Saturday 31 August 2019

[Beauty Review] Stress-Free Vacation Hydration Combo by Miniel Skinlab

Sunny Vacation ✈️ Dry? Itchy? Flaky? Do not let dehydrated skin affect your holiday. Do you know that more than 60% of our skin is composed of water? Regardless of the skin type we have, staying hydrated is important since water is the foundation of our skin. Introducing you Miniel Skinlab a new local brand, meet Miniel Skinlab's Powerful Hydrating Combo - Hydraque Gel Mask & Hydraque Boost Serum, it is Halal-certified. The best ways to get a dewy and glowing complexion is by hydrating your skin ensuring it looks brighter and younger. 
All the time, I suffered from skin problem that most of us faces everyday. Dehydrated skin due to exposure to air-cond, the sun, dust, weather and etc. Whereby, thank goodness Miniel Skinlab is here to save my skin. This series focus on skin hydration and to improve skin-barrier on our skin health. Try to add them to our regular regime and you will notice your skin will gets healthier everyday. You gonna love this very much!
Their intense hydrating combo feeds our skin with nourishing vitamins and botanical, as well as hyaluronic acid to help locking our skin's moisture and smoothen the appearance of fine and dry lines. That's why I choose to try Miniel Skinlab product as it has great hydration that suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Hydraque Gel Mask (RM 60.30, 50gm)
This hydrating gel mask is a refreshing delight that you can't get enough of. Love the color texture, this Hydraque Gel Mask comes in a glass container where the colour of the gel is as bluish as sea water.
It works! After wash off I can immediately feel my skin soothe, calm and glory. Beside coolness, it is also refreshing for me and the gel mask is suitable for all skin types especially dry and dull skin like my face. Let see what is the secret benefit of Hydraque Gel Mask behind.
How to Use: Clean the face and apply this gel mask all over the face and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse with water.
A light blue sea gel texture Hydraque Gel Mask
Hydraque Boost Serum (RM 87.30, 30ml)
This serum is like a best friend - reliable, brings out the best in you and something you can't live without. This morning serum gave me extra hydration boost to my skin, lightweight and super fast absorb into my skin to let my skin glow and hydrated. Instant effect after using this miracle serum in the morning and night.
Add it into your daily skin routine and be amazed with the transformation you'll see from the result. Effectively supple into your skin layer to keep it hydrated. It's so light you won't realize it's there!
Some of the best things take place without you realizing it. That's why its's a pleasant surprise. Let see what's the secret benefit of Hydraque Boost Serum behind.
How to Use: After toning skin, pump serum bottle once and massage serum gently into skin. Finish off with moisturiser.

Overall my experience with Miniel Skinlab, it give me instant hydration that feeds my skin with nourishing vitamins and botanicals, as well as hyaluronic acid to help locking my skin's moisture and smooth. It keeps the skin fresh, soothed, and elastic while strengthening a healthy skin barrier and hydration level. It is my powerful hydrating star combo now!!! Love this two products very much.
If you're interested of these powerful hydrating products you can find both the Hydraque Gel Mask and Hydraque Boost Serum at Miniel Skinlab's website. To my special readers, don'r forget to use my promo code [SFVC-ANGIE] to get extra 5% discount during checkout. Don't missed out this great products and share with your friends.

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