Friday, 23 March 2018

[Review] The Malaysia Online Florist That Always Delivers Fresh Flowers

If you’ve never heard of the best florist in Singapore so far, I don’t blame you, but it was hard to miss. A Better Florist isn’t just a name, they definitely are the best flower delivery Singapore has, which led them to come to Malaysia and open the doors to their amazing flower delivery to all of us who love exquisite flowers and a good service.
I stumbled on them by accident when I was Googling a reliable flower shop, and that’s how I found reviews about A Better Florist. All around the web they are known as either the best UAE flower delivery, an excellent Hong Kong flower delivery or the best florist in Dubai. Which is why I decided to test them out and I am so happy that I did because I found the best flower delivery Malaysia has.
But being the best florist in Hong Kong and Malaysia didn’t come without a good reason. They are one of the rare flower shops who have an organised online store, where all the floral arrangements are organised neatly so you can have an easy and pleasant shopping experience, that doesn’t take up hours. They have everything from a fruit basket selection to a hamper delivery KL loves.

Gift giving is a unique chance to put a smile on someone’s face, and make their day better, and if you’re doing it over and over again with the same gift, it can get repetitive. But with A Better Florist you always get unique gifts and arrangements. From the baby hamper to the get well soon hampers, and the fruit basket selection, you can customise it, add a special touch to it, so you’re surprising your loved ones every single time.
Their flower collection doesn’t lack anything, as they have funeral flowers, along with grand opening flowers and flowers for just about any kind of an opportunity. Most of Malaysia consider them the best florist in Kuala Lumpur due to their same day flower delivery. The same day flower delivery is special because it’s free and you can count on it every single day, with no exceptions.
Bottom line is, it’s irrelevant whether you’re looking for a funeral flower delivery that’s reliable, the best florist in HK or the best florist in Malaysia for creating Valentine’s Day flowers, everything leads to A Better Florist.




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