Tuesday 3 October 2017

[Beauty Event] A Dr. Morita Facial Mask A Day, Keeps Your Ageing Away.

Ladies, if you want to look like you’re in your twenties even when you are in your thirties, then you have to start your youth preservation today!
A pleasant workshop conducted by Dr. Jou, entitled ‘A Dr. Morita facial mask a day, keeps your ageing away’, Dr. Jou is a firm believer that the key to looking youthful way past your prime is to begin with any ‘youth-preserving efforts’, even before your skin starts getting destructed by daily stresses.
No.1 Best Selling facial mask in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China, Dr. Morita specializes in facial masks using medical-grade natural ingredients to pamper and nourish your skin. This brand has been around for more than 83 years and is known as one of the pioneers of facial masks.
Dr. Morita Product Display 
Dr. Morita Facial Masks (moisturising, whitening, repairing & firming. Nanopeptide Whitening Essence Mask (5s), HA Moisture Essence Facial Mask (5s), Collagen Repair Essence Mask (5s
Dr. Morita Facial Cleansers (Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash, Anti-Acne Face Wash, & Anti-Oil Charcoal Face Wash)
 Dr. Morita Facial Creams (Glycoprotein Moisturising Essence Cream, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Essence Facial Cream, & High Purity Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Cream)
While the basic skincare regime of cleanse-tone-moisturize is vital to maintain a healthy skin, it is not sufficient to protect and preserve it from the unforgiving elements of time. The fight against time is further exacerbated by our modern-day diet, lifestyle and polluted environment. Therefore, we need to supply the skin with nourishing essences to keep it well moisturized to facilitate the rejuvenating and healing process at the end of each day.
MY FM Radio DJ Emely Poon giving her introduction
During the workshop, Dr. Morita demonstrating how to use a facial mask and share us some useful tips to preserve our youth by using masks. Dr. Jou mentioned that facial mask is way better than ampoule or serums because facial mask easier to be absorb, if there is excess serums in facial mask packets, massage it to your neck, limbs or even apply it to your hubby's face :)
PhD Chunhsu Jou, CEO of Dr. Jou Biotech Co.,LTD applying facial mask on the model’s face
Frankly, this is my very first time to naked my face in the public and I am invited to do live demo applying facial mask and have to remove my makeup during the workshop.
Let see my skin hydrating test result from before and after. 
Wow, the result was totally impressed me. The hydrating level increased up to 20% on my skin. It took just 10 minutes on my face, and from 38.5% now 58.5%. I am speechless...
Actually, I can feel it on my skin texture, is refreshing and more hydrated. Right now, I am going to fall in love with Dr.Morita facial masks and i will use it on a daily basis. 
“Although facial masks were originally intended as a weekly treat for the skin, I find that treating the skin with a daily mask will give you the visible results that you desire. Investing the time, effort and money to do this and it will eventually PRESERVE your skin and keep you look young. Dr. Morita facial mask can give your skin the extra special attention it deserves – whenever you want or need it, in the comfort of your own home. With Dr. Morita, you get an undeniably high quality product at an affordable price, so you can afford to pamper your skin daily.” said Jou.
Left to Right – Ms Sylvia, International Sales Department of Dr. Morita, Nicholas, Area Manager of Guardian Malaysia, Ms Sheryn Soo, Head of Department of Skincare Department Guardian Malaysia, PhD Chunhsu Jou, CEO of Dr. Jou Biotech Co.,LTD, Ms Meei Huey and Ms Siew Yin, Caring Pharmacy Malaysia buyer, and Ms Melanie Wong, General Manager of Encompass Sdn Bhd
Left to Right - Melanie Wong, General Manager of Encompass Sdn Bhd and PhD Chunhsu Jou, CEO of Dr. Jou Biotech Co.,LTD fourth from left together with all the happy customers
Feeling amazing to experience live demo in Dr. Morita's workshop and thanks for inviting me. 
"Final tip from Dr Jou, if you are trying out the daily masking habit: x4 hydration, x2 whitening, x1 anti-aging"
Please do check out their BEST SELLING mask - Hyaluronic Acid Essence Long Lasting Facial Masks (5s) & Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Masks (5s)
Dr. Morita complete range of products are now available at Aeon, Caring, Guardian, Sasa, and Watsons nationwide.
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