Wednesday 28 August 2019

[Beauty Review] Lennox Collagen Baking Workshop @ ABC Cooking Studio (The Gardens Mall)

Collagen is a type of protein can be found in our body which allow our skin to be youthful glow and elastic that we love. Last month July, I was invited to ‘The Butterfly Project’ x Lennox Malaysia’s event in ABC Cooking Studio. Cooking is part of my passion but in term of baking, I would say zero experience. I never bake before but luckily the collaboration with Lennox Malaysia, I get the opportunity to learn how to make Berry Soufflé Cheese cake with healthy beauty ingredients – Lennox Collagen Powder 5000.
Yes, it surprised me too. Consider this is my first time knowing that Lennox Collagen Powder 5000 can mix with foods together. How amazing it is! And now, I can use Lennox Collagen Powder 5000 to cook or bake with my foods and also can mix with your favourites drinks such as juices or milk too. Don’t let your skin become languish, do it as a daily routine or twice a week, so you won’t be struggling to see dullness skin. Lets beat our aging away and welcome the 'new' us.
What do you know about Lennox? Lennox's is a nutritional supplements that can meet the requirement of the modern lifestyle by supplying natural and acceptable method. They tailor made the conventional health supplement into drinks form with natural juices to spice up the taste. All their products are 'Preservative Free' and form with nature, research are done by using ingredients & materials that are scientifically proven effective and safe.
During baking, we were separated into 4-5pax a group and I happy to meet Esther and Yi Sin as baker's group-mates. Whereby every table have an instructor to guide us, the instructor patiently explained well about making soufflé. Step by step, we get to understand how to mix all the ingredients along with Lennox Collagen Powder 5000 in details. My butterflies's group-mates and I were super enjoyed baking as three of us are first time baker. Hahaha! But we had a great time, it was a great experience at ABC Cooking Studio. 
Me first time making meringue, bloody beautiful!
Can you see this! Turning upside down and it is perfectly stick in the pot
You are the most beautiful white spongy meringue I ever met
Frankly, my hands are super sore because i have keep repeating the steps - roll and roll and roll again! And it takes some times by using a hand mixer. OMGoshhh... LOL! I can felt that the work as baker need lots of patience and heart to create a nice bloody foam and texture. Oh wow~ quite challenging for me and lots of learning dude!
Next up, after an hour++ finally the soufflé pastry are done. We pour out the pastry into a little cup shape and place it into the oven to bake for another half hour++. I am so excited making my first soufflé in this event. Ain't easy to bake compare with cooking... haha~
Smile while putting my soufflé into oven
Freshly out from the oven and they are so cute
My humble pinkish Berry Soufflé Cheese cake
I notice how much I missed the satisfaction of creating something beautifulI and I am honestly so happy with my end product. It is too pretty to be eaten. But at the end, all desserts must be eaten and I’ve got to say, they were bloody delicious!
Damn, you're my superstar
We are so satisfied with our Berry Soufflé Cheese with Lennox
Lastly, thank you Lennox Malaysia x The Butterfly Project for this fun baking activity. I have been wanting to try the cooking class in ABC cooking studio for very long. Super duper awesome and my first baking class achieved. Yeah!

Lennox’s Love Your Skin Campaign
Lennox is currently celebrating its Love Your Skin campaign in August. Take care of your skin is so important if you want to feel and look your best. To encourage you to take the first step towards healthy and beautiful skin, Lennox is having a crazy deals! You can check out their FB page or website for discounts on different products each week and stand a chance to win awesome LENNOX products when you take part in their buy and win contest.
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LENNOX Collagen 5000 (Low-Calorie, Easy-to-use collagen powder)

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LENNOX FirmUp+ Forte Gold (For Hydration)FirmUp+ Forte Gold with Ceramide transforms dry and sallow skin by improving the moisture-locking function of the skin. This slows down the effects of aging and stress leaving your skin moist and hydrated.

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