Wednesday 8 August 2018

[Event] “East Or West Guangxi Landscape Is The Best” - Guangxi (KL) Tourism Promotion Conference

Many of my friends and family told me that China is really beautiful country. Unfortunately, I've never visit there before but trust me I'm already start saving money to travel to China. I'm targeting my next travel bucket-list for 2019. 
The Guangxi Autonomous Region Tourism Development Commission has organized an event to promote Guangxi tourism activities at Summit 1, The Vertical, Bangsar South City. Many thanks to Guangxi (Kuala Lumpur) Tourism Promotional Conference who invited me to experiences this amazing event and gain lot of new knowledges about Guangxi's culture, living and foods.
In the event themed “East Or West Guangxi Landscape Is The Best”, Malaysians visitors were able to perceive the charms of the “Beautiful Scenery in Guangxi” via 6 fascinating short films titled “Lao, Shao, Bian, Shan, Hai, Shou”.
During the occasion, organizers also presented remarkable Guangxi traditional folk music and dances. From these performances, visitors were shown the beauty of folk customs, mysterious ancient cultures as well as the appeal of a hometown of longevity.
The event also incorporated a clever usage of technological and fashion aesthetics. The whole event was livened up through mobile live broadcasts, interactive activities and attractive prizes.
A total of close to 200 people were presented at the promotional event, these includes Hu Jing Bo, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Commission, along with the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, tourism agencies, industrial representatives, and visitors. It is believed that this activity could build an even tighter bond between the Malaysian and Guangxi China tourism industries, and create potential exchange of resources in the future.
Last but not least, I enjoyed every single moment of their quiz and games. Yes, I am on stage with Betty Liew for a food contest which 4 dishes of Guangxi's signature gourmet provided, whoever finish the 4 dishes first will get a limited edition and genuine prizes from Guangxi. Who do you think will win this competition? Hahaha!!! Comment me below if you're keen to know which team? :D
Many interesting things to explore and discover the stunning mountains, splendid culture, beautiful scenery in Guangxi Province. This Guangxi province is in my next bucket list. Definitely be mine and your best ideal destination to visit! Till next xxxx


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