Monday 19 June 2017

Traveloka makes traveling easy

Hey yo to all my reader! Long weekend is coming soon, plan to travel around or a short getaway? I love to travel around. How about y'all?

Life as a traveler
Traveling is always fun. You get to see new places, meet new people, experience new culture point of view, taste new food and discover new traits of yourself.
To me, traveling teaches you a lot of things about literally everything around you and even your own self because believe it or not, there are hidden personalities in our consciousness that we know nothing about. Traveling can really expose some and you guys can get to know each other. But hold up, as much happy as that sounds, sometimes a storm will just come right in and blow the whole thing to pieces. Challenges are inevitable, especially during preparations.

When travel agencies and travel sites crush your hopes and dreams
Preparing for a trip is easy but what goes on during the preparation phase can sometimes drive one up the wall. It can either be a “first and last” situation or you’ll stop halfway and settles on the sofa; bingeing your favorite tv shows to wash the disappointment away. Common problems traveler usually face includes issues with traveling agency or traveling site when you are trying to find decent hotel booking and flight ticket for your trip. This includes dropped bookings and rip-off room preferences, weird and different cancellation policies, hidden or even extra charges that come out of nowhere and the list goes on.

Sure, why not go straight to the airline for your flight search or call the hotel to make your hotel booking instead of booking hotel online. The thing is, sometimes we don’t get enough time and liberty to do it physically with time concern factor. There are tons and when I say tons, I meant tons of travel sites out there. Finding the right one that won’t steal your wallet before you even get to the place can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending to this story.

Traveloka saves the day
Recently I got my eyes set on seeing the wonders in Southeast Asia region. They have so much fun stuff going on and having a chance to see some is definitely a bucket list-worthy. And so, the hunt begins to embark on the preparation phase which as I mentioned comes with whole sorts of curveballs. So, I dig up the list of traveling agency and traveling sites I can find, some are way over my budget and some are just plain weird altogether. And then I found it: Traveloka. It’s both a traveling booking site and a traveling agency - Score!
I gotta say, they got a whole lot of accommodation choices and flight routes all over the Southeast Asia network. It’s like the thing knows exactly how stoked I was in going to these places. Hey, I don’t have a specific location in mind yet, but here’s the best thing about this site, they tell you all about it.

Flight search and booking mode on
If you ask me, I always go for the cheapest flight ticket (eg: AirAsia tickets) I can find out there.
Yeah, sometimes I like to travel in style - first class all the way, but going coach ain’t that bad for a cheap flight, right? So, I went on my flight search, scouting each intently. They provide complete and precise information on each flight they have, you don’t even have to crosscheck with the airline official website because what they tell you is clear-cut information. The price is also interesting - there are no booking fees or hidden charges. If there were, that is some very good hiding skills. But really, it’s totally cheap and not just for coach!

Traveloka hotel booking online restored my faith
Finding cheap hotels are easy, finding cheap hotels that provide classy services is another story. Good thing with Traveloka, they have listed out all the comfy hotels nearby the area you are traveling to. This definitely a big help for those who don’t know squat about the area - like me! The information is very detailed - they really do have good writers working on this because they did their research well. I can very much say my “booking hotel online” process went smoothly as my flight ticket purchased.
Traveloka better have my money
Traveloka accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards which are relatively common and convenient to the people of earth. The transactions process are fully protected by Secure Socket Layer of RapidSSL. For those who don’t know, this security system is top-notch.
The data sent via this connection is tightly protected by encryption that will prevent any hacks or tamper from happening during the data transmitting process. So, not long afterward, I received the e-ticket via email. It is time to leave on a jet plane, people!

Mobile app keeps me on track
Over the days or months leading up to my trip, I tend to forget the whole altogether. It’s common human virtue, I must say. But lucky for me, the Traveloka mobile app keeps me reminded that my adventure is waiting for me and not only that, it keeps me updated on their latest offers which I know I will be taking anytime soon. It’s pretty easy to download and the interface is easy on the eyes.
It doesn’t clutter and crowds the screen. So, I’m always on track on my future adventure.

There’s always a time to call for back-up
One morning I got up and realize that I might have something going on the day of my flight. See what I mean by forgetting on certain things at a certain period of time?
So, my panic button went off, my inner brain cells are scrambling for the solution. Then, I decided to just call the customer service and what do you know? I can change my flight booking! The one who assisted me was very cool and very friendly. It’s like talking to a friend and really helped me out. So, next time, I’ll skip the panic attack and went straight to the phone, they’ll get my back for sure.

Adventure land, here I come!
And so the day at the airport was smooth. No hassles. No troubles. Just me, my bag and my ticket. Everything was according to plan and for a moment there - in a split second, I was hoping for some technical difficulties with my ticket. I’m happy to be disappointed by that hope, of course.
There is nothing better than watching the clouds in the sky. Relaxing and enjoying the flight to my next adventure story. Traveloka really made my day.
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