Sunday 28 July 2019

[EVENT] New Line of Healthy Wraps by Mission Foods

During a busy morning, it's easy to let breakfast fall low in your list of priorities, but how many of us Malaysians understand the importance of having a healthy breakfast? Taking just a few minutes to have something to eat can really make a difference to your day. If you don't have time to eat before leaving the house, we have lots of breakfast ideas that can be eaten on-the-go or when you get to work.
Recently Mission Foods introducing a healthier way to wrap things up in the kitchen. The world’s largest flatbread producer has launched a range of healthy wraps in Malaysia to support those looking for an active and healthy lifestyle.
Mission Foods’ Healthy Wraps - Reduced Carb Wrap, Quinoa Wrap and Chia Wrap. 
The healthy wraps are available in 3 variants, which is the Reduced Carb, the Quinoa Wraps and the Chia WrapsEach with their own distinctive taste and qualities.
The Reduced Carb Wraps contain 70% less carbs and 90% less sugar than a regular wrap and are a source of protein and fibre, catering to consumers seeking to lower their carb intake, whilst the Quinoa Wraps and Chia Wraps are fortified with superfoods that are both high in nutrients and loaded with antioxidants and omega-3, and they are both a source of protein and fibre.
To kick start their Healthy Wraps range with bang, Mission Foods has teamed up with Malaysian champions Farah Ann and Peter Davis in a ‘Breakfast of Champions’ campaign. The campaign aims to inspire more Malaysians letting the Malaysians know how does the champion have for their daily breakfast. As part of the campaign, Farah Ann and Peter Davis will share their breakfast favourites using the Healthy Wraps range through various social media platforms.
Randall Tan, Brand Manager of Mission Foods South Asia said that “With our new line of Healthy Wraps now available, we hope to make an impactful change in the lives of Malaysians striving for a healthier and better lifestyle. Let us be a part of your mission for a better you”
Randall Tan, Brand Manager of Mission Foods South Asia. delivering his welcome note
From Left to Right : Farah Ann – Malaysian Gymnast,
Mark Tan – Retail Sales Manager of Mission Foods Malaysia,
Cosme Martinez – Chief Financial Officer of Asia and Oceania,
Randall Tan – Brand Manager of Mission Foods South Asia,
Peter Davis – Malaysian MMA Fighter
at the launch of Mission’s new Healthy Wraps
“Many people have the wrong idea and practice of skipping breakfast in order to stay fit and lean but this is not the right way. Not only does this do more harm to our body but it prevents us from staying on top of our game and leaves us feeling drained and moody by the end of the day”, Farah Ann said as she demonstrated two fun and easy recipes - ‘Banana in Chiajammies’ using the Chia wrap as well as ‘It’s a Party in my Wrap’ recipe staring the Reduced Carb wrap.
Farah Ann, Malaysia’s sweetheart and artistic gymnast, rose to glory when she brought home multiple medals at the recent SEA and has been on a winning streak since. She has a rigorous training regime both in the morning and afternoons and because of this she is a great believer of starting the day right with the right breakfast.
Farah Ann encouraging Malaysians to start their day right with a wholesome healthy breakfast and not skip breakfast as it is the first most important meal of the day. She happily shows her ‘Banana in Chiajammies’ recipe using Mission Chia wrap.

Man of the hour, Peter Davis certainly packs a punch in and out of the kitchen. The model, actor, host and professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter is a winner in all his roles. “As an MMA fighter, I have to stay sharp and focused at all times, to be swift like a coursing river. My energy level has to be constant throughout, and so I require food that is low in sugar and rich in fibre and protein which is why superfoods such as Quinoa and Chia benefits me tremendously.” Peter has won numerous MMA championships and continues to fight actively.
Peter Davis inspiring Malaysians to make a positive and healthy lifestyle change and to make your first meal of the day count. Wrapping up his healthy ‘Sea Bed’ recipe using Mission Quinoa wrap.
Peter who recently turned pescatarian mentioned favouring the Reduced Carb wrap because of the high fibre but low carb and sugar content compared to other wraps in the market. At the launch he demonstrated 2 recipes – the simple and cheesy ‘High Protein Spinach Feta’ recipe with the Chia wrap and ‘Sea Bed’ recipe using the Quinoa wrap.
The power duo championing through the recipe demo together showcasing the versatility and flexibility of the new line of Mission Healthy Wraps.
The #BreakfastofChampions campaign with Farah Ann & Peter Davis inspired me to think, act and eat like a champion. I am looking forward to make my own breakfast now. Eat like a champion, be a winner , because nothing beats starting the day like a winner!
Farah Ann (Left) and Peter Davis (Right) teamed up with Mission Foods on the #BreakfastofChampionsMY campaign showcasing their favourite healthy breakfast recipes using Mission Foods Healthy wraps.
The new Healthy Wraps range with its 3 variants are available at all leading supermarkets on the bread aisle alongside their existing range of Supersoft Wraps, Naan, Pita, Pizza Crusts and Chips.
To find out more, please visit Mission Foods links as below;


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