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Totalife Genetic Slimming Breakthrough Session

A lot of men and women around the world today are staying in the battle of weight loss and still do not seem to win it all. Staying in healthy weight and be slim is not only about looking good and boosting self confidence but most importantly being healthy physically without increasing risk of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. It is very common to see how some people seem to put on weight so easily even trying to exercise and be healthy but some other people eat all they want and still stay slim without growing jelly belly.

Today I am going to introducing this awesome health products to all my beloved followers. Totalife - Make your Life Better, have you heard about Totalife before? Totalife first started in Taiwan in 1990, expanded to Malaysia in 1995, followed by Singapore in 2003 and China 2005. Totalife backed by advanced R&D faculty and manufacturing facilities of their own in USA, allowed them to develop products that are technologically advanced in quality and benefits.

Today, Totalife established a very strong foundation allow their business partners moving towards a successful journey, sharing not just wealth, but also health and a superb range of products, and not forget enjoying a better quality of life. 

Genes that we are inherited cannot be changed but that does not mean we are dommed to the fate of being ugly and unhealthy. Certain nutrients at molecular level act as a signal to a specific group of cells that sense it and signal back to the genes that send instructions to carry out a specific metabolic function accordingly. The studies of effects of nutrients in food on genetic expressions is called nutrigenomics. A genetic test is required to first identified what type of gene expressions the person likely to inherit such as the following:
Pear Body Shape 

Many of Asians are having the problem of body fat accumulates at lower body area, this called as obesity caused by abnormalities in fat metabolism - Stubborn Obesity, Pear Body Shape 

Body appearance: 
• Body fat accumulates at lower body area, around hips and skin beneath the inner and outer thigh 
• Body looks plump with distinct waist line and larger lower body and smaller upper body akin to pear shape 

Health risks: 
• Body fat is stubborn and does not dissolve easily 
• Sluggish basal metabolic rate 
• High risk for diabetes 

Lifestyle adjustment: 
• Ensure balanced meal daily and avoid supper 
• Consume more protein-based food, such as: eggs, tofu, fresh fish and meat. Vegetarians should take more beans, legumes and dairy products 
• Reduce alcoholic drinks, snacks, dessert or cold drinks 
• Use less oil when cooking and consume milder food 
• Do aerobic exercise for 15 – 30 minutes daily to sweat healthily and increase fat-burning process. 
• Combine with anaerobic exercise to enhance muscle build-up, increase basal metabolic rate and strengthen fat-burning effect 
• Ensure optimum rest. Sleep and wake up early. 

Apple Body Shape – Fat Metabolic Obesity 

What is Obesity caused by abnormalities in visceral fat metabolism? Apple Body Shape – Fat Metabolic Obesity 

Body appearance: 
• Body fat accumulates at waist and abdomen area without any obvious waist line 
• Also known as Beer Belly or Apple Body Shape 

Health risks: 
• Low basal metabolic rate and high visceral fat 
• High risk for high blood pressure, high triglyceride, fatty liver and diabetes 

Lifestyle adjustment: 
• Ensure balanced meals daily and avoid supper 
• Reduce alcoholic drinks 
• Avoid high cholesterol food such as seafood, red meat and internal organs i.e. animal heart and liver etc. 
• Those who always dine outside shall avoid snacks from night markets i.e. fried chickens, sausages and etc. 
• Avoid consuming oily food or fried food 

Apple Body Shape – Carbohydrate Metabolic Obesity 

One of the most common types of obesity in Asia - Apple Body Shape – Carbohydrate Metabolic Obesity Obesity caused by abnormalities in carbohydrate metabolism 

Body appearance: 
• Body fat accumulates at waist and abdomen area without any obvious waist line 
• Also known as Beer Belly or Apple Body Shape 

Health risks: 
• Low basal metabolic rate and high visceral fat 
• High risk for high blood pressure, high triglyceride, fatty liver and diabetes 

Lifestyle adjustment: 
• Ensure balanced meals daily and avoid supper 
• Reduce alcoholic drinks 
• Practice low glycemic index food, consume more high dietary fibre cereals or whole grains to replace refined food such as white rice and white bread 
• Reduce refined sugar snacks, junk food and drinks with high sugar content i.e. cakes, snacks, ice-cream and soft drinks 
• Drink more antioxidant drinks, green tea or beverage with good source of polyphenols 

Doughnut Body Shape – Flabby Obesity 

Do you want to know what is Obesity caused by abnormalities in fat synthesis? Doughnut Body Shape – Flabby Obesity 

Body appearance: 
• Accumulation of excess body fat within the whole body 
• No body shape and is overall flabby 

Health risks: 
• Fast fat synthesis leads to easy weight gain 
• Body is fat and weak, with frequent hunger pangs and gasping for breath even with light exercise 
• High risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood glucose and cardiovascular diseases 
• If slimming program goes on and off, might have adverse fat-rebound effect 

Lifestyle adjustment: 
• Consume balanced diet and avoid eating supper 
• Eat more frequently but in smaller portion each time and chew properly 
• Choose high fibre and low calorie food to control appetite and reduce hunger pangs 
• Consume algae or spirulina supplement to enhance body metabolism 
• Reduce alcoholic drinks 
• Not suitable for extreme exercises. Should go for slower exercise activities such as walking or climbing staircase for adapting to exercise mode 
• Seek medical advice if the body feels unwell or sick. Slimming will only succeed if body hormones are balanced. 

Water-Drop Body Shape 
Water-Drop Body Shape – Water Retention Obesity Obesity caused by abnormalities in fat and water metabolism 

Body appearance: 
• Water-drop body shape with bigger upper abdomen and lower body silhouette indicating water retention problem 
• Overall appearance is likely to be similar with the pear body shape. No obvious waistline nor obvious waist-to-hip ratio compared to pear body shape 

Health risks: 
• Sluggish water metabolism with high water retention, with the effect of gaining weight even when drinking water. 
• Malfunction of kidney. 
• Higher chances of suffering from high triglyceride levels, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

Lifestyle adjustment: 
• Consume more delicate and mild food, avoid salty diet. Replace salt, sauces and MSG with onion, ginger or garlic. 
• Reduce cold drinks; take more herbal drinks as well as barley and red beans which have diuretic effects. 
• Consume more natural food, avoid processed food and reduce the consumption of sauces or gravy during steamboat meals. 
• Avoid consuming strong flavoured snack and pickled food. 
• Do not drink large amount of water before sleeping to reduce water retention. 
• Avoid animal-fat food such as lard oil and butter, and avoid fried food. 
• Measure your weight and body fat weekly to maintain the ideal body weight. 
• Train and exercise by focusing more on the lower body part with exercise such as aerobic dance, cycling and raising the legs. 
• Massage your lower body part with Body Shape Oil. 

Here we go~ my turn to measure my health. Result show that I am Apple Body Shape – Fat Metabolic Obesity. OMG...It's time for me to take care my appetites. 

Totalife products are manufactured according to the concept of Balance, Harmony, Natural and Environmental-Friendly with the following product characteristics;

  1. Balanced nutrients
  2. No side effects
  3. Natural ingredients
  4. Guaranteed safe
The complete range of Totalife products included the Weight Management System, Detox, Nutrition, Immunity & Vitality Enhancer, Whitening & Anti-Aging and Personal Care.

Allow me to introduce few products here;
TDS - Effective body shaping with whey protein 

Nutritious Beverage Mix Soy Protein with Soy Fiber 

  • Soy Milk, Mocha and Apple to satisfy your taste buds
  • 58 types of balanced nutrition
  • Whey amino acids
  • Low GI
  • Fat Suppression Polyphenols
  • Fat Elimination Factors
  • Metabolism Factor 
Tasty & Healthy Easy Weight Loss

  • Replace your breakfast and dinner with 4 sachets of TDS daily, take your low-GI lunch with high fiber, high protein, less salt and less oil. Fat-burning process will be initiated in 7 days, for a lighter and slender body.


  • Mix sachet contents with 227ml lukewarm water, shake vigorously and leave idle for 3-5 minute before drink.

Yum Yum ~ I love the Apple flavour and it's smell good

GeneUp - Personalized Genetic Slimming Success 

GeneUp iFG-1
Botanical Beverage Mix Roselle & Yeast Pepton
  • Fat-Dissolving Regulator to dissolve the fat
GeneUp iFG-2
Botanical Beverage Mix Berry & Yeast Pepton
  • Carbohydrate Elimination Regulator to eliminate carbohydrate
  • Roselle polyphenols - contain anthocyanin, catechin, flavonoids and other polyphenols with antioxidant properties

  • Plant-based peptides - plant-based growth factors to stimulate key genes, boost metabolism and energise the body.
  • Consume 1 sachet before breakfast and dinner
Lipokleen A - Advanced blister packaging to prevent oxidation

  • Contain salmon fish oil, rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids: DHA and EPA
  • Vitamin E acts as a fat soluble antioxidant
  • Energise cell, convert nutrition into energy and boost body metabolism


  • Provide deep sea fish oil, lecithin, CoQ and olive polyphenols as strong antioxidant properties to promote healthy blood circulation 


  • Take 1-2 capsules daily, after breakfast and dinner.
Fittache - Absorbs, binds & eliminations dietary fats
  • Fittache helps in slimming, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, body fats and enhances fat elimination. Awarded with 4 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 
  • High in fiber
  • Reduce 35% calorie absorption from food sources
  • Neutralise and eliminate excessive fat
  • Take 2 capsules with 250ml of water before meals. For better result, take together with Total Biozyme
Live demo - using sesame oil for experiment (before and after result)
Check out the video!!!

At last, what a great experience to attend Totalife's workshop and thanks for giving consultation about health. It is really important to take care our health when we are young. 
Lastly, I manage to take a group photo with Mr Ng Guan Choon and Mr Elson Liew. I really glad to know them. 

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Please check out their link for more information. 

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