Sunday, 28 October 2018

[Food Review] Chatto - The Handcrafted Tea Bar Sunway @ Subang Jaya

For those of you, like me, who are working around PJ area and always on the lookout for the newest food joint to try. I'm glad that everyone's favourite popular milk tea drinks is still alive in Malaysia. I am a bubble tea lover whereby there is a interesting new spots to shout out. Yup, its CHATTO. Have you all heard of this brand before? The first outlet just landed not long ago in Bandar Sunway, PJ. 
CHATTO - Handcrafted Tea Bar is a Japanese concept Tea Bar established in Malaysia. As tea beverages are getting more popular in Malaysia, CHATTO started its 1st branch in Johor Bahru and offers variety selection of handcrafted teas. Endless Enjoyment with CHATTO Beverages. At CHATTO, you could enjoy the premium tea base which directly import from Shizuoka Japan, Taiwan and China. 
They pick the finest tea from the finest tea leaves to ensure the taste of their beverage is always good. On top of that, there is no additional sweetener in the tea to make sure customer can enjoy their beverages with a more healthy way.
As you can see CHATTO's interior is fill with a lot of green plants, it give you a relaxing and comfortable environment in the cafe. Besides that, it is also good for taking photos and catch up with friends too. I love this place very much! 
Yay or nay? 😄
Introduce you the top 5 highest demand CHATTO's signature beverages (also one of my most favourite drinks here)
Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong RM 8.90
Cheese Kee Mun Tea RM 9.90
Matcha Pearl Latte RM 9.90
Brown Sugar Pearl Latte RM 9.90
White Pearl Milk Hojicha RM 8.90
Other than that, CHATTO also offer some snack for sharing or if you're super hungry. I absolutely love the 'CHATTO Croissant Taiyaki', it is crispy crunchy like croissant and flavourful from the inside. Highly recommend!
CHATTO Croissant Taiyaki RM 6.50
*Chicken Ham & Cheese
*Otak Otak

*Chocolate Custard
*Cheese Tuna
This is how they make the CHATTO Croissant Taiyaki.
approximately waiting time about 5-8 minutes  
CHATTO Croissant Taiyaki Otak-Otak
Overall, I am impressed with how they handcrafted their menu to keep things simple yet interesting and unique at the same time. I’ll definitely be back for their bubble tea and the yummy Croissant Taiyaki! Oh yea, below is the full menu of all the variety type of beverages and light foods, feel free to check out!
CHATTO's menu
For more information, please visit CHATTO's links as below;

Chatto - Handcrafted Tea Bar Sunway

73, Jalan PJS 11/9, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 



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