Thursday 16 February 2017

Align your spine/Hunchback with Jonlivia Unisex Phiro Back Support

Nowadays, most of the time we spend our time in front of the screen and neglected our sitting posture. The false sitting posture remained too long it may cause hunchbacked. Therefore, Jonlivia came out with a new physio product- PHIRO to adjust or protect our spinal chord and to prevent hunchbacked.

Unisex Phiro Back Support 

Here's the wearing instruction 
Put on Jonlivia Phiro

Extend the wide waist band and pull down below waist
Attach the wide waist band

Extend the smaller adjuster
Pull until suitable tightness and attach the smaller adjuster
Done! This is how its looks like to wear on it.

Jonlivia Phiro Back Support
  • Make you elegant beauty no matter you are walking or standing
  • Helps to correct poor posture
  • Helps to train your body to keep your shoulders back
  • Helps to correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures 
  • Helps to relieve posture related back pains, shoulder pains and headaches
  • Walk like a model and gain confidence as soon as you put the posture corrector on
  • Pulls back the shoulders, straightens neck & aligns spine

Personally, I like this back support. It can align my back in correct form no matter walking, sitting or standing. This posture corrector is fits comfortably on my body, without being too tight or clingy. The quality is pretty good with airy mesh and gives the body a great firm hold. The Unisex Phiro Back Support are retailing RM210.00 and currently available at Jonvilia website 

Check out my video - Demo to wear Phiro Back Support

Contact: +6016-2634410 
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