-free. That means you can safely exfoliate your skin without leaving a harmful footprint behind.
The new St. Ives face scrubs are:
• Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
• Acne Control Apricot Scrub
• Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub
• Radiant Skin Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub
• Energizing Coconut & Coffee Scrub
• Gentle Smoothing Oatmeal Scrub and Mask
The full range of St.Ives 6oz face scrubs are now available in Malaysia at Retail Recommended Price (RRP) of RM24.90.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Many of my friends and family told me that China is really beautiful country. Unfortunately, I've never visit there before but trust me I'm already start saving money to travel to China. I'm targeting my next travel bucket-list for 2019. 
The Guangxi Autonomous Region Tourism Development Commission has organized an event to promote Guangxi tourism activities at Summit 1, The Vertical, Bangsar South City. Many thanks to Guangxi (Kuala Lumpur) Tourism Promotional Conference who invited me to experiences this amazing event and gain lot of new knowledges about Guangxi's culture, living and foods.
In the event themed “East Or West Guangxi Landscape Is The Best”, Malaysians visitors were able to perceive the charms of the “Beautiful Scenery in Guangxi” via 6 fascinating short films titled “Lao, Shao, Bian, Shan, Hai, Shou”.
During the occasion, organizers also presented remarkable Guangxi traditional folk music and dances. From these performances, visitors were shown the beauty of folk customs, mysterious ancient cultures as well as the appeal of a hometown of longevity.
The event also incorporated a clever usage of technological and fashion aesthetics. The whole event was livened up through mobile live broadcasts, interactive activities and attractive prizes.
A total of close to 200 people were presented at the promotional event, these includes Hu Jing Bo, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Commission, along with the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, tourism agencies, industrial representatives, and visitors. It is believed that this activity could build an even tighter bond between the Malaysian and Guangxi China tourism industries, and create potential exchange of resources in the future.
Last but not least, I enjoyed every single moment of their quiz and games. Yes, I am on stage with Betty Liew for a food contest which 4 dishes of Guangxi's signature gourmet provided, whoever finish the 4 dishes first will get a limited edition and genuine prizes from Guangxi. Who do you think will win this competition? Hahaha!!! Comment me below if you're keen to know which team? :D
Many interesting things to explore and discover the stunning mountains, splendid culture, beautiful scenery in Guangxi Province. This Guangxi province is in my next bucket list. Definitely be mine and your best ideal destination to visit! Till next xxxx