Tuesday 26 December 2017

[Health Review] An One-Stop Wellness Centre at Menara Ruyi, Kuala Lumpur - ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub

Modern busy lifestyles are often at odds with the healthy aspirations of consumers who want to achieve wellness through good nutrition and exercise. Convenience and limited time to exercise and prepare meals or dislike of food preparation and cooking, shape many people’s lifestyles today. What if there is a place that offers you various health care and blood tests, spa and massage, fitness classes, healthy meals and health consultation. Without going through hesitation of travelling, traffic jam & rush hour, everything is under  one roof. Let's check out ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub.
ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub is a one-stop Wellness Centre providing a host of comprehensive services to enable everyone to achieve lifelong health and quality life. It is born out of the realisation that optimum health cannot be achieved by one product, one technology or one medical technique alone. To break through this barrier, ZÉLL-V Wellness have consolidated the findings of Swiss and German research teams and made them the foundation of ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub. Here, ZÉLL-V Wellness aim to help everyone to achieve health and balance of the body, heart and soul through attentive care, examinations, plans, sharing and education.
A brief history of ZÉLL-V, started its operations in 2007 with the mission to enable every individual to enjoy a healthy, vibrant, beautiful and quality life. As the process of ageing remains untreatable with conventional medicine, ZÉLL-V aims to defy ageing by harnessing the body's own healing and revitalising power through cellular therapy.
Health is Our Greatest Wealth. But can we measure, plan and improve our health? Having travelled the world seeking for an answer through discussions with research teams, ZÉLL-V finally arrived at the realisation that optimum health cannot be achieved by one product, one technology or one technique alone. Consolidating the findings of these international research teams, ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub aims to help you plan out a healthy life in a holistic manner through examinations, education and treatments so that you can enjoy lifelong health. 
We invite you to experience the unique ZÉLL-V Wellness hub. Watch the YouTube's video below.
ZÉLL-V Wellness is now offering a 50% discount if you register now in the month of December. Besides that, you can also receive a RM50 voucher to enjoy the services and treatment in ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub. What you need to do is just visit ZÉLL-V Wellness hub. Snap a photo of yourself in ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub, check-in and share on FB! If you have already received the voucher, remember to redeem it before it expires on 31 Dec 2017!
For more information, please visit ZÉLL-V Wellness links as below;
Website: http://www.zellvwellness.com & http://www.zell-v.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zellvwellness/


30A, Lorong Kapar, 
Off Jalan 2/87G, 
Off Jalan Syed Putra, 
58000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Contact: 03-2273 6699


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