Sunday 16 September 2018

[Event] Get On-The-Go with Anlene UHT Milk Malaysia

Throughout our lives, we’ve have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that not eating it can even make you put on weight. People always giving excuses of "I am in a rush to work, i don't have time to make my breakfast." "I don’t have an appetite in the morning." or "I don’t want to feel sluggish or cramp up during my morning workout." But do you know that New Anlene UHT milk will solve all ur EXCUSES/PROBLEM of not having breakfast? The new Anlene Milk come in 180ml convenient pack with 50% more nutrient*. It comes with collagen, protein, high calcium and care for your bones, joints and muscles. And also available in 2 tasty flavours - chocolate & plain.
I came across with Anlene recently. An rowing truck that offering RM1 Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast Pack. The rowing truck were located at one of the listed LRT stations from 27th till 31st August 2018. The RM1 breakfast pack contains 1 Anlene UHT milk and a 7Days Croissant, a healthy combo that sufficient to start your day.  
The new Anlene UHT milk aim to encourage everyone to Stay Active, Stay Agile. The idea of having rowing truck moving around is great. Beside offering RM1 breakfast pack, it also remind people the importance of having breakfast and not to forget a healthy breakfast. The new anlene UHT milk beside provides high calcium that take care of your bones, and also come with collagen and protein that protect your joints and muscles. Milk & Croissant are a perfect combo, having the sufficient nutrients to start your day.
Malaysia's dancing queen Stacy Anam was also at one of the rowing truck event at Bukit Bintang. Stacy Anam is also a Anlene UHT milk consumer and also the ambassador for Anlene or a great example to Malaysian. A mother of 2 but still active and agile in the choreography industry. Her secret? I believe it must be Anlene UHT Milk, she deserve the title of "RATU POP" or  Malaysia's Dancing Queen.
The Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast Pack rowing truck will rolling across nationwide, you can check out their latest schedule from the website here. Catch them, experience the moment, and remember your breakfast. Stop giving excuses of skipping breakfast. If i can do it, so do you. Stay Active, Stay Agile.
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