Wednesday 27 February 2019

[Food Review] Purple Cane Tea Cuisine - CNY 2019 Menu @ The Gardens Mall, KL

Chinese new year celebration had just finished, how is your celebration? Are you still in CNY mood? Do you have a lot fun, meet up and of course the food? Let's throw back to 1 of my highlight during Chinese New Year. In conjunction with the celebration of Chinese New year - Purple Cane Tea Cuisine Malaysia introduced a new menu for the celebration.
Purple Cane Tea Restaurant is an unique restaurant that serves healthy dishes, which all inspired by tea. Though this restaurant serves authentic Chinese dishes, it is also a Pork Free restaurant. Purple Cane Tea Restaurant has a number of branches across the Klang Valley. Thank for having us in Purple Cane, The Gardens Mall KL letting us tried your CNY dishes at last month.
Before having a CNY dishes, we were invited to the Tea+ bar to taste different varieties of brew tea. Their tea was super unique, tasty and so refreshing, it just cool off my whole body and taste wonderful. How could I not fall in love with Purple Cane's tea!!!
Nitro Lemongrass Black Tea
Nitro Pu'er Honey Tea
Look at Ivy Kam how she enjoying her tea at the bar
Jade butterfly Jasmine
Premium jasmine blossoms scented green tea
Check this unique bottle that I'm holding made from Purple Cane. It is a Cold Brew Tea with Chinese New Year bottle decoration that has a good auspicious message to brighten up your Chinese New Year's vibe! I've picked one of my '壽' (longevity) bottle, what yours? 
Back to their CNY meals, their variety of meals come with abundance! Consider it was my first tried of CNY full set meal in Purple Cane Restaurant. But the most intriguing part was that every meals are made with a blend infused tea that creates a unique flavour and even enhances the flavour of the meals naturally and fragrantly! My first sight and expression was "WOW, their food are so healthy and well cooked". Let's go to their 1st recommendation dish here. 
Adults and children are equipped with a pair of chopsticks, get ready to toss the Yee Sang. Topped with special passion fruit jam and Longjing tea oil, the higher the chopsticks, the better the color of this year. Toss the 'Yee Sang' as high as possible to usher in prosperity and great health this year with Health-Tea-Licious 'Yee Sang' with Salmon and Passion Fruit Sauce (Green Tea)
The ingredients are mainly fresh vegetables, melons and fruits, and fresh Salmon. The homemade ingredients are mixed with their homemade passion fruit jam and Longjing tea oil. The sweet and sour taste is moderate, and the fruits and vegetables are full of fragrance.
Crab Fish Maw in Seafood Soup (Oolong Tea)
Prosperity Vegetable Treasure Pot (Oolong Tea)
The main ingredients are fresh vegetables and melons, pairing with soy soup, and added with Taiwan's frozen top oolong tea. The fragrant tea is fragrant and delicious. Taste the scent of fresh tea and fresh vegetables and melons. The sweetness is not overpowering, and is not greasy.
Sautéed Prawns in Nan Yang 
Sweet & Sour Sauce (Lychee Black Tea)
After the fresh shrimp is fried crispy, topped with homemade blush and Nanyang sauce and mixed well. The added tea enhance the fragrance, the tea shrimp is full of fragrance, crisp and delicious.
Steamed Cat Fish with Soy Sauce
Salt Steamed Chicken in Chinese Herbs (Dong Ding)
Salted chicken were marinated for 45 minutes, steamed with mixed herbs and tea. The taste may slightly salty, but the taste of medicinal herbs and tea aroma will linger and stay in your mouth. The added tea leave can reduce the greasiness of the dish.
Braised Assorted Vegetable with Lotus (Shui Xian)
The ingredients are mainly nuts and fungi. The added narcissus tea add a touch of tea flavour to the dishes. The combination of the two can be described as perfecto.
Fried Tea Rice with XO Sauce 
in Lotus Leaf (Long Jing Green Tea)
Longjing tea pair with rice, added with the traditional homemade soy sauce and stir well. Wrap it with lotus leaves and steam for 30 minutes. Covered with XO sauce, with lotus leaf and tea, the fragrance of rice were strongly enhanced.

Here comes my favourite desserts, signature Crystal Peach Resin in black tea (RM9.90) good for your healthy skin. Yummy!
Last but not least, all the bloggers, YouTuber, live anchor, food platform founder, and media at Purple Cane Restaurant. We shared a great moment together, having fun together and experience & learn knowledge about tea together. Good teamwork with spirit and I hope we can do it for the next event again. Once again, thank you Main Kitchen and Purple Cane Restaurant for this unforgettable Chinese New Year celebration. 

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