Thursday, 29 June 2017

Pamper Your Skin and Body With Better Choice of Beauty Care Products from Neesya, Hadabisei, Pax Moly, Mamonde and Adidas

What is the daily product you use to pamper your skin and body? Everyone loves fresh stuffs and craving to know more about new products. In this beauty care market, there are millions of brands and products you can try it on. But which products suit you the best? Or which products you needed the most? Unsolved mystery. Haihzz...! Eventually, all these product I'm showing here are my first try too. Let's find out what they are, okay.
These 3 products are for daily skincare usage;
  • NEESYA Revives Dull Skin - Cleansing Set
  • Kracie Hadabisei Face Mask
  • Pax Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Jeju Aloe
This brightening set from NEESYA contains Brightening Enzymatic Refiner (75mls) and also Brightening Gel Cleanser (100mls). The Brightening Enzymatic Refiner is a creative product that revives dull skin without abrasion as most of the products contains scrub, which can be rather harsh to sensitive skin. And, the NEESYA Brightening Gel Cleanser is Soap-Free and is formulated with Silver Vine Extract and Alpha-Melight®, skin benefits from brightening effects even during essential cleansing, while extract of Hamamelis, Aloe and Vitamin B5 hydrate and soften skin. Meaning you won't be expecting much foam or numerous rounds of face rinsing procedures. The intention is to help prepare skin to receive maximum moisture and brightening effects with the NEESYA skin care range by removing surface impurities without stripping the skin essential moisture, one very common effect most soapy face soap or body shampoo gives. It is also less irritable to sensitive skin, so generally suitable for all skin types. 
I love this Kracie Hadabisei Face Mask, it is super moisturising with rich creamy essence that slips on luxuriously to bring concentrated hydrating benefits to severe dry skin. Infused with an intensive treatment essence that rapidly penetrates deep into the core of the skin cells. Specially developed with hyaluronic acid and royal jelly to improve moisture balance and leave skin smooth and supple with a dewy fresh vibrancy. The unique waffle sheet contains plentiful of essence to moisture your entire face.
I am sure everyone familiar with this aloe vera gel mask container. Haha!!! Because I have this too. I love using this aloe vera gel mask very much. Its give me more hydration and nourishing my skin. Pax Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Jeju Aloe is formulated with Aloe Vera and botanical extracts, high enriched moist and mild texture provides hydration and mild texture provides hydration and nutrition to the dry skin after wash off. It can be applied to hair, face and body as often as desired. Perfect!!!
Next, product for body;
  • Adidas Climacool Shower gel
  • Adidas Climacool anti-perspirant 
Dancing is part of my workout and I'll sweat a lot when I dance. If you are a hardcore or always workout in gym/dance, Adidas Climacool Shower gel is the best choice for you. Adidas Climacool Shower gel is a new breakthrough innovation in freshness technology with move activated fresh capsules that release refreshing fragrance throughout the day. With Climacool shower gel, your senses are awakened at shower time and you experience an ongoing feeling of freshness hours later from the exclusive fragrance capsules that stay on dry skin after showering.
After using Adidas Climacool shower gel, try the Adidas Climacool anti-perspirant.  Anti-perspirant deodorants and climacool apparel have the same core benefits of keeping you fresh and dry. As you never know how intense your day will be climacool has got you covered no matter what thanks to its active formula that’s designed to match your intensity at the gym or during a stressful work day.
Lastly, for the best makeup tips from the 2 product by Mamonde.
  • Mamonde Liquid Eyeliner
  • Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist

If you guys read my blog about Tips For Makeup + Cosmetic Review For W.Lab, Dolly Wink & MY 1028 时尚彩妆. Now let me recommend you a good product for you to spray on your after makeup, introduce you the Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist. Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist is a Mist-type spray that cools down heated-up skin, and provides moisture with naturally extracted low-molecular narcissus water. Narcissus water sprayed in small particles to lower the skin temperature and fill dehydrated skin. By the way, i just love the sweet floral scent that comes with it, hehe...
Another long lasting eyeliner I am introducing is Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner is light, quick and easy application. I had this black color because I love to apply black eyeliner whether is day or night. Meanwhile, I did tried to wash my face with water after apply, it is perfectly smudge-proof or waterproof. And so worry no more, this eyeliner will hold through your date regardless rain or shine.
That's all for today and till the next post. Let me know what's your thought about beauty care products and comment me as below.



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