Wednesday, 2 January 2019

[Dessert Review] The Gem of Mount Alishan - Arrison Aiyu @ Sunway Pyramid Mall

The long holiday is coming to the end. I hope you are enjoying the holidays! I have one healthy dessert to share here. Introduce you the newly open Arrison Aiyu located at Sunway Pyramid LG floor, next to the Manhattan Fish Market and in the centre of the mall surrounded by the shoppers. And, there have a cozy place at the corner for customer to hang out while having a refreshing and relaxing dessert.
The hot summer weather in Malaysia that alway pushes us to look for a thirst-quenching drink or dessert. More often than not, a drink or dessert will provides more than a day’s worth of sugar and calories.
Positioning itself as a provider of natural and healthy dessert, Arrison Aiyu uses the Aiyu that is originated from the Mountain AliShan of Taiwan. Mountain AliShan is about 1,800 meters above the sea level
At Arrison Aiyu, it’s all about efforts and sincerity. They carefully selects the finest natural Aiyu, rubbing and submerging a bag of seeds in a basin of cold water. The slimy washed gel oozed out and they are left to set into jelly. The process illustrates Arrison Aiyu’s passion in producing signature Aiyu desserts and drinks that are mouthful, healthy and invigorating.
Arrison Aiyu want the consumer to eat good and drink good by serving 100% handmade Aiyu harvested from wild natural pesticide-free Aiyu seed. The slimy gel will be extracted from the bag of Aiyu seeds as it is squeezed and massaged upon order (on the spot!). This is known as “Washing Aiyu in Chinese (洗愛玉)”. Few minutes later, the washed gel is then allowed to set into a jelly. The toothsome drink or dessert is ready to be enjoyed!

A I Y U  D E S S E R T
Peach Gum Aiyu RM 12.80 (M) / RM 14.80 (L)

Roselle Aiyu RM 12.80 (M) / RM 14.80 (L)

Snow Fungus Aiyu RM 12.80 (M) / RM 14.80 (L)

Strawberry Aiyu RM 12.80 (M) / RM 13.80 (L)
Passion Fruit Aiyu RM 11.80 (M) / RM 12.80 (L)
My favourite Aiyu dessert goes to Plum Gum Aiyu. Although, the Aiyu jelly does not have a strong taste but when paired it together with the plum and its taste good. I can even take two bowls of them by myself. Super great and yummy!!! Those desserts that I ordered in Arrison Aiyu are healthy and refreshing because I want my skin to look good and moist-moist like Aiyu jelly. LOLLL!!!
To find out more, please visit Arrison Aiyu links as below;

Arrison Aiyu

LG2.08A Sunway Pyramid,
Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
Subang Jaya, 


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