Monday 7 August 2017

Hock Kee - Hock Chew Cuisine @ Lot 10 Hutong Heritage Food Village

Have you been heard of red wine mee suah before? I'm not familiar with this dishes and not taste it before. I even don't know where to find a good red wine mee suah. LOL! One of my friend told me that i can find it at Sitiawan but how often you will travel to Sitiawan, just to eat Rice Wine Mee Suah. 
Luckily and it was a blessing that i was invited to try Hock Kee's signature Red Wine Mee Suah located in Lot 10 Hutong. Hock Kee is a Hock Chew cuisine that serves authentic Hock Chew food that consist of noodles a.k.a mee suah, rice and dessert. 
To cook a great Hock Chew(Fook Chow) cuisine, you will need a great Fook Chow's rice wine and recipe. Here's a touching story behind the authentic rice wine & recipe. Many years ago, there is a young lady who left Fook Chow, China to Malaya to find a better living. Before she left Fook Chow, she received a jar of her mother's Fook Chow red rice wine as a goodbye gift. Having then resided in Malaya and forever separated from her mother, she ensured that her descendent mastered the recipe of making her mother's signature Fook Chow Rice Wine. Each dishes evoke strong reminiscence of the roots and undying love of a mother.
Jeassy and her mother
After years and generation later, today Hock Kee were founded by Jeassy and Jacky, the grandchildren of the young lady from Fook Chow to ensured that the authentic recipe able serve the public and flow down for ages. 
Hock Chew Claypot Red Vinasse Chicken Mee Suah RM 15
The signature red wine mee suah, cook with the authentic Fook Chow rice wine.
The mee suah soaked in the beautiful red wine broth, their red glutinous wine are deliciously savoury. 
This is their house made fine mee suah for their Hock Chew Claypot Red Vinasse
And, for another type of this thicker mee suah for dry noodle 
Hock Chew Dry Mee Suah RM 10.50
A sweet and savory soy-based sauce mee suah topped with chopped scallions, serve with crunchy homemade stuffed minced pork mix with Tenggiri fish paste Tau Pok. 
 Home Cooked Braised Pork Rice RM 13
Thick savory dark soy sauce pork belly braised with a blend of fragrant spices, indescribable taste and texture that melt in your mouth is so addictive that you can't stop eating. Served with steamed white rice.
Red Vinasse Pork Rice RM 11
Stir fried lean pork slices with red rice wine. A simple dish but after cooking with the authentic Fook Chow rice wine, it became a fine dine's dish.
Hock Chew Peanut Soup RM 5
The tradition Foo Chow dessert
It was a great experience, as it was my first time trying Fook Chew Cuisine without needing to travel to Sitiawan. I love it so much, the authentic and rice savoury taste were kept in my mouth for hours after dining. You should try it and you will fall in love too.

Hock Kee 
K8 Lower Ground Floor, 
Lot 10 Hutong, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 
50 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur. 

Tel : +6012- 202 3237 / +6012- 391 3918
Website: Hock Kee @ Lot 10 Hutong


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