Thursday, 14 March 2019

[Beauty Review] Ombré Beauté Mist Eyebrows Embroidery @ Twin Arkz Condominium, Bukit Jalil

The shape of the eyebrows are very important to our face feature, just as like those "feng shui" sifu always say, facial feature can analyse a fortune and a character of a person, so good eyebrows can bring you good luck! In fact, perfectly groomed eyebrows can make you look younger, giving you an almost instant facelift. Believe it or not? 😏
I came across with this professional instructor Karen from Ombre Beaute who did a perfect mist eyebrows embroidery for me last month. The shop that I went was located at Twin Arkz Condominium, a retail shop-lot and also convenient to find parking too. Besides that, Karen also has doing teaching embroidery course to student too. For those who interested, you may contact her for more details. Okay, back to topic... LOL!!!
Karen (Ombre Beaute) and me
What do you know about Mist Eyebrows Embroidery? 
The mist eyebrow is a semi-permanent makeup as it will only last up to 1-2 years depending on your skin. This Korean technique requires a lot of skills as it engages different pointer needles to create micro dots around the eyebrow areas. The end result: very natural, powdery make up look and its so much differences from tattoo and old style embroidery. 

Karen started by drafting a design for my new "fortune" eyebrows, haha! She is very kind, patience and explained all the details about my eyebrows shape. Frankly speaking, I always have problem of my brows's shape. It is really common to have an unbalanced eye brow shape.

With a qualified instructor to reshape my eyebrows and to make myself look brighter and energise from my facial feature. Say bye bye to old brow and welcome my new brow to my life.
Tadaaaaa~ there were 3 strokes of sketches on top of my eyebrows however it is not started yet. Just a simple draft before she applied num cream on my right brow and leave it for 20 mins. OMG, can't wait to see the result!
When the clock is ticking, the room was cozy and cooling while lay down on the bed. I spent an hour to embroider my both desire eyebrows, felt the needle gently poking my eyebrows and it was totally painless. Karen was very gently and soft while manually complete mist eyebrow looks. 
The result is finally out!!! Thank goodness the outcome is perfectly stunning - no redness and no swelling. Naturally normal result of mist eyebrows embroidery. I'm satisfied!
Check out my BEFORE and AFTER photo below;
At last, I can see my facial feature now with powerful eyebrows. One straight line, never thought of getting a perfect balance eyebrows. Karen, I love it so much!
Highly recommended to y'all. Change your eyebrows shape now.
The serum was given by Karen to apply on eyebrow for 3 days
Overall, I am happy with the result, I can’t wait to go back to Ombre Beaute for the touch up. Aren’t they perfect? It really saves a lot of my time, I can now go out with only foundation and lipstick. Never regret having my Mist Eyebrow Embroidery done.
If you're interested in getting a new shape of eyebrow, feel free to visit their links below here. Oh before you leave my blog page, don't forget to use my refer code [angie10v] and you can get 10% discount for all embroidery services. See ya!!!

Contact: 0107773159
Address: Twin Arkz, No.3, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur



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