Saturday 9 September 2017

[Food Review] Best of the Best Quality - BBQ Chicken Restaurant @ Kelana Jaya

TGIF...peeps! A new month has came and I am ready for a new adventure day. During dinner time, I headed to BBQ Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant at Kelana Jaya. BBQ Chicken offers a contemporary casual dining experience in a unique concept called Premium Cafe. They serve a wide range of tasty yet healthy food to maximize customers' satisfaction worldwide.
I believe that everyone thought BBQ Chicken stand for Barbecue chicken concept cafe but the actual name is "Best of the Best Quality Chicken" LOL!!! Gotcha... 
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The place features a comfortable & fully air conditioned area for lunch and dinner.
It was pleasure to meet Benjamin the owner of BBQ Chicken @ Kelana Jaya and he served us their best recommended dishes to us. Okay, lets check out BBQ Chicken's menu.

Kimchi Bokkeumbap Korean Charbroiled
Price: RM 18.90
BBQ's kimchi fried rice with egg, marinated with tender boneless chicken leg bbq's unique traditional soy-based sauce with added secret ingredients, perfectly grilled to an irresistible taste of soy sauce and juicy meat. 

Bulgogi DOL-SOD Bap
Price: RM 16.90
A great combination Bulgogi & vegetables topped on the rice when mixed together and taste sweet flavour of the marinated meats. Variant chicken or beef to choose.  

Kimchi Jjigae  bbq's recommendation 
Price: RM 14.90 (Ala-carte) / RM 17.90 (Meal)
A traditional cuisine using BBQ's secret recipe of fried kimchi and silky smooth tofu, a comforting soup to warm your stomach. 
 **Meal served with steamed rice and Kanjang Wings (3pcs)
- Crispy wings thoroughly coated with bbq's soybean and garlic sauce. 

Hot Hot Chicken
Price: RM 31.50 (9pcs) / RM 59.90 (18pcs)
Selected chicken parts marinated in bbq's Hot & Spicy recipe. A great combination between spicy flavour and crispy exterior. I love this Hot Hot Chicken very much. Must try!!!

Sous-Vide Chicken Salad bbq's recommendation
Price: 19.50
Fresh vegetables paired with tender sous-vide chicken breast, a prefect choice for the weight-watchers!!! 

Gangnam-Style Chicken (Paris Wings)
Price: RM 15.90 (5pc) / RM 29.90 (10pcs) / RM 54.90 (20pcs)
Channel your inner love for Korean pop culture and lush cuisine with this Gangnam-style chicken at BBQ Chicken. Tantalising crispy wings marinated with bbq's special Paris sauce,
tossed with sauteed garlic and fresh chili. Enjoy a spicy an sour taste that' set to excite your taste buds. 

BBQ Chicken used olive oil, also known as the "God's gift", which adds the need of 'healthiness' in chicken and creates a whole new kind of fried chicken. They provide the best for the customer in term of happiness and also healthiness. Great preparation of Korean food. Thanks to Kiple as I get to enjoy a wonderful food using their app.
BBQ Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant  
Unit 6A-1, Jalan SS6/6,
Kelana Jaya, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours:
12noon – 9pm (Weekdays)
1.30pm – 9pm (Weekends)
Closed on Public Holiday

Facebook: BBQ Chicken Malaysia