Monday 30 October 2017

[Event] Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017 + Gala Dinner @ Sunway Resort Hotel Grand Ballroom

“Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017” Grand final gala dinner was held at Sunway Resort Hotel Grand ballroomlast month. The grand ceremony of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017” aimed to be on par with world-class’s Paris Fashion or beauty industry ceremony.
Thanks for the invitation and having me to witness so many beautiful and talented gorgeous ladies on stage. WPI is glad to announce that Gauraro Joaillerie is the 2017 Miss World Prestige International Pageant main honorary sponsor. WPI show great gratitude that honorary main sponsorship of Gauraro Joaillerie to support the ceremony.
“Gauraro Joaillerie, a brand from Paris, France created on 1830. Their Name has been synonymous with luxury and influence. They are partnered with one of the most respected names in luxury accessories, give the privileged access to some of the most sought after luxury goods in the world, provided by the same supplier to the royal house of Europe.” Added by Gauraro Joaillerie’s Director, Ms Wong Lee Yuen.
Beside that, WPI highlighted to media representative at the final ceremony, that they are gratefully supported by

Diamond Sponsor : Hai-O Group, Vintage Collection, STO Malaysia , 
Platinum Sponsor : Malaysia China Silk Road Entrepreneurs Association, AGP Group, The Hulo Hotel + Gallery, Ming Feng Marketing Sdn.Bhd. , 
Gold Sponsor : Fion Poon Fashion, Dynasty Tailors Sdn. Bhd. , Reborn Beauty House, Dragon Muay Thai, Power Storm Sdn. Bhd. 
Silver Sponsor : De Vouge Wedding Gallery & Academy, Gelly Wee makeup Studio, Miko Galere; Charater International Modeling, Mekar Subur Sdn. Bhd.
We bloggers can't wait to see the live show of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017”. Before it start, lets sit back and relax to enjoy the entertainment dance while waiting pageant get ready to start.
As last year the theme for “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017”  is “The Beauty of Great Love” possess to make this world a better place. WPI believe the beauty begins inside, all the finalists must possess three qualities of beauty which are outward appearance, inner beauty, and social contributions. With this three qualities they will only qualified and entitle to the honorable title of Miss World Prestige International.
Okay, finally the food is served. I am starving. Pardon me... 
Prestige Honorary Advisor, Mr Tan Kee Hock Said “This year we are proudly brought to you the theme of “Dare To dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life” of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017”, it allowed us to mobilize and encourage public dare to chase their dream and showcase the talent. We are strong believe each female or women is a diamond, but always an option to be a stone or diamond. we ensure that through a series of training & practicing, selected beauty who must be the best. It’s the matter how they reveal to the journey of success. WPI Strongly urge outstanding female out there choose World Prestige International Pageant as the platform to enhance their wisdom & ability.”
This year Top 8 finalist is 
contestant no.1: Victoria Jean,
contestant no.2: Gharam, 
contestant no.3: Eline Tee,
contestant no.4: Eawen Chia, 
contestant no.5: Valerie Lau, 
contestant no.6: Kimberley Claire, 
contestant no.7: Jocelyn Teong, 
contestant no.8: Mobina.

Are you guys ready to know the result? Guess who is the winner of this year Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017. *drum* terrrrr-terrrr-terrrrr
Congratulation to contestant No.6 - Kimberley Claire. Yeahhhhh!!! 
Grand winner : Kimberley Claire (Contestant No:6)
1st Runner Up : Gharam (Contestant No:2)
2nd Runner up : Valerie lau (Contestant No:5)
Grand winner: Kimberley Claire (Contestant No:6)
1st Runner Up: Gharam (Contestant No:2)
2nd Runner up: Valerie lau (Contestant No:5)
Miss Talent: Mobina (Contestant No:8)
Miss Photogenic: Eawen Chia (Contestant No:4)
Miss Jocelyn: Teong (Contestant No:7)

At last but not least, congratulation to all the other contestants. You girls done a great job too. Give you girls a big applause. Good job everyone!!! 
So, do you want to be the next Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2018? If you think you got the potential. Go ahead!!! As one of the World Prestige International Advisors Mr Tan Kee Hock added, "World Prestige International is an idea organization who had complete pageant sources and well managed to compile each beauty pageant to be success pathway on leading industry with great potential. The platform can efficiently train local female with talent brought out their professional globally."
“World Prestige International Ambassadors”, the brilliant mission is to look for suitable candidate in honor. Provide them the favorable portal to elevate and achieve their lofty goals, to educate them obtain better and higher values, to continue build their career even more successful. World Prestige International always wish public improve their social cognition about our platform. We promise to build a fair and well - defined concept. All candidate must have the above conditions either register themselves and nominated by well-known people in community.
Okay, I'll see you girls next year. Dare to dream!!!
Whoever interested to know more about Miss World Prestige International Pageant, check out their FB Pages below.
Facebook: worldprestigeinternational


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