Thursday, 6 July 2017

Celebrate Tokyo Secret's 1st Anniversary with their Exclusive All Flavour Beverage

Tokyo Secret has recently celebrated its 1st Anniversary in May 2017. Click here for my previous blog. 
To commemorate Tokyo Secret's 1st Anniversary, there will be special promotions running for the whole month of June. The first celebration was held at 1-Utama on 28 May. The first promotion was Buy One Free Cheese Tart (running full day) and a special promo of RM 1 Original Cheese Tart. The second celebration was held at Sunway Pyramid with the promotion of our 5 pieces Hanjuku Cheese Cake.There were activities ran by the emcee and the happy customers won vouchers. The response was overwhelming. 
Last month of June, Tokyo Secret has running another promotion which is four category of beverages and Tokyo Secret's signature beverage namely the Fresh Fruit Tea whuch has four flavours - Pineapple Green Tea, Orange Oolong Tea, Lemon Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea.
Are you a cheese cream fan? As the name suggests, the top quarter of the beverage has a thick, malleable cheese which adds a subtle and irresistible salty flavour to the cream. The bottom portion of the beverage comes in four flavours to choose from - Black Tea, Green Tea, Osmanthus Oolong and Japanese Matcha
Do you enjoy a little milk in your tea? Then you're one of the many tea drinkers throughout the world that love to sip on a Milk Tea. This is a prefect way to mellow and smooth out the flavours of tea. Here, at Tokyo Secret you can either have it cold or hot - Black Milk Tea or Oolong Milk Tea.
Can I make you an Orginal Tea? If you are the type that settles for something simpler then Tokyp Secret's Original Tea would just tantalise your tea-buds with three choices to choose from - Black Tea, Green Tea or Osmonthus Oolong where it can be served cold or hot.

Pleasant to meet with MyFM DJ - Gan Mei Yan 顏微恩
Tokyo Secret is well-known for its Hanjuku Cheese Tarts. The ever popular Original flavour has soft , filled with delicate fluffy warm cheese, crumbly crust. The tart filling is made with a blend of three different types of cream cheese. The molten mousse cheese filling is creamy, slightly salty and flowy when its consume hot. It undeniable as the aroma of the tart pulls out from the oven, capturing your scent from far. The Hanjuku Cheese Tarts has four delectable flavours - Original, Matcha, Hazelnut and Purple Potato.
When all else fails... there's cheesecake! Tokyo Secret will be introducing the new Original Cheesecake on 18 June 2017. It has a perfect balance between dense, creamy and light, airy. It's browned sweet and tart. Worthy of saying, it is the best mouthwatering Cheesecake in town...or soon-to-be!!!
For more great deals, event and promotion, check out their Facebook page here Tokyo Secret Malaysia Facebook Page


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