Wednesday 26 September 2018

[Beauty Review] NUViT Anti-Acne Skincare Series

HELP!!! Arghhh... my skin condition is getting bad nowadays! Pimples, and enlarge acnes are popping out! *sob* Who would have imagined that after such a long time, I have to deal with acne again!! When I came across NUViT’s product, I decided that give it a try since there’s nothing to lose. I am glad that I did it! The product with its potent disinfectant formulation is absolutely perfect for to get rid of my acne and blemishes problem.
NUViT, an integration of ‘NEW’ and ‘VITALITY’, accentuates the importance of the needs and necessities of bare skin, refining the core of beauty, enhancing the most genuine and natural appeal from beneath. 
NUViT utilizes the most credible technology and studies to bring you highly effective formulations combined with organic or plant based extracts and high bioavailability nutrients to propel cosmetical care towards a new era.
The Anti-Acne Series offers 3 simple steps to achieve acne control effect namely 'Spot, Entire, and Enhance'. Using the most effective & safest concentrated formulation with the combination of science and natural plants extracts that is alcohol-free and non-allergenic. By the way, are you aware the product is made in Taiwan?
Targeting oily skin that is prone to develop acne, scars and comedones, the exclusive ingredient NUViT's AC-Pure™ helps to improve keratinocytes metabolism, regulates sebum production, antibacterial, soothes inflammation and shrinks pores to provide a total care to combat acne problems.
The perfect cure for my stubborn acne, I found the right anti-acne solutions in 3 simple steps.
1. Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate 
2. Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid 
3. Acne Purifying Gel
Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate RM 47.90 
Step #1 - Spot : Long Acting Anti-Acne Agent
  • Remove Whiteheads and Blackheads, Purifies and Reduce Pore Size with Antibacterial and Oil-Control properties.
How to use:
After cleansing, apply the product onto palm or a cotton pad, massage gently onto face and neck. Shake before each use to activate and maximize the effect of the ingredients. Use it daily, in the morning and evening.

Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid RM 36.90
Step #2 - Entire : Oil-Control Essential 
  • Oil-Control, Moisturizes, Soothes and Repairs Skin. Regulates Oil-water Balancing, Antibacterial and Reduces Pore Size
How to use:
After cleansing, apply a proper amount on the entire face and massage gently onto face and neck. Use it daily, in the morning and night.

Acne Purifying Gel RM 32.90
Step #3 - Enhance : Acne-Free Booster
  • Instant Action On Acne, Heals Acne Wound, Anti-inflammatory, Reduces Redness and Removes Scar
How to use:
With fingertips, apply a proper amount of filler to affected areas.

You can visibly see the before and after result here. The 3 simple steps of anti-acne series range works great on my skin especially for emergency breakout and it heals wound, reduces scar, soothes and repairs my skin within 24 hours. It works effectively on my acne skin condition and within a week my acne breakout have reduced. This is all thanks to NUViT Anti-Acne Series
For more information, please visit NUViT page links as below;
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