Thursday 3 May 2018

[Food Review] A Traditional Indian Banana Leaf Rice @ BANANABRO, Berjaya Time Square

BANANA leaf is the go-to meal for lunch in Malaysia. A good banana leaf meal consist of good curry and delicious sides. I was invited to review a traditional Indian banana leaf rice at Berjaya Time Square.
There’s nothing quite like that feeling of sitting down at a crowded restaurant, having people to hand you a fresh banana leaf and serve you all of delicious vegetables, curries and other bits and bobs that make up a traditional banana leaf meal.
Bananabro is your new favourite banana leaf restaurant that’s modern, authentic and best of all, perfect for get-togethers with your friends and family over fresh and hot meals with flavours that pack a punch! The age old culture of serving rice on banana leaf takes on a new direction at Bananabro, however not missing the very essence of the tradition. 
The best quality of Indian banana leaf meal serving in the mall opened on 5th March 2018 - BananaBro is located at the entrance of Berjaya Times Square between the theme park and the supermarket. Bananabro serves authentic banana leaf meals using only fresh ingredients with intense flavours in generous amounts to satisfy your banana leaf needs. Taking inspiration from the India's street, art and cultures, Bananabro elevates the dining experience of authentic southern region through modern and contemporary touches in their dishes and drinks.
The Craving Set (RM 12.90)
Basic banana leaf rice set consists of rice with 3 vegetable sides, rasam, yoghurt, papadum and 4 different curries to choose from. And of course, it can be refilled as you're still not enough.
4 different curries to choose
Chicken curry, Dhal, Mung Bean Curry & Fish curry
Fried Squid (RM 9.90)
Chicken of the Day (RM 7.50)
Mutton of the Day (RM 9.90)
Chicken 65 (RM 7.50)
Apart from that, now you start your day at Bananabro, as they are serving Malaysian most favourite breakfast - NASI LEMAK.  Don't miss out this amazing food cause it is only available for breakfast start from 8.30am to 11am. Deliciously side dishes, juicy tender fried chicken and fragrant sambal with rice. MUST TRY!!!
Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken (RM 11.90)
It seem like a over-floated giant teh tarik to me. Quite unique and special as this is my first sight of floated bubble teh tarik in a glass. WOW!!! The Teh-Tarik Lawa is smooth to the taste and it's not too sweet. Perfectly nice!!!
Teh-Tarik Lawa - Cold (RM 4.90)
Lassi is a popular traditional yoghurt-based drink, it comes in 4 flavours - Original, Soursop, Mango and Strawberry.
Lassi (RM 6.90)

B A N A N A B R O ' S  M E N U
Dining in Bananabro was quick, efficient, friendly and delicious. I would definitely hop back for a casual lunch or dinner with my friends and family. If you are around KL or at Berjaya Times Square, do visit and give them a try. Bananabro will be opening their 2nd outlet at Gardens Midvalley by end of the year.
To know more updates on Bananabro, please check out their links below;

Bananabro (Berjaya Times Square)
Address: LG-59B, Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : 8.30am – 10pm 
Telephone : +603-2732 4605


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