Tuesday 1 May 2018

[Event] The Butterfly Project celebrated their 5th Birthday Party with Unicorn In the House

Hallelujah! Oh my, is the 5th birthday celebration for The Butterfly Project Malaysia! Happy 5th Birthday to The Butterfly Project. The coolest and greatest birthday party celebration started with Mamasan and Dee bursting the balloon at Wondermilk cafe.  
The wonderful birthday party theme were set by mamasan Tammy Lim, it was an UNICORN PARTY, babiessss!!!! And all of the pretty Butterflies dressed up as unicorn.

Upon arrived to the party, each of us must take a solo photograph with the received goodies bag. Lets see my unicorn style outfit here. Although my dress does not looks like other butterflies that are so outstanding but at least I gotten my unicorn hairband to match the theme of the party. YAY!!!! Hahaha!!!
We also had a mission to complete before the end of the party. I've received an activity card, follow the instruction I have to visit all the sponsor booth and complete 4 of the mission to get a stamp. Okay, lets check it out!!!

GNG Studiobooth

GNG Studioboth also well known as Glitz & Glam Studiobooth provide a high quality photobooth service to their customers. Beside photobooth, they are the experts in creating amazing & beautiful wedding backdrops and table decorations. With a focus on ensuring your wedding reflects your individual couple style; the team will tailor a décor concept to suit your requirements that are also characteristic of your wedding day vision.
GNG Studiobooth surprised us with their latest Boomerang PhotoBox that produce high quality printout and the photo are waterproof and anti-fingerprint stain.
Thank you GNG Studiobooth for giving us such a wonderful memories along with beautiful photos. You're awesome!!! 
To know more about GNG StudioBooth, please refer the link at here. 

Everyday Flowers
Everyday Flowers is an online based flower shop, they provide lovely flower bouquets for any occasions! You can place your order 3 days in advance and they will deliver them to your doorstep!
Here is a flower bar filled with a variety of flowers for the guests to choose from. All you have to do is just pick two stalks and they'll customize a mini bouquet for you! I like the idea that we get to bring back a little part of the celebration home!
To know more about Everyday Flowers, please refer the link at here. 

Brrrloon delivers smile and happiness since 2016 with all sorts of balloons you can think of. The different balloons includes: Personalized Bubble Balloon, Helium Balloons, Auto-inflate Coloring Balloon, Balloon Powered Toys, Balloon Sculpture, Balloon Arches and more!
This is fun, the first an auto-inflate balloon I ever seen and also can color your inflate balloons with your own creative too. After coloured, how does it works? Punch the center, shake it and watch it grow! Ta-daaa.... so cute ain't it?
To know more about Brrrloon, please refer the link at here.

Before the party start, everyone got a unicorn goodies bag whereby allow me to show you what were inside:

1. Belif Malaysia 
Best-Sellers On-The-Go travel kits that suitable for all skin type. Actually, Belif is a brand I’ve never tried before. I heard some of my girls says belif's products are good. Well, lucky that I got the chance to try it now. Best-Sellers On-The-Go travel kits, priced at RM89 and it is available at Belif Malaysia stores.

2. NYX Cosmetics Malaysia 
Sexy eye with sexy lip never got out of my look. Stunning like a pop star when using NYX Cosmectics Malaysia. Vivid Brights Eyeliner and Lip of the Day Liquid Lip Liner are great for you to show off.
Click here to purchase - NYX Cosmetics

3. Koji Dolly-Wink's Eyelashes 
Introduce the latest launched eyelashes from Koji Dolly-Wink's eyelashes that give you 3D lashes, last-longer and bigger eyes effect. Their lashes are great in quality, soft and light when you wear them. *Best recommendation* 

4. Dear Beaute
Dear Beaute is specialized hair care series from Japan. Their new line of hair care is called Himawari (sunflower) aiming to regain shininess and volume to damage hair. I’ve got sample sizes of two of their lines: Volume & Repair and Rich & Repair and it just nice to bring along for travel too.

5. 50GRAM FLORIST - Unicorn Mug
I've adopted a stray dog in my house but never thought of I've adopted this little fella - "Unicorn Mug" came along with a certificate that I've named it as Tangie. Do you feel want to adopt it too? If yes, you can grab it from 50GRAM for only RM 39.90. Go adopt one back!!!

6. WANDERLUST THINGS - Unicorn necklace & Unicorn makeup brush
A surprised from Mamasan for the Unicorn Eye Makeup Brush that I eventually love it so much. Almost a completed full set of makeup brush from Mamasan. Its was such a great deeds to receive an amazing gift from you. If you want to get one of my brushes, you can go to Wanderlust Things to check them out. Last but not least, Mamasan created a special thank you card using Unicorn Eye Makeup Brush. This round Wanderlust Things also feature lovely Unicorn Necklace that price at RM14.90. Muackxxx...

Once again, Happy 5th Birthday to The Butterfly Project and thank you everyone for making this Unicorn Party happen. The party was great and well organized. I am very proud to be part of your Butterfly community since 2015. Truly sincere grateful. Thank you so much. *Blush*

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