Saturday 30 December 2017

[Cooking Event] Double Happiness Hands On Cooking Class @ Cilantro Culinary Academy in USJ

I had so much fun attending hands-on cooking workshop by Madam Pastie Chong held at Cilantro Culinary Academy, USJ Subang during the month of Christmas. 
First for all, thanks to Feminine Magazine X Panasonic Cooking & Alce Nero Cooking Workshop given me this opportunity to learn Christmas cooking recipes. Believe it or not, I love cooking, cooking is my passion and is also my hobby. I used to cook for my family and my loved one after my working hour. No matter how tired I am I will still do my cooking to fill up their warm tummy. It’s not easy to gather the family with laughter and smile on the round table. That’s why I chose cooking as my interest. 
Panasonic Cooking provides the help of advance cooking tools like Panasonic Cubie Steam Convection Oven, Smart Food Processor and High Power Blender. Get these complete set of gadget, they are really a good helper in the kitchen. Make me want to own all of them too.
During the culinary workshop, I tagged team with two partners - Sherry Go & Shermyn Lim. Pastie demonstrated 4 menus while we also tried it at our own station. From Christmas Celebration Soup, Joyful Christmas Dish, Delicious Organic Fusilli Tricolore, and Organic Strawberry Tart, we cooked all these 4 healthy and yet yummy dishes in merely 3.5 hours. Phewww~ what a tough task! 
Normally, I only know how to cook with wok only. Without any knowledge of oven, ingredients about herbs or utensils beside spatula, I still have a lot to catch up as I’m not familiar with it. In other words, I’m still cooking with the traditional way. Hahaha!!! However, luckily to have Madam Patsie Chong taught us how to cook Christmas dishes and demostrating her cooking skills to us. I love the way she explained and teaches everyone how to cook and how to use Panasonic electronics. 
Besides that, to make a great dishes we needed freshest and healthiest ingredients like Alce Nero oraganic spagetti, Alce Nero organic extra virgin olive oil, Alce Nero organic pasta sauce, Alce Nero herbs and Alce Nero organic jam. If you don't know, Alce Nero is the first organic brand from Italy with 39 years of history, Alce Nero has won multiple awards and is halal certified too. They are easily to purchase at any supermarkets near you.
Link here to know more Alce Nero.

I learned something different in the kitchen. Feeling happy and enjoyed during the cooking class. Can’t wait to use her recipe to make a great Christmas dish for my family and loved one. And for now, I am blessed to attend this cooking workshop as this is my first time joining. Thank you for the generosity and fun hands on cooking class.

To know more about the next upcoming cooking workshop and the products, visit their links at here below;
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