Thursday 7 June 2018

[Food Review] A hidden Treasure Restaurant Dragon Star @ SS1, Petaling Jaya

Finding a good restaurant is like treasure hunting, is adventurous and exciting. Recently I found a hidden Chinese restaurant located at SS1 area whereby i stayed in PJ for so many years and never bump into this restaurant before. Today I am introducing Restaurant Dragon Star located along the main road, a 2 level covered air-conditioner shop with private dining place on the 2nd floor which to be reserved for special occasion like wedding, birthday celebration or full moon.
Restaurant Dragon Star has been operating for more than 10 years. It is one of the neighbourhood notable restaurants in Petaling Jaya. Here are some of my favourite dishes to recommend for you.

鹽煙沙薑雞 Salted Smoked Sand Village Chicken with Ginger
Whole RM 60 ; Half RM 30
 *Highly recommended* The chicken is perfectly seasoned, smoked, soft, tender and juicy. Dip with their homemade ginger sauce to perfectly match the dish. I am a ginger lover, I can eat the whole plate of ginger sauce with the chicken. 

燒焗排骨支 Marinated BBQ Pork Ribs
Small RM 23 ; Big RM 46
Well marinated pork ribs with bbq sauce. The meat texture are moist and tender when cut to half, serve with crispy fried tempura and long beans at the bottom. Best pork ribs come along with a bit of fat cause I love eat fat pork. Hahaha!!! Fantastics...

清蒸游水順殼魚 Steamed Marble Goby (Soon Hock) with Light Soy Sauce - 'Seasonal price'
Soon Hock fish is the freshest fish out from the tank and steamed with premium soy sauce and chopped cilantro leaves on top. The fish is sweet and tender. And most important it is guarantee fresh. I love this steamed fish very much simply nice to eat.

檸香焗明蝦 Homemade Lemon Mayo King Prawn - 'Seasonal price'
Fried prawn coated with tangy and creamy homemade lemon mayo sauce. Finger licking good taste of sweet and lemon with every bite. Best recommendation!

紅燒羊腩煲 Claypot Braised Lamb Belly 
Small RM 27 ; Big RM 54
The soft and tender braised lamb belly that melt in your mouth. Best  pair with white rice. You'll love it if you're lamb lover. 

蝦子鍋仔豆腐 Braised Shrimp Tofu with Seasonal Vegetable
Small RM 18 ; Medium RM 27
Look simple but not, a well braised silky smooth tofu with shrimp and vegetables. Tasty and delicious to eat with white rice too. Yummy! 

Overall, I enjoyed every single dishes cooked by the chef in Restaurant Dragon Star.  Well done chef! Satisfied, good food and good service. I'll come again for next time. 

Restaurant Dragon Star 
54 A, B, Jalan SS 1/22, 
Desa Tunku, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, 

Tel : 03-7877 6673 

Business hours:  Monday - Sunday
11am - 2.30pm 
5.30pm - 11.00pm


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