Friday 3 November 2017

[Halloween Event] 'The Upside Down' Halloween Party @ Zouk Club KL, TREC KL

Last Halloween's Day, I was so excited as I gotten invited by Zouk Club KL to attend 'The Upside Down' Halloween's Party. Oh hell yeah...Thank you Zouk Club KL, I am so in love with this event because I always wanted to attend Halloween party. I wanted to attempt and check out how do people create and make horror and creepy costume with their creativity. 
However, I did not get myself a Halloween's costume but I drew a big reddish bloody wound on my neck bitten by a vampire (YES, I done it by myself) what do you think? Hell yay, dude!!! And, I named myself a 'Sexy Vampire' LOL...!!!
My partner in crime and me were getting ready to join the Malaysia's Biggest Baddest Halloween Celebration at Zouk Club. Does he looks creepy behind me? Hahaha... Check out my pre-event post at here.
Zouk Club KL is an iconic music-driven entertainment institution that provides a world-class clubbing experience by pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music. It sets the pulse of Asia’s electronic dance beat and is Malaysia’s Premier Entertainment Superclub. With a strong emphasis on creativity coupled with a culture of innovation, Zouk Club KL has grown from strength-to-strength in the past 14 years.
With its leading-edge facilities, Zouk Club KL draws more than 500,000 visitors annually; placing Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the world map for entertainment, as it builds a growing base of music fans worldwide. Zouk Club KL is the avant-garde game changer in the global clubbing and music scene.
Here's some photos were taken, check this out how nice there was. If you want to see more photos, go to Zouk FB's page here.
And, congratulation to the winners who wore the most creative Halloween's costume. 
The winners of this year (2017) competition - GREAT JOB EVERYONE! 
Zouk Club KL is now located at its brand new home at TREC KL – Malaysia's first and only purpose-built, urban F&B, lifestyle and commercial destination. Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic Superclub is lavishly outfitted with state of art lighting and top-notch sound equipment, the quintessential nightspot is set against a kaleidoscope of soundscapes from EDM, Electro, Open Format, Trance, Trap, Pop, Hip Hop all the way to R&B.
The heart of Zouk Club KL lies in three things: The music, the people, and the staff, all of whom believe in the vision and mantra that is ONE WORLD, ONE MUSIC, ONE TRIBE, ONE DANCE.
For more information, please visit their social links below;
Facebook: Zouk Club KL
Instagram: @ZoukClubKL
Website: Zouk Club

Contact: 03-2110 3888
Operating hour: 5PM – 5AM
For booking in advance, please click here to reserve your table.